To all the pro-mask, pro-lockdown, pro-vaccine people:

How long before it is too much for you? 2 more months or 2 years?

Masks, distancing, contact tracing, quarantine, restrictions on seeing family and friends, restrictions on travel, restrictions on dining out, closure of gyms and local businesses, online school/work, no extra curricular for children, no sporting events or concerts, no church, etc.

When will you decide that it is safe to take off the mask and resume normal activities? Are you waiting for the go ahead from the media or your corrupt politicians? Who determines your next move? Are you simply following the mainstream narrative or are you actively researching and thinking for yourself?

I genuinely would like answers to these questions.


We were told we needed 14 days to flatten the curve and we are now past day 200. The concern was originally about “overwhelming the hospitals.” Everyone on social media was claiming the “hospitals are in crisis” meanwhile, in April alone, 1.4 million jobs in healthcare were lost. Many hospitals were found to be empty with the brief exception of New York City. Numerous doctors have spoken out about empty hospitals and fraudulent death certificates. California was prepping for 30,000 hospitalizations. Current hospitalizations are just over 3,000 in October 2020. 1/10th what they feared yet they still are mostly locked down. New York is implementing a 10pm “curfew” beginning this Friday.

There are many states and provinces where the numbers have indicated for months that it is clearly safe to reopen yet now it’s become about “cases.” The metrics that they told us back in March have been met. What do the charts need to look like for you to realize that we are NOT in a pandemic?

The PCR test and manipulation of this test is ridiculous. Even the New York Times admitted that as many as 90% of the tests are false positives and yielding viral debris that isn’t infectious at all. The cycle threshold they are using for the tests has been proven to be much too high making the tests MEANINGLESS. Yet they use these numbers to justify restrictions.

Now they are claiming that life will not return to normal until there is a vaccine. A virus with OVER a 99.6% recovery rate requires vaccinating the entire global population? Not to mention that the CDC has admitted that covid-19 has NOT BEEN ISOLATED.

What I find most troubling, is the constant fear mongering and division that the media and politicians have purposefully created. If you object to any of these measures, “you’re the problem” or “you’re not listening to the science” or “you just want people to die” or “you’re selfish.” I have had enough of these emotion-based, fact-free responses. Continue reading this post to hear some actual facts and an informed response for a change.

If you are going to evaluate a policy, you cannot just look at the short-term effects on one group. If you want to know the long-term consequences you must look at the whole picture and impact on everyone. You must look at the OPPORTUNITY COST and analyze what cannot be seen with your physical eyes. To understand the fullness of the measures you must be able to evaluate everything with your mind’s eyes. You might not see all the negative consequences of these measures but that does not negate the impact they have had and will continue to have.

If you simply focus monomaniacally on one virus and one aspect of this situation, then you ignore the 17 other aspects of health that have catastrophically collapsed because of this short-term analysis. The government and mainstream media conveniently fail to mention natural ways to boost your immune system and the vast collateral damages of lockdowns.

We have experienced lockdowns supposedly all in the name of science and if you disagree you must “hate science” and “want people to die.” That is the intellectual level of the conversation. If you want to play that game, let’s play …


– A UK study showed that there will be more preventable cancer deaths than covid deaths because of the diversion of resources into covid and the lack of attention for other illnesses.
– Professor Richard Sullivan, the director of institute of cancer policy and health research reported that cancer screening services have stopped. This means that they will miss the chance to catch many cancers when they are treatable and curable. When these services resume after the lockdown, the backlog of cases will be a huge challenge to the healthcare system.

Another UK study:
– Found that the risk of death was increased due to lockdowns by 53% among seniors with dementia and another 123% among those with severe mental illness.

US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration report:
– This is a federal government department focused on mental health that looks at many things including those who have contemplated suicide in the past 12 months.
– Among 18-25-year-olds this figure is usually between 7 and 11% before all these lockdowns occurred.
– Just in June, ONE MONTH, not the usually twelve months, this figure is now over 25%.
– ¼ of young adults are contemplating suicide because they have been deprived of everything they love, forced to limit social interactions, and are being told they must accept this dystopia as the “new normal.”

Ontario study:
– Ontario is facing a 40-per-cent spike in opioid-related deaths that can be largely attributed to collateral damage from the COVID-19 pandemic.
– “If we stay on this track, we’re likely to exceed 2,200 opioid-related deaths in Ontario this year, which far surpasses the number that we’ve had any previous year,” Dr. Tara Gomes.
– An increase in opioid-related deaths during the pandemic is not an issue exclusive to Ontario. In British Columbia, 127 people died from opioid overdoses in September alone, a 112 per cent increase from the same time in 2019.

Oct 6 – Daily Mail report:
– Almost 2.5 million people missed out on cancer screenings, referral, and treatments due to the lockdown even though the NHS was never overwhelmed.
– Experts now fear that more people are dying and will die in the long-term because of these lockdowns.

April 15 – UN report:
– Stated that these measures could result in hundreds of thousands of additional and preventable child deaths due to economic hardships.
– UNICEF later increased that number to 1.2 million child deaths.

Oxford University study:
– Reported that as many as 130 MILLION PEOPLE could be at risk of starvation because of the lockdowns and possibility of famine in more than a dozen countries.

Benjamin Miller of the Well Being Trust study:
– In the US in Oakland, California another study reports that there will be an EXCESS OF 75,000 DEATHS because of all these measures.
* EXCESS meaning preventable or more than normal.

– Over 42,000 from cardiovascular conditions
– Over 10,000 from diabetes
– 3,600 from cancer



Public health should not be this monomaniacal fixation on one virus while ignoring everything else. The recovery rate for covid-19 is still over 99.6% with the overwhelming majority of deaths in long-term care facilities. Most infectious disease epidemiologists favour a “focused protection” strategy of vulnerable groups yet their opinions are ignored. The Great Barrington Declaration advocates the same approach. Over 617,000 concerned citizens, over 11,700 medical & public health scientists, and over 33,900 medical practitioners have signed in support.

If vulnerable people want to isolate themselves, and I can understand why they would, then they should do that. If others want to live as prisoners in their own homes and experience life over Zoom, they can be our guests. As for the rest of us, it seems that we can’t have our lives back unless we take them back. Sign petitions and attend anti-lockdown protests. Keep your business open and band with those in close proximity to do the same. United non-compliance is necessary.

I want to thank those of you that made it to the end of this post for taking the time out of your day to read and inform yourself. I encourage you to look up these studies and continue researching. Please share this information and educate others.

Much of the information I listed can be found by searching “Tom Woods Lockdown Citations.” This is a good comprehensive source with links and videos. He also has a FREE E-BOOK on his website – “Your Facebook Friends Are Wrong About the Lockdown!” – highly recommend.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know about anyone else but not much has changed for my lifestyle the last 9 months. I do live a lonely life at times but it’s the one I got. I got a new cellphone didn’t swap any numbers, took over 9 months for anyone to text me. The whole 5 person social circle thing really put stuff into perspective when no one seemed me important enough to be in their circle, oh well I’m covid free.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sudbury is in COVID yellow-protect. Here’s what that means for you

  3. Anonymous says:

    Research doesn’t need to be difficult.

    Sudbury moving into yellow zone of Ontario’s COVID-19 response

    Ontario reports another record breaking number of new COVID-19 cases

    Saskatoon ICU’s maxed out because of COVID-19

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sudbury moving into yellow zone of Ontario’s COVID-19 response

    Ontario reports another record breaking number of new COVID-19 cases

    Saskatoon ICU’s maxed out because of COVID-19

  5. Anonymous says:

    Another sad manboy living in a room on their internet crying about no social life. Spewing all the QAnon garbage without being able to rationally answer basic questions. People like you are the reason we are here. Pandering to fools and culties. Go research the various waves of the Spanish Flu loser. Do yourself a favor and use your simple mind to think outside your measly echo chamber.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Tom Woods?!!!??!! The same Tom Woods that is a founding member of the white nationalist, neo-confederate, white supremacist LEAGUE OF THE SOUTH? That’s right people. Do Your Research

    • anonymous says:

      His covid info has nothing to do with his politics and just because your a white nationalist,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, doesn’t mean your a white supremacist. Do your research!!

  7. anonymous says:


  8. Anonymous says:

    Love how you people scream about how uninformed and stupid the sheeple are, while at the same time posting a rant that has absolutely no links to proper independently verified and credible studies. This is how conspiracy theory works, just try to baffle them with bull*shit. And your Tom Woods is a politician. Libertarians can’t even decide o their own philosophy

    • anonymous says:

      The true sheeple are the right wing anti maskers. They believe all the lies of Fox and trump yet discount science and logic. I think I speak for many when I say that I’m not pro mask or pro shutdown. I’m pro science, pro logic and pro keeping everyone safe. Are you?

      • Anonymous says:

        So you know that 240000 of 330 million is 0.07% of population and 11000 of 37 million is 0.03% ?
        That’s logic no where near even one percent of pop has died most of which were already on their way to death, and big bad trump who “dropped the ball” on covids stats aren’t too far off of trudeaus if you go by population vs deaths. 2 deaths in 9 months in sudbury wow scary disease? Infection? Virus?

      • Anonymous says:

        So, you know that death isn’t the only result of COVID-19? For the people at the back, and the just plain stupid: novel corona virus is the VIRUS that causes the DISEASE COVID-19. The VIRUS is extremely infectious, and that is why it is being controlled by social distancing, masks & proper hand hygiene. It has taken some time for some communities to begin to see a rise in positive cases like we are seeing here now in Sudbury. If we are not cautious as a community we can easily fill hospitals with COVID-19 cases & that means putting off surgeries and all kinds of necessary treatments. It also means putting health care workers and infrastructure at risk, like in Manitoba right now. They are in crisis:

        More and more people are beginning to show severe long term effects of the COVID-19 disease as well & some may not ever fully recover from long term effects.

        So, fuck you, fuck off and good luck to you if you contract the disease. And for the love of all that’s holy, learn proper statistical analysis because you’re only making yourself look even dumber

      • wake up to reality please says:

        O.k statboy ….Canada is 38 mil U.S is 330 mil, 8.6 times our pop. Canadian deaths 11039
        multiply by 8.6=94935 actual u.s deaths 247,796 the american covid death rate is 2.6 times our covid death rate. How the fuck is that not “dropping the ball”.

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