Most Amazing Poutine of Sudbury, Brand New!

HOLY CRAP ITS AMAZING! Chicken bacon ranch poutine from stackhouse on notre dame! Everyone needs to try it!

I was skeptical at first but now its my new favorite go to for pizza and poutines! And to top it all off, amazingly friendly service!

Chris great work and thank you for being friendly while i waited for my poutine….! 🙂IMG_20160423_173433



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32 Responses

  1. Justin Ross says:

    That’s just a heart attack waiting to happen. Looks good, though. Ha ha

  2. Christyanne Chaperon says:

    Jennifer Lacasse lets go

  3. Anne Schwunk says:

    Omg that looks so good!!! I’ll be seeing you guys Friday night!!

  4. Melissa Moran says:

    Holy amazing!!!! So glad I saw this! Best poutine I’ve had in a long time.

  5. Francesca Cundari says:

    I haven’t had this pouting But I have had the Big Pig Poutine and it is amazing!

  6. Francesca Cundari says:

    I haven’t had this pouting But I have had the Big Pig Poutine and it is amazing!

  7. Alain Lalonde says:

    Damn that looks good!

  8. Alain Lalonde says:

    Damn that looks good!

  9. Mercedez Ciutti says:

    Chris Taylor Chelsey Lavoie

  10. Schuyler James Netzel says:


  11. Adam Mitchell says:

    Lost me at chicken bacon

  12. James Schmidt says:

    Poor Sudbury, doesn’t have any of the good poutine franchises that everyone else in the province has access to.

    • Norm Lanidrac says:

      Stackhouse Pizza & Subs are bringing the Poutines to you…We are offering 17 different kinds….Check out our pages for more info!

    • James Schmidt says:

      Just 17?


    • Norm Lanidrac says:

      lol…plus, you can customize yours so its probably closer to the hundreds if you want to go that route…LOL…but we are featuring 17. Although I do not own the location to which this one was served, I do own the Chelmsford Location!

  13. Naomi Merilainen says:

    Nina Marie

  14. Richard William Mckeig says:

    It was me who took the picture before i ate it.. I was impressed big time! I was able to sit down at this location of stackhouse. When i saw them putting the chicken and bacon on i told them not to close it because i wanted to eat it there, so overall if its done like an advertisement i will take it as a compliment:P

  15. Kyle Burke says:

    Chris E

  16. Don Will Casso says:

    This add was written by Stackhouse lol

  17. Zack Tryon says:

    Stackhouse is good period.

  18. Dean Farinha says:


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