UPDATED: MISSING TEEN: Sean Shawanda, 17 Years of Age • Greater Sudbury, Ontario

The Greater Sudbury Police Service is asking for the public’s assistance in locating 17 year old Sean Shawanda. He also goes by the name Tracy.

UPDATE: Sean has been located safely. Thank you all for helping in spreading the word about his disappearance. 🙂

ORIGINAL POST: Sean/Tracy was last seen by his family members at 8:30 PM on Tuesday night at the Walmart on LaSalle Blvd.

He ended up wandering off, and hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

Sean is described as:
  • Male
  • Native
  • 17 years old
  • Short, dark brown hair
  • 5 feet 8 inches tall
  • Weighing 170 pounds

Sean Shawanda Profile

He was last seen wearing a black Adidas long sleeve t-shirt, dark jeans, black Fila shoes with white stripes and glasses.

Sean does not have access to a vehicle, nor a cellphone.

If you’ve spotted Sean, you are being asked to call the GSPS at 705.675.9171.

View the news release

Thank you for helping spread the word about Sean Shawanda’s disappearance.



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  1. says:

    He is loved.. And he is special he’s nephew. Sorry about the 14 hr or 24 hr stuff. This was a special case. I prayed to the Creator and the Spirits that he was found…Ilness on a person is different other than those who are out there who bring havoc on their lives just to get away from their families… ie he doesn’t even drink or do drugs…. I seen all the comments and thank you for the ones that were genuine… Those are the caring ones…. All and all my nephew was located and this is new to our family… I only can Hope that the Creator and our medicines can help him with his future … He is a bright boy … He needs his family to get though this… only the creator can help him and with prayers. Negativitiful can only make things worse. I pray for those who do… There is a higher power. I love my Nephew Sean Tracey Shawanda… Always will and always do what ever it takes to assist him with what he has to endure…… Thank you Sudbury Regional Police and the OPP for hem in their assistance in bringing our loved on back to us…. Mii Gwetch Mii Gwetch from his Auntie Delores…

    • says:

      And thank you for this web site …. Too many pekoe go missing…. K’chi Miigwetch … Thank you

  2. Kim Lewis says:

    Wow this is the first time on this site….which I think is a great idea but all the arguing and people commenting in the amount of time a person should be missing before we start looking….if it was you loved one I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be waiting for 24-48 hrs before anyone cared…..with that being said keep up the good work SHOUTOUT SUDBURY!

  3. I thought it needed to be at least 24h until someone is declared missing? Special needs or not.

    Glad he’s home safe.

  4. Whatever happened to a whole 48 hour rule before a person is actually missing. So many missing people cause people get paranoid so easily. Regardless…..I hope this person is found safe.

  5. Sean jr is 17yrs old

  6. Might be able to see the picture of the person if your obnoxious graphic didn’t take up 90% of the header.

    • Do you realize you’re the first person to ever complain about a missing persons post that I’ve made on here, Shoutout Edmonton and Edmonton Talks News? Over a million people have come by my missing persons posts. Not one person has bitched about the size of the text used. Congrats on being one in a million, but your attitude is in the wrong place.

      I made sure to make the photo very clear, as I realize it is the most important. Also, full image available via the link. I make the text massive because missing persons are important to me and I feel that it grabs your attention exceptionally well when scrolling through your Fb & Twitter feeds.

      DA, keep it up and I won’t hesitate to ban you.

    • Holy shit someone is touchy. Aren’t you the guy who asks for constructive criticism? Also keep what up? It’s the first comment I’ve made in a long time. Fuck this page has gone to shit.

    • You should learn the definition of constructive criticism. Pretty sure this photo is available under other sources of it means that much to you. And I could see it fine.

    • Jesse Landry says:

      Shoutout Sudbury Holy Admin roid rage.. how dare he critisize your work.. am i right? Flex those Admin muscles!

    • It’s all about the ego of the Admin Jesse. It’s quite apparent that he’s full of himself.

    • lol I’m out of the loop.

    • Tony Martin says:

      Well, D.A, here’s the thing….when you’ve created an anonymous alias for the express purpose of trolling, no one really cares 😉

    • Wow Freud, you really got into my head…

    • DA, your attitude has stunk since day one. I wouldn’t have replied in the same way if it were someone else saying this. Just an FYI.

    • Actually I agree Shoutout, I think it’s more about how it was said than anything. You work hard to bring awareness to the public about this missing boy and your work was criticized rudely and harshly. I know you guys are pretty chill and if it came across more constructive rather than jerky, you guys would have been like thanks man! DA, it was kinda mean…just saying

    • Tony Martin says:

      Devils Advocate ….got into your head? Difficult, that….such a small space 😉 😀 😀

  7. Rene Clement says:

    ok so that name Sean Shawanda i looked it up it is the name of a man that stabed a boy. this might be fake

  8. he’s 17. His age was mentioned in another news article

  9. Rene Clement says:

    umm hmm well aa ya did any one really look i just seen him by him self at mcdonalds regent st

  10. So he’s been missing for 11 hours?

  11. Julie DuPro says:

    Shared hope he gets home safe

  12. No age available, I would say 16 years.