Min wage shouldn’t go up!!!

I can’t believe the lack of logic in those who think that raising the min wage is going to solve any issues… I decided to explain reasons why it won’t as simply as possible… I want to shed light on why it’s such a bad idea.

1. Your net pay is going to be very similar to before minimum wage went up. When you make more money, you get taxed more. Going up by almost $4 in less then two years makes a huge difference yes with your gross pay… but once you have your taxes, EI, and CPP deducted, you’re basically making the same as if you were making $11.25. This isn’t going to give you more buying power. The only time you’ll get benefited is when you get a tax return. It won’t benefit you an a day to day basis.

2. Higher wages = higher operation costs. It costs employers to pay their employees of course. Let’s take a part time worker, who is now making $3.75 (roughly) more then they were a year and a half ago. This worker works aprox. 25 hours a week give or take. So that comes up to an extra $93.75 a week, which is an extra $4,875 a year for ONE PART TIME employee. Sure that sounds great for the employee (remember, that’s gross pay not net). But say this company has 8 part time staff and 4 full time staff all making minimum wage. That’s (roughly) $70,320 in increased annual operation costs in less then two years. So what happens? A few things could happen
a) people get laid off because the company can’t afford such high cost increases in such a small period of time. This is more likely to happen with small businesses. So you’ll then have less spending power living on EI. The employees who remain will also have more work put onto them or have to work longer hours.
b) costs of goods and services are going to go up. Let’s look at Tim Horton’s for example. Sure, Tim Hortons can probably afford the minimum wage hike, but they are a giant. Being a giant also means they have A LOT of employees. According to a quick google search, they have roughly 100,000 people employed in Canada. So let’s just pick a random number… 25,000 people are employed to Tim Horton’s in Ontario. Obviously the hours of employees vary per person, but as a safe average lets say average hours is 20 hours a week…. That’s an extra 9,750,000 a year. Your large double double is probably going to cost you a few cents more… And that’s a very minuscule, but simple, example.
c) Smaller businesses are going to shut down. So, as you have read, the cost of employment and the vendor costs to business are going to go up. Just because Min Wage goes up, doesn’t necessarily mean people are going to spend more (because of reasons stated above). If the business is spending more money but still not making more or even making less, then there is a pretty fair chance they will have to close doors. So now all of their employees are going to be laid off and the business owners will no longer have an income.

3. It’s going to bring more people down to poverty. I myself make 15$ per hour. It’s not a great wage, but hey, it pays the bills. I worked my way to that wage. I’m pretty fresh out of post secondary school and have expanded my skills through placements and different types of employment. Am I going to get a raise when minimum wage goes up? No. I’m not. My employer isn’t obligated to, and they won’t be able to afford it anyways. So now goods and services are all going up in price, my bills and living costs are going up, but I’m still making the same wage. I probably won’t be able to find a better paying job because of the reasons stated above too. All because someone wants to get paid more to poor some coffee or flip a burger? What ever happened to earning you work? I’ve been there, I did that job in high school. It’s not that hard. It does not warrant such a huge wage increase in such a small period of time. It’s absolutely ridiculous. So myself along with others who’s wages won’t go up will get hit pretty hard financially.

It just… doesn’t make sense… I don’t know why people think that this is some magical solution. You can’t expect minimum wage to go up and costs to stay the same.

I know the liberal SJWs are going to jump in and say ‘Everyone deserves a living wage and to live comfortably’ to which I AGREE. But not like this. This isn’t the solution to the problem. And besides, minimum wage is a starting wage. It never was and never will be meant as a living wage.

Us workers who make more are going to be struggling even harder because of this “hand holding, I can’t be an adult, stomp my feet, give me more without working harder” era.



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  1. You know what would help more than raising minimum wage? If all those people who are past their retirement dates or double dipping into the good jobs in government, education ect would actually retire and let people who need to support families and pay off student loans finally get jobs that aren’t minimum wage. Leave the minimum wage jobs for those who aren’t supporting a household on them and it can stay at 11.75

  2. It’s not good for everyone. I’m going to watch my hard earned raises disappear as people who do jobs with much less responsibility than me will be making almost the same now. And prices will go up but I won’t make any more. It’s not good for those of us in the middle.

  3. Spoken like someone who has no understanding of economics or inflation. Go back to school, please.

  4. Why does it always seem like the people complaining about this are the ones that are currently getting paid 15$ an hour or slightly above it. I understand that it sucks to have min wage go up to what you’ve felt you worked hard for. But that’s no reason to keep others down. If you’re doing a more difficult job for 15$ an hour, You’re now in a better place to negotiate for a higher raise.

  5. What garbage talk is that!give benefits instead.also all those wages are a tax deduction for the employer.if the employer is so worried about payout well then dont go on that super far away parents didnt go on a holiday until they pensioned off worked 6am to 10pm every day .had 8 kids to look after.they helped passer bys too in their line of business.

  6. Glad to know I have 10+ different certificates in many different fields and I make 13$ now. Having applied to 1000+ jobs in the last few months and getting nothing else. Just because you make 15$ and are qualified for you doesn’t mean no one else making min or close are qualified either.

  7. Sherri Ivory says:

    I make minimum wage working a job I have just to get me out of the house and away from my kids a few days a week and I’m dreading the increase. Its ridiculous and even more ridiculous when you hear people talking about how they think they’re gonna benefit.

  8. Gord Kol says:

    easy to see you are living of taxpayers

  9. PM Laberge says:

    Well put. Perhaps, a better idea, rather than kill off jobs, would be to lower taxes, so that a lower salary does go further. And luxury goods could then have a luxury tax, to pay for it.

  10. I honestly don’t know much about the economy but people who make minimum wage also have a more difficult time spending money as they have none …. with more money won’t people spend more which is actually good for the economy ? Like won’t more people be out buying things with their money…. maybe I mean perhaps you’ll make less paying more for your employees , but isn’t their a bigger crowd of people who can go out and afford to eat at a local restaurant ? Or can now afford to support that local business ….

    I know little about this kind of stuff just my thoughts ….

  11. JD Tait says:

    I’m not gonna read all of this because I actually have a life, but I definitely agree that raising minimum wage is a bad idea

  12. Government wins once again and all everyone can see is the 15 bucks !

  13. Matt Noonan says:

    1)I’d love to see your math here, it’s just wrong.

    2) large companies are fine with minimum wage hikes it gives them advantage over small companies who can’t or refuse to innovate and adapt to changing economic climates. If you don’t believe your employees deserve a little more than you don’t deserve to be in business

    3)just because other people get more doesn’t mean you somehow can’t survive.

    The biggest misconception you keep making is that minimum wage drives prices up when in fact it is in response to prices going up. Inflation is constant, minimum wage is a reaction. Here is a graph that shows even in years when minimum wage was stagnant inflation still reduced the value of a dollar. The gap on the left was a time of prosperity, people made less money but it was worth lots more. Gap on the right is income inequality people make more but it’s worth sooo much less that they’re still impoverished.

    • Bob Jones says:

      Another Libtard

    • Matt Noonan says:

      My use of facts and statistics allows you assume (incorrectly) my voting habits? Says more about you than me.

    • I just can’t understand why you think it’s okay to impose on business owners freedoms.

      There is no victim in employment. It’s 100% voluntary.

      2) if companies believed their employees deserved more, let them make that decision. Who are you to tell a business owner anything about how to run his business. If someone agreed to work for him for 11$. Why do you need to poke your nose into it when it’s not your business at all.

      3) you’re robbing employers for the sake of the employees. He may be able to survive as an employee. But most employers will take huge pay cuts and even close shop. Because you think you have the right to make decisions about a contract that has nothing to do with you.

    • Let people sink or swim on their own decisions.

      Like if you think there people who need more money. Start donating bud. You care so much about these people’s lives. But nope, you only want to fix their problems with other people’s money.

      It’s so twisted.

    • Matt Noonan says:

      Look I really don’t give a damn to debate opinion, it’s impossible. You want to discuss this come at me with evidence that minimum wage doesn’t Infact help the economy, improve the livelihood of employees and employers and altogether benefits everyone. Once you do that we can talk

    • He can’t Matt, there’s no evidence to back his argument up

    • Matt Noonan says:

      Lol, Okay. Then let’s see if he can at least answer who he thinks is “being robbed” to pay employers

  14. Cost of living is already up …this is just catching up ..if that

  15. I’m not wasting 10 min reading that but from what I read is stupid . If your making 11.25 a hour and get a raise to 15 a hour than a extra 150$ a week or 6oo a month or 72oo a year . Not the same ya dumb shit

  16. Yves Beaupre says:

    It does change things it gives them more money to tax

  17. Ryan Dezelak says:

    Raising minimum wage increases the yearly payroll payout by roughly 8300$ per year, a ATM or automated checkout machine costs about 1500$. If you havn’t noticed quite a few businesses have already started using them, now I’m not a business owner but anyone who is is there to make $ sooo if there is a cheaper option that works just as well (if not better) than manning the position with a human how long do you think before people in any position that can be automated lose they’re jobs. Not to mention that your wage goes up, my wage goes up, his wage goes up, the price of living goes up and inflation balances out the consumer market and we’re back where we started. It’s all smoke and mirrors people, ontario has a shortage of higher paying careers, Kathleen Wynnes rediculous hydro rates have cost Ontario approximately 15 billion dollars in new business in just the last 2 years. Don’t let this smoke show take your attention off of the real root problem in Ontario. Cutting hydro and taxes would give people the same if not more extra money at the end of the month, the more you make the more you pay in taxes so really who is this raise going to benefit minimum wage employees or the government? Don’t we give them enough money already?

    • Jo Watson says:

      I can tell you that where I work they value customer service. It is the number one factor to being hired. Their business thrives because it is deemed the best in the industry for customer service.

    • Ryan Dezelak says:

      That whole post and your response is “my job likes people”?

    • Sasha Walker says:

      I agree with Ryan. The Superstore is getting quite comfortable with “self check-out” machines. I scolded my husband for using one reminding him that every time people use those machines they put a cashier out of work.

    • I made the same math error. The income tax percentage does not change until somewhere around $42,000 a year, so people working full time, like myself, will net more money every pay cheque.

    • Ryan Dezelak says:

      Chris Bentley what math error I actually said that you and everyone else would make more but it’s not going to add up to shit until the root problem is fixed, it’s like putting a bandaid on a leaking pipe it’ll work for a short while then it’s just going to leak again!

    • Ryan Dezelak says:

      Chris Bentley what math error I actually said that you and everyone else would make more but it’s not going to add up to shit until the root problem is fixed, it’s like putting a bandaid on a leaking pipe it’ll work for a short while then it’s just going to leak again!

    • Sorry Ryan wrong spot for the comment. It is directed at the original poster not you lol. Your math is solid lol.

    • Jo Watson says:

      Lol sorry but it’s a fact Ryan Dezelak and they do very well in their industry because they make sure customer service is excellent.

      While your right self cheek outs exist. Fact is the consumer has the choice to support a person or machines. If jobs start to vanish in exchange for machines that’s on the public not the business.

      What people are too foolish to understand is a basic concept from a kids movie… Robots

      “See a need, fill a need”

      Businesses will not put in more self check outs if the public isn’t using them.

    • Ryan Dezelak says:

      Ya well you keep informing the people and keep up the good fight. Me personally, I’m going to heir on the side of realism where in business cash IS king. With out looking into it I’d say sudburys minimum wage job market is made up of probably 90%+ chains and big box stores, if you actually think that Walmart gives a shit about you, well then this convo was over before it started

  18. I’m in favor to increase the minimum wage, but if prices jump on the menu, food store etc. don’t be surprised if I stop going or if I don’t tip anymore. I’m not interested in paying $30 for a hamburger lol

    • Well how else are we supposed to afford to pay the lazy people who never want to better themselves….The ones who are working minimum wage until they can get in their career, I do feel bad for them…but the ones who refuse to go to school to get educated to get the better jobs…THOSE people are the problem why minimum has to go up.

  19. Jo Watson says:

    Who ever posted this please take a few moments to go to the government of Canada online calculator for employee deductions.

    A full time employee without any additional tax dedications like children…

    Working 44 hours a week will take home 4,444 more a year after taxes from our current minimum wage to $14 an hour.

    while to you that might seem like the same wage that’s a full year of utilities to some…

    • But cost are going up….I just received an email from Hydro one and they have applied for a rate increase….EVEN though Hydro is being reduced according to the government by 25%….not after this hike!

    • Jo Watson says:

      Interesting Norm Lanidrac seeing as the government announced the rates were going down for hydro. And I would be shocked if hydro has any minimum wage employees.

    • Bob Jones says:

      Libtards everywhere

    • Jo Watson says:

      Very intellectual Bob Jones… Not!

    • The rate is for delivery and the increase is something like .80 to 3.00. I can’t remember the exact number but they sent that to me…Not sure if they are sending it to general public but they sent it to businesses. I do believe it was mandates by the OEB

      Heres what it says:

      Dear Hydro One Customer,

      Hydro One Networks Inc. has applied to the Ontario Energy Board to increase our electricity distribution rates. Please review the Ontario Energy Board’s Notice of Hearing to learn more and to find out how you can participate in the Ontario Energy Board’s hearing.

      The Notice of Hearing can be found at the following link

      Regulatory Affairs
      Hydro One Networks Inc.

    • Jo Watson says:

      Norm Lanidrac my residence is with hydro one and I haven’t got this letter yet.

    • They sent it about 3 days ago…mind you I have my email listed with them

    • Jo Watson says:

      Norm Lanidrac Lol it’s in the news now.

  20. Also, first you imply that 15$ is a shit wage and won’t make your life better, but in the end you say you make 15 an hour and live alright. Maybe you should take your bitter angst, change your attitude, and do better for yourself. Then this wouldn’t even be an issue to you. You started at a menial job and worked your way up, cool. But it’s not like that anymore. Go elsewhere where you are qualified (go for something different- a higher position like a supervisor or manager?) and you’ll make more than 15$.

    • A paramedic makes $15 an hour….so what your saying is that Paramedic should quit his job and go find something pay more….GET A LIFE! These jobs have not gone up over the last 10 years, but yet minimum wage keeps going up….guess they should have just stayed and flipped burgers instead of learning a career. Guess what we are going to have in 10 years….LESS people looking for a career, and more doctor shortages, and so on and so on….why would someone want to make more doing more!

    • Maybe people of this generation could be a doctor if school didn’t cost you literally, everything. Live in the now. It isn’t a 16 year olds fault that she works at McDonald’s and gets paid the same as a paramedic. That’s the health care systems problem.

    • Brb, getting a life

  21. TL;DR. You lost me after the first point. By your logic doctors and lawyers would be paying so much tax they’d have to use the food bank. The higher your salary the higher your take home pay.

  22. My only question is whether $15/hr min wage is on the agenda of any other political party. I mean, you are completely suffering from Dunning Kreuger effect on what you think you know here but one this is certain is that this is a liberal vote buying strategy in hopes that the underpaid offset those pissed off with Hydro One.

  23. They have to raise minimum wage or else the new “Basic Income Guarantee” (BIG) rolling out next year would be more then the annual income on minimum wage. Currently minimum wage is approximately $22 000/year earned. Basic Income Guarantee that is looking to replace social programming such as OW and ODSP will be minimum of $24 000/year. Now that minimum wage is being raised it will give more incentive to work earning $30 000/year rather then receiving B.I.G.

  24. People who are against the min wage going to $15 = people who already make $15 an hour.

    • And can you blame them, many of these people aren’t going to get a raise and some may have been at the job for well over 5 years and all of a sudden new employees will be making the same wage. It’s frustrating.

    • If you’re still making 15/hour at a job you went to post secondary for then you should probably take that up with your employer.

    • Unfortunately the employers don’t usually pass on the excess rate….My wife who works as an ECE is being told they will get $2.00 more then everyone else….WOOOHOOO….She was making $3.60 more now….so why doesn’t she get an extra $3.60? Because it would cost you more to send your kids to daycare as it is…Paramedic make $15 an hour now, how much more will they get….Seriously people need to quit being FUCKING LAZY, and get an education and LEAVE THE MINIMUM WAGE JOBS FOR THE 15 – 19 YEAR OLDS THAT WAS CREATED FOR THEM IN THE BEGINING!

    • Norm Lanidrac lol you sounds ignorant. The minimum wage is for everyone! They way you think, it seems like only greedy CEO’s should get an increase.

    • Norm Lanidrac I’ve heard the cost to have your kids in daycare is ridiculous. I can’t even begin to imagine what your wife’s boss is making off the parents. An ECE is a prime example of a job that is way under paid.

    • Jen Stone says:

      Minimum wage isn’t something people should be aiming to live on for the rest of their life…
      It took me over 20 yrs to double my pay….and now I’m only going to be making $5 more than those who may have nothing???
      That’s a joke…

    • Jen Stone I can see how frustrating that would be! I’m not sure what you do. But I blame the employers and their tight wallets. It’s sad that you only make 20 after all this time. I guess I just see it differently. Keeping the minimum wage too low so that people feel like their doing well financially isn’t the answer either. I hope the employers see that a few bucks over 15 isn’t what someone should be making as a post secondary professional.

  25. I get where OP is coming from… the wage hike is great for anyone making $11.40 an hour currently but for those of us who worked hard over the years to make $ 15.00 an hour we won’t be getting a raise which makes all the work we put in over the years seem like it was for nothing. It will also bring us down from “middle class” to the poverty level with everyone else. Cause lets face it things will continue to go up. My guess will be that as soon as the wage goes up so will natural gas and hydro. In my opinion this is an excuse for waynne to keep raping us.

    • Matt Noonan says:

      If you base your wealth off of how much more you make than other people than you have low standards, if you’re happy in life and you can afford the things you want then why does it matter what anybody else makes.

    • I dont base my wealth off of how much more i make then other people. I do however take pride in how much work i have put in to achieve what i have. Knowing someone who has never put in work will receive the same rate of pay as me in a slap in the face. People now a days expect to have everything handed to them without putting in the work to get. Thats all im saying.

    • Its ok Natasha, Now people will be whining for $20.00 an hour…and you’ll get that raise….

      All kidding aside, your right, these lazy people who never want to better themselves are the reason why we the real working people get screwed because we put in the time the energy and the effort to better ourselves. YES some of us work the minimum wage jobs waiting to get into our careers, and we have to suffer for a little while…but the CAREER MINIMUM WAGE WORKERS who just want to do the bare minimum and expect to make as much as someone saving a life, ie. Paramedics, are the real problems!

    • Thank you NormLanidrac this is the point i am trying to make. But the people who dont want to put in the work or have never had to, will never understand this.

    • Matt Noonan says:

      The service industry is the largest industry in Canada and they have some of the hardest most dedicated workers to date, more so then some jackass filling in jokes on the side of the highway, but they’ll make more money for some reason. As long as you feel you make enough money to do what you want why does it matter what anyone else makes. You don’t know how hard they work you just assume they don’t work as hard because they make less than you

    • Matt, I agree with your statement….but some people work just for the bare minimum because they don’t want to get a better education so they can be better off….and yes some people love working minimum wage…but those who are lazy and want everything handed to them is the problem…We are a society that is growing to a lazy workforce because noone wants to do more now!

    • Matt Noonan says:

      If people are happy serving others what’s wrong with that? It’s a necessary position. Without these people there would be no one to stock your groceries, serve your coffee, pump your gas, or any of 1000 other jobs. I’ve worked in retail for 10 years, while I’m in college right now, it’s been a very rewarding experience and some of my favourite work was there. Even in the position I hope to get I’ll be lucky to receive more than minimum wage initially.

    • Im not bashing the customer service industry at all i work in the industry. What i am saying is i the are going to increase minimum wage by $3.60 it should be across the board everyone in the province should get it. It is not right that i had to work my way up in the industry over a 10 year period to get to the position i currently hold only to have someone coming in off the street to make the same rate for less responsibility.

    • ** if they are going to*** ( sorry using my phone)

  26. Emily Mc says:

    The part in this post that irritates me the most is your ego and lack of knowledge of other industries. There’s a great deal of highly educated people working temp jobs and in other industries that make minimum wage. And student wage is different than minimum wage, that’s what you would have made in high school when flipping burgers, but depending on your age, cost of living was lower than it is today so it would have been more comfortable. People need to stop looking down on someone providing them a service. I think it’s a good start, but it’s sad the the government needs to babysit employers to get them to do the right thing.

  27. Try living on minimum wage before you speak

  28. minimum wage is a starting wage in only the fact they can’t pay you lower than that. it means the lowest livable wage or at least it did. now it means livable if you have two full time earners at said wage. Yes i agree 15 is a silly number (i’d prefer 13 and then 15 5 years later) but it has to go up if we expect our poverty crisis to improve

    • Well explained mate 😉

    • It won’t go up….In 2004 minimum wage was 6.85 a 1 bedroom apartment was 350 now minimum wage is 11.40 that same 1 bedroom is now 900….SEE A PROBLEM?

    • Norm Lanidrac In 2004 a 1 bedroom was $500, today a bachelor is $1,000 in many cities. What I see are greedy greasy pigs landlords who wants every penny off your check, they lust after your min.wage and that’s all they care about, they don’t care how much left you have for food. Maybe we should bring back public hanging for these crooks.

    • Jen Stone says:

      Mike D’Amours I think the city should be capping landlords on what they can charge…
      We went through an apartment shortage and is why rent went so high…

  29. Cindy Lawson says:

    Actually they will make 144 more a week and only pay a extra 20 in deductions. So they will see a big change in their checks.

    • Sasha Walker says:

      Until landlords start kicking out their remnants claiming that they are moving family in just so they can up their rent another $400 bucks or more. And all the businesses start laying of employees to save some money while throwing extra work loads onto remaining employees to make up for the loss of employees. Add that to bread milk and literally everything else… I am sure that extra 144 more a week will come in very handy. 😉 Hasn’t anybody in Sudbury taken a business class. It is called INFLATION! Not a very pretty word.

    • Cindy Lawson says:

      Yes and sadly inflation has gone up year after year on it’s own. Nothing to do with minimum wage.

    • Jo Watson says:

      Sasha Walker to kick out someone it has to be immediate family and if they fail to move them in… the tenant has legal rights to claim of damages for false eviction.

  30. lol you are wrong on every level. you must be a small business owner well to bad! COMPETE and you will have more business making the increase not affect you.. sick of small business whining when they don’t compete with the big stores, buy local wah wah.. If you competed with them, beat their prices then you will gain more customers and you will grow otherwise you will continue to scrape by.

    • and anywhere with a huge increase of minimum wage have proven your post wrong

    • how do you expect a small business to compete with the buying power of a franchise location?

    • Not my problem. figure it out

    • Steven Lahti says:

      Not hard to beat Wal-Mart’s quality while keeping your prices below pottery barns.

    • YOUR An IDIOT Devyn Ronholm

    • Alphonso Ropel you’re the idiot

    • Devyn you used the wrong “too” in your first comment lol

    • Devyn you used the wrong “too” in your first comment lol

    • You have no idea what you are talking about Devyn!

    • Tony Martin says:

      Devyn….here’s one problem with your suggestion. Many big box stores, WalMart in particular, are often guilty of what is called Predatory Pricing. They come into a new area, scope out what is near them, then try to drive those stores out of business. Here’s how it works. Let’s say there’s a Pharmacy near a new Walmart. Walmart drops the prices on all their pharmacy items far below what pretty well anyone would be able to match. Walmart actually does this at a financial loss to that particular store, but with thousands of other stores pulling up the slack, the business as a whole is not hurt. Once that nearby pharmacy has folded, Walmart than jacks up the prices on pharmacy items.
      They have often been found guilty of doing the same thing to local grocery stores, furniture stores, electronic outlets, etc. Great scam if you can afford to pull it off.
      This is actually very illegal in both Canada and the USA, but again, Walmart is able to shoulder the cost of the fines.
      If you research, you’ll also find that for every job Walmart creates, it destroys 1.4 better paying jobs in whatever communities it chooses to set up shop. If workers attempt to organize, Walmart shuts down…after already having destroyed many local businesses…and moves elsewhere.
      Yes, Wally World is a source of cheap goods, but “cheap” also describes quality, not just prices.
      Locally owned shops are there for the long haul, and many also support local initiatives, and profits stay in the area rather than go into an American billionaire’s bank account.

      Now all that having been said, I’m actually in favour of the minimum wage hike for a few reasons that I won’t get into at this time. I just hope our local businesses will not be to badly hurt by it.

    • Devyn Ronholm. Youre wrong. So wrong. Look past your nose and see the big picture.

    • JD. Thats the thing. People who work min wage bitch and bitch and bitch. Wait till half the staffs laid off and these people actually have to earn this wage. Youre about to see an unemployment rate like no other

    • Tony Martin nailed it… “Lost leaders”, gets you in their store so you will be there to buy other stuff that is marked up.. Pop for instance, many sell it bellow cost to bring people in. But get you with the rest…
      At the end of the day.. this chart makes great sense.

    • Check out the stats on seattoe

    • seattle is doing well in many places. bad businesses are doing worse, good businesses are doing better. Why? people have more money to spend: customers on what they want and employers on their staff.

    • and shawna if the customers think i’m gouging them they already werent that interested in what i’m selling or the atmosphere of the establishment is making them defensive

    • Bob Jones says:

      Liberalism is a mental disorder

    • We are not in america people. America is a corperation not a country. 30 cents on the dollar . Youll see more refugees employed than us.

    • Who said I made minimum, everyone should have a living wage not minimum

    • dude 11 an hour is a living wage. Its not our faults that you people choose 800$ phones , internet and cable over basic living needs. Food. Buspass. Shelter. You make minium you get to live off bare minimum.

    • even if you lived minimally you wont have enough needed to put away into retirement or an education making you 70 and flipping burgers on easter instead of seeing the grandkids

  31. Matt Kutchaw says:

    Uhhh I’m not picking up what your throwing down. Can you explain this chum.