MISSING TEEN – Greater Sudbury – Jacob Villeneuve – 16 Years of Age

MISSING TEEN – Sudbury police are asking for the public’s assistance in locating 16 year old Jacob Villeneuve, missing since September 12.

In a release, Greater Sudbury Police said Jacob Villeneuve is 5-foot-7, 140 pounds with brown hair (now shorter than in the photo provided), brown eyes and facial hair. He was last seen wearing a dark coloured winter jacket, a hoodie, ball cap, and dark jeans.

Officers have searched for the teen, but have not been able to locate him. There have been multiple sightings of him in the Capreol area since he left. He is known to frequent the Capreol and Hanmer area.

Anyone with information is asked to call Greater Sudbury Police Service or Crime Stoppers at 705-675-9171.

Sudbury Jacob Villeneuve Missing

via GSPS



25 Responses

  1. Rosy says:

    jason Wickham…this is not funny.
    your an idiot!!

  2. Devyn Ronholm says:

    damn i miss those days

  3. Billy S says:

    Is anyone else concerned that this is the third or fourth child that has gone missing in the last week and a half? That we know of? Where are all these kids diapering to?

  4. Jeannine Daley says:

    my heart goes out to him , hope he is found soon

  5. Spotted in Sudbury says:

    Anonymous comment:

    “Jacob isnt a “Missing teen” he is not in danger. He is actually running from the police because he has charges against him, and he is running from his group home. He has been running since August. The police keep showing up too late to the places where he has been staying. He has caused more problems by running and not manning up and just turning himself in. Do not take pitty on him this kid is a coward and is running because he is afraid. Its taken Police this long to release the missing information because they keep chasing him in circles yet, i have seen on 3 separate times the police drive right by him. His family isnt worried about him, they see him all the time. Food for thought. He isnt a helpless run away. Hes a running coward”

    • Jason Earl Henderson says:

      No doubt,..LoL

    • Will Sinclair says:

      Fucking kids these days, when I was 16 I was too busy with school and having fun, not breaking the damn law, fuck this kid and any kid like him.

    • Chantal Lafontaine-LeBlanc says:

      Ah ha…. As a Youth Worker for 25 yrs, he’s not the only teen who has done this!
      Thanks for explaining!

      • Billy S says:

        You know what? They shouldn’t post him as a missing teen then. It a play on words and I truly felt for these kids. Fuck your guys for pulling on my heartstrings

  6. Will Sinclair says:

    Wait he’s been missing since September, but this is just being posted now, in January. Weird

  7. Karlie Turpin says:

    The police came looking for him at my neighbours house not too long ago…. no one was home. They’re young kids that live there and people in and out of there all the time.
    Needless to say, my neighbours moved out.

  8. Jason Earl Henderson says:

    This does not Surprise me, as a teen I lived in Elliot Lake, this kinda stuff happens All the time there,……I have became numb.

  9. Peggy Byers says:


  10. Ally Dufour says:

    False alarm

    • Chantal Lafontaine-LeBlanc says:

      What do you mean? False alarm?

    • Ally Dufour says:

      He looks just like a kid who lives on my street

    • Lynn Lalande says:

      it’s not a false alarm dahhh His picture is with Crime Stoppers and Greater Sudbury Online circulating all over the internet

      • Billy S says:

        I’m not a bleeding heart for these young offenders. That’s exactly what this kid is. Don’t make him out to be a missing teen. He’s only missing to the police and to the group home

    • Ally Dufour says:

      No i mean i thought i found him but the boy on my street is a dofferent boy

  11. Melanie Daoust says:


  12. Lisa St-Georges says:

    If he has been seen around Capreol and Hanmer I wonder why his friends aren’t talking to the police?

  13. Venessa Sylvestre says:

    Who gives a shit about his damn winter jacket? He’s missing…he could be dead, harmed, hurt…and here you are making a deal about what he wore last and laughing out loud :/ cuz this is soooo funny right? Wtf is wrong with this world?

  14. Christina Beaupre says:

    Jacob or any of his friends, please call a family member or friend and let them know your ok. Your family is worried about you. I could never imagine having to look for my Son. It would just kill me. Please if anything just let someone know your ok.

  15. Jason Wickham says:

    Dark coloured winter jacket in September? We didn’t even get snow until January. Lol