More gender neutral barbies are out & actually I love em

They’re out. I never in a million years thought I’d like them…..but I really do. They look like real girls out there without unrealistic and actual strange proportions.

My back story on it is as a child I played with them and had a huge collection. When I grew older I had a daughter of my own & everyhing changed. Oh yes did they ever change.

We never focused on giving our daughter barbies before. She’s 23 & successful now, & that ship has sailed. My point is I wouldn’t be so hesitant now to buy a young girl a Barbie like i was before.

We found old Barbie had no relevance before. Now she looks like a contributory member of society. Before she looked like a gold digger 😂 with huge knockers.

Thoughts ?



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  1. Gender neutral babies aren’t a thing… They don’t know the difference between genders…

  2. CB Christian CB Christian says:

    Omfg I thought it said gender neutral babies..literally thought you just gave birth to twins or something and classified them as gender neutral

  3. Mike La Mike La says:

    I have Huuuuuuuuge balls

  4. Your all fucked
    Seeking attention !

    I had a bowel movement today . It was great. Figured I’d share eh … haha

  5. Claude Pilon Claude Pilon says:

    Id like if they make barbies unicorns…barbie dolphins…barbie gi joe…and id put them all in my firepit and burn em all!!

  6. Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

    Barbie was whatever I wanted her to be…
    She was a mother…she worked in an office…she went camping etc…
    If a child wants Barbie to be a transgender individual…the child will make it look like one…

  7. Shawn Irving Shawn Irving says:

    I dont want to live on this planet anymore..

  8. Stupid… stupid… stupid

  9. It is still a barbie…regardless…an empire of capitalism…should make a hungry homeless barbie…or a go fund me barbie…got out of jail barbie and the empty box where is missing barbie..that is realism imo

  10. Kids don’t care about being ‘politically correct’ they care about being able to play without limitations to their creativity.

    Which, I must be a bit of a kid at heart because my first reaction was, “sweet, two dolls in one!!”

  11. Jamie Klein Jamie Klein says:

    i’d just like to say AS A MAN that getting rid of big titty barbie is bad and will bring about the collapse of western civilization

  12. Jaz Leroux Jaz Leroux says:

    I saw them. They still look like females. Nothing wrong there. A more realistic female, mind you. Hmm, OP you got my vote. I agree with you.

  13. Marco Rocca Marco Rocca says:

    I’m a helicopter today…that’s how I will be identified..tomorrow perhaps an orange tree

  14. This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever read on the internet. You all accept science when it comes to global warming even though it’s been proven to be a hoax, but yet science proves your either male or female by giving you the genitalia of one or the other and yet you deny it. You have a penis? You’re a male! You have a vagina, guess what it makes you female. Anything else is just a mental health issue….

  15. Ffs, get outta here with this horse shit

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