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Hello, I’m wondering how to go about getting a referral to see someone about starting medicinal marijuana. My family doctor isn’t supportive of the use of marijuana. I have fibromyalgia, and am on the highest dose of lyrica I can be on and it’s no longer working. I’ve tried everything I can think of, and just want to see if this is the option for me. I don’t want to be in pain all day anymore. Thanks.



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  1. Jona Taylor Jona Taylor says:

    Shoppers is starting it

  2. Try the CBD OIL that’s what’s helps the pain

  3. Go to body stream on falcon bridge no referral needed. They have their own doctors and nurses I’ve been with them for 4 years now. 18007308210
    And yes its covered just bring your health card

  4. Kevin McColl Kevin McColl says:

    You no longer need a license or a prescription to get medical marijuana

  5. Why are people still asking this shit? Mj has been legal since oct 17th you order it at as of yet i dont think any drug plans cover mj with a perscription. So why are you asking about medical marijuana. Just order your grass from the only legal place to get it.

  6. Dnt need a script just order

  7. Lyrica is the most terrible medication out get off that it almost killed my Father!

  8. Luc Rioux Luc Rioux says:

    call body stream to make appoinment bring all you re medical file with you if you have condition that it could help you with and have condition on papers they will help you ….but need proof with medical file can t just make up to get it …..

  9. Kyle Boyd Kyle Boyd says:

    I heard the reserve got raided

  10. I have fibro as well so I completely get it. Tbh many sufferers prefer to use CBD oil over smoking cannibas because it has a better affect on the pain and associated sleep issues. There is a group on fb (massive) for support if you’re interested. They can tell you what their experiences were with CBD and fibromyalgia. Message me if you want in it 🙂

  11. Cannibis clinic 65 larch will help you. You can buy from legally as well though medical is cheaper and easier to get what you need consistently

  12. Spark free don’t have to leave your house. Simple phone call talk to the doctor over the phone.

  13. Have you tried CBD oil? They have some in whanapitae first Nation and there is also a place across the YMCA that sells it

  14. free and u dont even have to leave your house.

  15. Hit up First Nation medical on the reserve. They will hook you up with some excellent quality products to help elevate your fibro. There is also topical creams you can use that work extremely well. I make all my own products (I have crohns and developing arthritis in my back from my crohns and lack of nutrient absorbption). I went thru body stream and I went to a clinic in Calgary. I found bodystream to be very uneducated on how cannabis treatments that are effective. The doctors will suggest vaping or oils so it’s really a matter of what works for your body best. I strongly advise the staff at First Nations medical are probably more knowledgeable in helping you live a comfortable life!

  16. Get ahold of Mike Anderson he can help you out

  17. You can do a self referral online form just get your medical records

  18. Andre Gagnon Andre Gagnon says:

    Excercise and fresh air!!!!!! Minions I tell ya!!!!

  19. I think CBD oil may work for u

  20. could always go visit your local drug dealer 🙂 they are always willing to help

  21. Pam Rose Pam Rose says:

    Make an appointment with body stream or you can go online and apply a nurse will be in contact with you. It’s called namaste md

  22. As mentioned above. Body Stream is the way to go in Sudbury.

    If your doctor doesnt agree they will still work with you with their doctors.

  23. Yes, body stream. They will set you up with a doctor who will assist you.

  24. You can go to Canadian Canabas clinic at 65 Larch street medical clinic, Best wishes to you….

  25. I have fibromylgia also . I got my card .my dr recommended me . Larch st dr will set you up

  26. Matt Hoops Matt Hoops says:

    If your looking for CBD the is a store in sudbury called the CBD store or go to the reserve

  27. I totally get you. I have epilepsy and a pretty bad back injury from a flight of stairs while having a seizure. I had to go to the Cannabis Clinic downtown in the big red medical building. They’re a self referral place, they will set you up with a cannabis friendly doctor via video conference in their office. Unlike those ones that charge upwards of $500 for the same thing this is covered by OHIP. Very friendly staff, took me about 2 weeks to get my medical referral.

  28. Its all the same. Go see your local dealer dave . Your doctor isnt supportive because hes losing $$$ for not writing you nasty prescriptions.

  29. Contact Body Stream they can help you!!

  30. Jena Lavigne Jena Lavigne says:

    I also have severe debilitating fibro u can pm me too. I also have a fibro group that may interest you.

  31. I have sever fibro too pm me

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