McDonald’s, or McDon’t – Disgusting Behaviour

Is anyone aware of the disgusting food handling at McDonald’s on the Kingsway?

Everytime I get coffee there, I see the workers in the back handling food without gloves and hairnets while they’re assembling sandwiches in the back. Is this common practice at all McDonald’s? I find this completely revolting, and I’m sure others do, too.

(Imagine the rest of the stuff we don’t see…)



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  1. I’ll bet no one has their Food Handler’s course either!!

  2. One time we ordered 5 double cheeseburgers and a fry, got home. All were just a single burger no cheese. This was also a fit throwing experience lol

  3. Janelle Pomerleau ya first he thought they messed up and he got 8 patties THEN realized nope just lazy employees

  4. Mine wasnt too impressed either

  5. Amanda Whitman got a double big mac, 2 patties and toppings on one side, absolutely nothing on the other… lol

  6. Gloves are actually discouraged as people are more aware of what is on their hands and wash them before working with new ingredients or after touching their face etc. Where as gloves are an excuse to not wash. Go to any nice restaurant and walk in the kitchen, guarantee you there might be 1 or 2 cooks with gloves. Health unit only recommends to wear disposable gloves when you have an injury, working with large quantity of meats or working with money as well as food.

  7. I’ve done cable and technology installs in every McDonald’s in Northern Ontario. I can honestly say the staff and managers were very clean. Very nice to work with. The environment is impeccable before and after. Employees are always cleaning.

  8. Tanya Werden Tanya Werden says:

    Don’t go there then

  9. Drew Allana Drew Allana says:

    Gloves are actually a bad idea in a kitchen. They’re effectively less sanitary.

    They discourage hand washing and people tend to touch more and cross contaminate more when they have gloves on.

    I don’t know I’d rather have someone that washes their hands frequently than someone with gloves handling my food.

  10. Thats every restaurant wherer they dont handle money or have you right there watching

  11. Karen Pigeon Karen Pigeon says:

    Gloves are actually dirtier cause you’re not going to wash your gloves lol

  12. Karen Landry Karen Landry says:

    I submitted a complaint. The place is disgusting!!!!

  13. Sherri Ivory Sherri Ivory says:

    Op youve obviously never worked in a kitchen. Gloves and hairnets aren’t mandatory. If theyre wearing a hat they dont need to wear a hairnet. Best practice is to use both hats and hair nets but its not required. Secondly, wearing gloves is worse than bare hands in the sense that people tend to not wash their hands as much or at all when wearing the gloves and they’re less likely to remove the gloves and put on a new pair after cross contaminating the gloves.
    If no gloves and no hairnets really bother you that much then I suggest you stay inside your bubble.

  14. Worried about your health and eating McDonald’s???

  15. I’m still getting my McDouble with no pickles add mad sauce

  16. JD Tait JD Tait says:

    I actually did a lot of electrical work there and found it to be one of the cleaner fast food places in town. I mean no place is perfect, but as far as standards go I’d put them above average. Then again I’ve seen some pretty nasty shit lol

  17. Matty Morris Matty Morris says:

    Do u know in most kitchens cooks dont wear hair nuts and gloves either..

  18. I knew a guy about 20 years ago who told me he and others would spit on burgers of people they didn’t like.
    This happens all the time.
    He also told me he dipped patties in the grease catch tray.

  19. In a day and age where people lick each others assholes your worried about someone not wearing gloves?

  20. Katy Hart Katy Hart says:

    To be honest out of all the jobs I had in fast food McDonalds was one of the cleanest! The food handling was above par and the food prep was more than satisfactory! Its just the operations by most of the Management that failed and half of the staff doing half assed work!

  21. The handling money and food shouldn’t happen anywhere, one or the other.

  22. Brian Emery Brian Emery says:

    I don’t know why people freak out about protein rich hair!!! Probably the healthiest thing on the menu!

  23. That’s the grease trap is it not? Industrial kitchens have to funnel the gross stuff somewhere.

  24. Brian Emery Brian Emery says:

    McCrae…i’d say you’re McRight!

  25. Sue Gardiner Sue Gardiner says:

    You can still scratch any body part even with the gloves on………

  26. This is the funniest post I heard again!!!! As per the Health Unit GLOVES ARE NOT REQUIRED TO MAKE ANY FOOD AT ANY RESTAURANT!!!

    Proper hand washing is however required! I would rather an employee wash their hands prior to making my food rather than put on a pair of gloves. If they don’t wash their hands prior to putting on the gloves, the germs and bacteria are transferred to the gloves. And then there are the people who do everything with gloves on, handles cash don’t take gloves off and then proceeds to make food with same gloves!!!! You think thats safe!!! Get a life … Proper hand washing is all that is required!!!

  27. I have had many bad moments at this location

  28. Myles Towns Myles Towns says:

    So you’re ba da ba baba!not lovin’ it?

  29. Also in regard to this picture any one ever use a gorge firman grill? Or change the grease trap on their BBQ quit over reacting over a little bit if grease.

  30. Jona Taylor Jona Taylor says:

    For the gloves no, employees dont wear them unless there is a cut or bandaid or something on the hand. Hands are washed every h ok ur on the hour unless you have touched something that doesnt belong in the kitchen area. During rush hour they are was every 30 minutes due to increased sales. Gloves shouldn’t be worn unless necessary due to the hot table could melt them to your hand. As for the hairnets they are required only if your hair touches your neck because otherwise there is your fun hat that everyone sees, tip it’s not because we think they compliment the outfit. As a safety crew member for 2 years and I can guarantee you that the food is safe and they will not poison you. If you really want to complain please call either head office or go to the one on noterdame and ask for lent. Complain on Facebook will not help you any.

  31. QuickTip guys they’re not responsible for physical damage but they’re responsible for bodily harm and it independently owned parking lot so if you go to McDonald’s one of their giant holes in their parking lot which always exist and you get whiplash guess who asked to pay for it McDonald’s so start putting your claims people

  32. I’ve went in same thing an one girl was sitting their texting and two other ppl were throwing fries at each other nasty ass place forsure

  33. Like my car was destroyed in their parking lot and he said that he would pay for it and then pay for half and then we discuss something around $300 and then when I came there he had $100 check and need me to sign off on any injuries in order to get it like are you kidding me right now just pay for the dammage you said you pay for

    • Why would he have to pay for that?

    • Ashley Armstrong The car was destroyed by a giant ass pot hole like I’m talking enough to make the whole car go into the hall there was no way around it and you can’t see it when you turn it in so as soon as you turn in it’s already too late now and you’re going over it I asked them when it was going to be fixed he offered to pay it he’s responsible for physical damage to my person instead of going through all of that he decided to pay for the damage to the car then he kept taking it back again and again and again and making it lower and lower and lower if someone comes on my property and gets hurt they can sue me same thing for private property all private properties the same McDonald’s is their own private propRT if you go onto it and something happens to you the owner is responsible I mean I’ve lived here for ever and how many holes have I driven over nothing like that ripped the bumper off my vehicle just by going through it and it was like a van not a low bumper also if you say you’re going to do something you do it you don’t try to make me sign something and then renege on what you’re supposed to do so that’s why

    • Sorry I thought you meant someone vandalized your car or something that’s all lmao

    • Ashley Armstrong No I drove into his parking lot and went over such a giant hole in it like ripped the bumper off my car my loving-year-old autistic son smashed his head off the window and my other son literally like the seatbelt like cut out his throat that’s how hard it was when we fell into there and then it ripped the bumper off my 2009 Dodge grand Caravan that with mint condition I was a little upset to say the least

    • 1000% understandable. I thought someone else blatantly damaged your vehicle and he was taking responsibility for it.

    • Ashley Armstrong no if that was the case it totally wouldn’t be his fault

  34. Since the new owner Brad came in to ownership they have cut so many things I mean it’s in sane to get a McDonald’s has gone really downhill in the last year new management new cutbacks the dudes from down south and bought all of the northern McDonald’s has clearly he doesn’t give a shit

  35. Jenna Rae Jenna Rae says:

    Debbie McCrae right!!

  36. I don’t do McDonald ..thank God ..or any fast food ..

  37. Neas Angele Neas Angele says:

    Why I never go there. Lol

  38. You don’t wear gloves, you’re just supposed to wash your hands every hour + if you touch anything like your phone, hair etc. Hairnets arent required.

  39. Mike Ovis Mike Ovis says:

    McDonald’s sells sandwiches??

  40. Adam Read Adam Read says:

    Well then just eat at home it’s better for you anyways.

  41. What in the mcfuck is that picture?

  42. Kris Parnell Kris Parnell says:

    It’s industry standard in kitchens to not wear gloves unless you have open wounds on your hands.

    Wearing gloves is actually LESS sanitary than following proper hand washing procedures especially when handling raw meats, fish, and eggs.

    Not to mention melting a glove to your hand would suck monkey nuts.

    Hair nets is per the restaurants decision and many do not use them but require neatly trimmed facial hair, and long hair to be pulled back or under a cap.

  43. Myles Towns Myles Towns says:

    What are we gonna McDo about this!?

  44. I worked a all the micdicks in town and not once did I have to wear a glove unless I had a cut on my hand as for a hair not I beilve its mandatory to wear a hair net?

  45. Pizza joints dont wear gloves when making pizza they are constantly washing their hands

  46. McDonald’s has the cleanest kitchen I’ve ever seen in a restaurant. One of the reasons that they don’t wear gloves is because you can feel the stuff on your hands more that you would feel it on your gloves. They wash their hands more often than they would change gloves.

  47. You can tell OP has never been in a restaurant kitchen before lol. Gloves are rare. Handwashing is a thing.

  48. Scott Seguin Scott Seguin says:

    The Op sounds daft as fuck!! Are you daft as fuck??

  49. Theres a super easy fix…. dont go to McDonalds and wake up 15 mins earlier and make your own coffee/breakfast… saves money and you dont have to deal with kids in the food industry who don’t care about health and safety

    • Mike Ovis by the time you sit in the drive thru line you could have made the coffee at home and toast and probably got to work earlier. Picking up a coffee and it breakfast on the way to work isn’t about saving time, it is about convenience and not wanting to make it yourself.

  50. Jay B Richer Jay B Richer says:

    Facts are important!..

  51. Joey Telfer Joey Telfer says:

    Gloves are actually bad especially around hot cooking equipment and it could melt into the skin. Although they are to use utensils when handling and product comeing out of the hot trays . McDonald’s has the highest standards when it comes to food preparation I know I was a swing manager for 3 years and know what their practices consist of.

  52. Jenna Rae Jenna Rae says:

    You know that gloves can be less sanitary.

  53. It’s not just McDonald’s that doesn’t make their employees wear gloves. Most restaurants don’t make their employees wear gloves. My husband works as a cook in a restaurant and doesn’t wear gloves but is constantly washing his hands and so are the other guys/girls in the back. Gloves are normally only worn when someone has a cut on their hand or at the persons discretion

  54. Check the drain in your sink and shower…you’ll gind it just as revolting. Get a life you loser.

  55. She pretty much summed it up lmao

  56. Bro they make you wash your hands there every 20 minutes, and yes they wear hair nets they’re just hair coloured so they blend in. Trust me, McDonalds is strict as fuck when it comes to that shit.

    • Jes Sirvage Jes Sirvage says:

      Dayna Jeffrey every 20 minutes is still otetty grosss when gloves can be worn… And in a 20 minute time frame someone can touch there face wihthout even realising and go back to working on food without washing up. If they dont use gloves there then thats exactly whats happening. Its alot harder to not touch things then some think especially in a very fast paced environment

    • Dayna Jeffrey every 20min is trash those motherfuckers should be wearing gloves like every where else and I doubt it’s every twenty minutes what do they do start a timer and as soon as it goes off everybody to the sink to wash up lol that’s bullshit McDonald’s is trash

    • Amber Newton Amber Newton says:

      Jason Alatalo that’s exactly what I did when i worked at McDonald’s as a manager (14 years ago).
      We had timers for everything lol. Every 20 minutes a timer would be set and everyone knew what it meant when it went off.

    • Renee Leduc Renee Leduc says:

      I was a cook for 10 years in multiple restaurants – never fast food. Wearing gloves is actually worse. Noone wears gloves. The fuck.

      People are so blind to what actually happens in restaurant kitchens. I love it.

    • Jason Alatalo most restaurants dont wear gloves only is the person has a open cut or a bandaid on to make sure it doesn’t fall into or come in contact with the food. And most restaurants do have a timer that goes off ever 20 mins ish to wash hands. But alot of the time the cooks will wash their hands more then that

    • Kris Parnell Kris Parnell says:

      Only for the sandwich station, and so does subway. But if you go to actual non fast food restaurants you will see minimal to no gloves

    • Jason Alatalo I’ve been working in kitchens probably over a decade and gloves are discouraged by the health unit. I even have my joint health and safety committee and was the head of it for a while at my last job. Gloves should be worn when you have an injury, working with large quantities of meats or while handling cash. And even when you’re changing gloves, gotta wash your hands which makes it a pain to get a fresh pair on.

    • Victoria Hope probably because many of those people deal with cash and food.

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