My child will hear everything about those Ive had to to tip toe atound

I’m going to tell my child everything.

When my child becomes over the age of about 25, since at that point their brain should be fully formed as an adult, I’m going to spill all the beans on the meanness and fake people that have been pushing themselves into our lives from the start..

The abuse from family members I endured, my sworn silence that I was bullied into, the abuse I endured as an adult from older adults and relatives who all seem to have the worst substance abuse issues –  which pretty much controlled them and everything they did.

I’m so sick of staying silent.  Im so sick of the cycles and patterns of abuse I have gone through my whole life after being forced to secrecy and silence.  I will even tell my children of the abuse I suffered at the hands of their father that they never witnessed.  I’m so fed up of covering up for everyone.  Yes I did a few bad things in my life that haven’t had any hurtful consequences to anyone but myself, but I’ll even tell my child those things too,  just to make sure they are aware of the evil that lurks amongst the innocent.  so they are privy to never being fooled and taken advantage of and tossed to the side the way I was by own parents, extended family who watched it all unfold, and boyfriends.

Ladies or gents going through abuse and who are keeping silent, tell someone  because you’ll only ever attract that type, if  ypu don’t speak up now and bring into the light.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    By that age your children will already realize some people are assholes ect and I’m sure they will have their own issues and u don’t need to dig up old dirt on them to make yourself look better. Never bring children into ur problems ever. I think the poster that said ur the problem is most likely right no sane mother would even put their children in that position now or ever. No common sense.

    • Anonymous says:

      Probably counting down the days on the calendar until she can tell her kids. Dramatic asshats need confrontation to fuel their miserable existence. Sounds like another poor decision by a judge. Hey judges why are children always with the wrong parent and you jackasses still keep your fucking over payed jobs? Useless fucks.

  2. Brock says:

    Clearly, you have deep issues. But it seems that you may be the issue. If your family, extended family, and boyfriends all are viewed as negative in the situation, there is a strong possibility that you are the common denominator.
    People like yourself always try to blame others for YOUR issues. Why involve your children?
    You are a real flake. Take some time to evaluate how “everyone else” is wrong, but somehow you are right.