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How does a man age 31 make new friends in this day n age? . Not a partier, dont drink or do drugs. Hard to find like minded people.



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  1. Mike Charron Mike Charron says:

    Don’t party , don’t drink or drugs !? Wtf do you do for fun !?! Jk join a gym , winter time there’s lots of social sports like dodge ball leagues . Or just walk into a bar and yell out your a d.d you’ll make tons of friends there !!

  2. Wait until u are 65……..LOL

  3. Steve Joncas Steve Joncas says:

    Sudbury BJJ & Muay Thai Academy. Come for a free class… like minded, healthy people who like to have fun! PM me and we’ll set it up.

  4. Hell if you like tinkering on vehicles and getting high we can be the best of friends lol

  5. well no one told you, you can’t make friends when you are 30.

  6. Rara Paul Rara Paul says:

    Library, book clubs, coffee shop, not being afraid to make small talk with strangers. There are a lot of homeless people who have some very interesting stories to tell. Maybe volunteer. In order to create a human connection, you must first be out in the world, second, be kind. Take up walking in the mall for exercise. Or at work, be a little more open to conversation with your coworkers.

  7. it’d be allot cooler if you did

  8. I’m looking for a gimp, must have own mask

  9. Mandi Clarke Mandi Clarke says:

    Denise Louise Campbell lmao

  10. Start partying, drinking and doing drugs? I mean those guys are the coooooolest!

  11. Bob Bertrand Bob Bertrand says:

    Besides hobbies you dont have (booze and dope), which ones do you have?

  12. Get a real cute puppy and bring him for lots of walks. Its amazing how many people stop to pet it.

  13. Cammi Bergeron hit me up lol

  14. New business idea..
    “Dating site for the socially awkward”

  15. I’m fuckin 21 and can’t answer that question

  16. Mandi Clarke there is an app already, it’s called Facebook!! Lol

  17. Go places where people congregate like chapters.

  18. Roger Blake Roger Blake says:

    Strike up a convo to the guy in the next bathroom stall. If he doesn’t tell you to F off, you’ve found a friend

  19. Hey OP, there’s a group you can join, it’s called ” for friends sake” find it in search bar. If you can’t find it pm me
    All different ages and activities. Great bunch of people.
    You can participate in suggested activities, or suggest your own.

  20. I’m very socially awkward

  21. JD Tait JD Tait says:

    There’s a quiet dignity in finding solace in loneliness… Because millenials are annoying as hell. But yeah it is nice to have some company sometimes. Most of the friends I’ve made since university are because I have a pickup truck. Automotive culture brings people together like nothing else.

  22. I’m in my 50s very hard they say be patient

  23. Mandi Clarke Mandi Clarke says:

    Call it. “Anti socials social”

  24. Mandi Clarke Mandi Clarke says:

    Lol well just meeting friends. Then you meet ppl through those friends

  25. Dani Chev Dani Chev says:

    Start tinkering on cars! You meet alot of ppl

  26. Post an ad online on an anonymous website and hope for replies

  27. Lol not really.. they have tinder for hook ups, grinder for same sex hook ups, pof for crazies, nudes, craziers, bumble for shy dudes… nothing for just normal people looking to date lol

  28. Mandi Clarke Mandi Clarke says:

    Megan Espaniel you mean there ISN’T an app for this???? Holy crap. We should get on this! And be rich!

  29. Well I guess just do the things you love and be brave and strike up a conversation with other people you notice enjoying what you love.

  30. I do alot of hockey games ohl nojhl.. It is hard i dont do drugs i work single mom have my own place own vechile apperently that’s not what men want

  31. Comic book store. Hobby shop. Coffee shop. Volunteering. Work people.

  32. Hey found one…Lindsey meet anonymous 😉

  33. Sudbury Sport and Social Club is a great way to meet new people.

  34. Brent Smith Brent Smith says:

    I volunteer where/when I can. Mostly theatre. Its a good way to meet ppl.

  35. When you figure it out, lemme know!

  36. Matt Frawley Matt Frawley says:

    Probably should start drinking

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