Maybe show some compassion

I was at the HSN emergency department this week. There was a woman in the waiting room who was in so much pain, she was moaning loudly, and screaming between vomiting. It went on for an hour. Finally, another patient yelled at her and told her to stop making noise. He told her no one wanted to hear her and to shut the f up. Listen…. we all had one thing in common, sitting in that room. We were sick, and had to be seen by a doctor. Yelling at this woman was not appropriate, and I wish I had been able to say something, but I was sitting alone on the other side of the waiting room and I didn’t want to yell across at you, even though you found it appropriate to yell across at her. I was also waiting to be diagnosed with a miscarriage so I was not in the right frame of mind. She quieted down a bit but then began moaning again a few minutes later. She was crying. You went on to yell at her several more times. I wish the nurses would have said something. I’m sure they heard you. You are not more important than any of us. I hope you never get wheeled into the ER, screaming, but if you ever do, I hope everyone around you understands. My husband was in that kind of shape when he had kidney stones and it wasn’t pretty. To the woman who was screaming: I hope you found some comfort that night once you were seen, and that you are feeling better now. I’m sorry I didn’t get up and say anything to keep him from yelling at you.


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  1. I am so pissed i have crohns with complications and when i end up in the hospital i can barely get there and wait to be seen by a dr thank god i always have someone with me when i go. Having someone yelling at me because of my situation would not go well with my family and being in so much pain makes me incoherent so he would be waisting his breath and take a chance of being thrown out of the hospital by security and forfeiting his chance to see a dr. Besides he zhould have probably gone to the clinic as it sounds like there was no emergency for him

  2. That is so sad…she is screaming because obviously she was in pain. People are so inconciderate…thanks for acknowledge what an idiot he was. Shame on you sir…and I hope the woman is at ease now.

  3. I’m sorry for your loss and I’m grateful for your voice. This is a perfectly appropriate time. Thank you for speaking up.

  4. Nobody deserves to be abused. Sick behaviour.

  5. Maks Bee Maks Bee says:

    I’ve had people call me an attention seeking drug addict because I was having diabetes issues (T1D ftw) and had to make mad dashes to the washroom to get sick. Had terrible shakes and had the security bring me out blankets cause it’s freezing in there.
    I said nothing back and concentrated on myself and my condition until I was called in to be looked at. It’s not very fair that people are complete assholes to others that have on going issues, but it’s so important to let security handle it because you have NO idea what the person being rude is going through themselves or what their conditions are. If you really wanted to help someone you should have reported it to security which is why they’re getting paid to do.

  6. Cindy Easter Cindy Easter says:

    This scenario reminds me of the movie Alive when the woman is crushed between the seats and the guy yells at her and threatens her. That scene always stayed with me, she was so alone. I would have said something to him, I couldn’t stay silent while that woman went through that. Most likely he would have said something rude back to me but shut up in the end.. so whatever. Always speak up when you see an injustice or you will regret it later.

    • YourALoser says:

      Diana C. Bedard try working! Period. Then you may be a bitch in your comments. But you don’t work so, you should seriously keep your opinions to your self.

  7. Speaking as a nurse….we dont don’t have time to police the waiting room, and Maybe he was in just as much pain and he expressed it thru anger….it happens, I have taken care of many people like this….you cant can’t judge by outward appearances. Just sayin from a nurse’s point of view! FYI, nurses do know who the frequent fliers are… .. and what they do to be seen quicker!

    • Sheri Laumbach so patients can yell at each other but not nurses or doctors? Regardless of your frequent flyers label people deserve respect.

    • Sheri Laumbach I think that all this writer is asking for is kindness, patience and compassion. No one is saying that your job is easy. I’m sure it’s quite challenging at times. Can you imagine sitting in the waiting room, in pain, sick, vomiting and waiting for what feels like hours for answers? It’s not easy for us either. Compassion. That’s all this person is asking for.

    • Diana C. Bedard exactly. Because nurses and doctors matter, patients not so much. Sudbury hospital is not a good place for compassion…or decent health care.

    • Well, I don’t work in Sudbury…all I am saying is people respond differently to pain and no I don’t think it is appropriate to yell at anyone but maybe after 10-12 hours of waiting and listening he reached his limit….l knew my frequent flier comment would piss people off and I made this comment because only the staff knows and maybe that is why she was being “ignored” so more serious life threatening cases could be tended too or maybe there were just no beds available ….which is always perceived as being ignored no matter where you go

    • Lynn Howe-Dilabbio yes I can…I have been a patient and a family member of a patient…..but when people are sick they do not have the same tolerance level as when they are well…just giving the guy the benefit of the doubt it’s not always the one making the most noise that is the sickest….

    • As a nurse and hear that you can call security. Busy ok stop using that as an excuse. I see the nurses in emergency waiting area, you have time to call security

    • Sheri Laumbach try working in Sudbury first then comment. You made the comment purposefully & knowingly to upset people. Says alot about you.

  8. Matthew Shaw Matthew Shaw says:

    ive waited over 5 hours 3x in intense kidney stone pain i know exactly what your husband went through. i just close my eyes im not a verbal moaner when im in pain i just shake and try to breath.

  9. I ruptured my appendix when I was 13, they told me it was unusual fluid behind my bladder, had to wait 3 plus hours, and then they sent me home, came back 2 weeks later, another 2 hour wait, the doctor who saw me, bless dr Bahtia for saving my life as nobody knew wtf was wrong with me, he said I really shouldn’t be alive 2 weeks after rupturing it.. sometimes this er is a joke

  10. Ben Rinaldo Ben Rinaldo says:

    Not saying that this was the case but, some people indulge in histrionics in an effort to seek attention sooner. Just saying.

  11. Jo Richer Jo Richer says:

    She was assessed and if it was that bad they would have taken her right away. People go to the emergency for the fun of it sometimes I swear. I avoid it like the plague. If they didn’t renew their health card a walk-in clinic won’t take them unless they pay but the hospital will. Attention seeking at its best.

    • Jo Richer I ruptured my appendix, they told me it was unusual fluid behind my bladder, had to wait 3 plus hours, and then they sent me home, came back 2 weeks later, another 2 hour wait, the doctor who saw me, bless dr Bahria for saving my life as nobody knew wtf was wrong with me, he said I really shouldn’t be alive 2 weeks after rupturing it.. sometimes this er is a joke

  12. Zack Tryon Zack Tryon says:

    Last time I saw this it was an aborigional convulsing because they needed their opiates. Anyway the cops hauled her away.

  13. I see both sides here, after my first child I was in a ward and all four beds were full of new moms. There was this one young girl crying and whining all night finally the nurse on her rounds came in and told her to be quiet that we had all been through the same thing and nobody else was moaning and crying out loud. If she was a real emergency they would of take her right in. I don’t think he should of continually yelled at her as it obviously didn’t help the situation, but telling a security officer or nurse would of been better. Maybe he was in for a migraine and her crying and moaning was worsening his symptoms. The compassion needs to be shown to everyone not just the lady making the most noise

    • Kayna Bardell unfortunately we will never know the fakes vs the real.. However, migraines, it hurts more to cry.. when I’ve had severe ones, tears stream my face but I can’t cry loud or it just amplifies the pain.. But my gallbladder attack.. loud crying couldn’t be avoided. Felt like a knife in my back coming through my chest, and being twisted. I’m sure the “repeat” patients are well known to the ER, but security should take action themselves for sure.

  14. The triage nurse knows which patients need to be seen. The ER is packed. This patient may have already been seen and was placed there until they could get a bed. I was brought in my ambulance for a heart condition, had testing in the lab then sat in the waiting room until they could get me in.

    • Felicity Lee Douglas really I was ignored by a male triage nurse that told me oh you’re back for your period pain. Like really. The surgeon that had done my endometrial ablation burnt through my uterus damaging the nervous system my bladder and bowel. Yet no one took me serious. I was dying.

    • Felicity Lee Douglas so true. My husband was having a hemorrhagic stroke – brought in by ambulance- sat in waiting room in a chair till test results came back showing the brain bleeding – after that he was immediately rushed into ICU – had he been made to wait much longer he would’ve died. This was after EMS drivers told me he JUST had the flu.

  15. Terrie Simon Terrie Simon says:

    There was no reason for his behavior. Hope the nurses wrote on his chart he needed a urgent colonoscopy.

  16. That hospital is horrible. Someone crying and in pain…. should have been treated

    We treat our animals better. Next time go to the vet.

    That hospital is a disaster.

    • Unfortunately a couple of weeks ago we were sent to the emergency department for our 1 year old. Before I could even sit down he was assessed by the triage nurse to determine his urgency.
      I’m assuming that’s how it’s done for all patients then they’re cared for based on that.
      We were immediately given a room and I watched people come and go rater quickly.

    • I’m sorry for what you went through, that’s scary for sure. Thankfully our experience was the complete opposite.

      Our 8 hours in emerg was smooth. The staff was amazing went above and beyond for me and our little guy. Although there was an overflow of patients in the halls, we did watch three separate people be taken away by police and plenty of security presence.
      We actually even had a police officer being us a stuffed teddy bear for our little guy before he was moved to the paediatric floor.

    • Lynn Harper Kutschke this needs reporting to patient relations

  17. I couldnt imagine being in this woman’s shoes. Being horribly sick and stuck in a waiting area for hours. Think about that people before you are so quick to judge her. Put yourself in her shoes. Geez!!! I definitely would have confronted this rude man yelling at her…grrrr.

  18. Syl N Van Syl N Van says:

    i agree with Phil turcotte someone should have punched his lights out , there is a special place in hell for ppl like this !!!

  19. Back in May that woman could have been me. I was 2 weeks post partum with extremely high blood pressure (on a ton of BP meds post partum) and I went in for the worst headache of my life. I couldn’t help moaning, vomiting and crying because the pain was so bad. I was ignored for over an hour, even though I had a ton of scary symptoms. Not everyone in that condition is a drug seeker or doing it for attention. I’m so glad i didn’t have anyone yelling at me and assuming my pain was not bad.

    • I also get daily chronic migraines, so I know pain….and have never gone to ER for a headache before.

    • Katie Palterman aweee muffin…want a sticker and lollipop for not ever going to the ER for a migraine? Not everyone has a high tolerance of pain. Just sayin’!!!

    • That’s not my point? My point for saying that is that the pain was so severe, and that I do know pain….

    • Josee Khairallah , you are a very rude person

    • Josee Khairallah you clearly read her comment wrong. She was saying that she knows what it’s like to be in a lot of pain like the girl the OP was talking about, and what it’s like to be in a lot of pain at the hospital. She wasnt in any way saying anything against this post. Your comment was unnecessary.

    • Kati Pearson, I get migraines as well, fortunately not to the point of ER, but a friend of mine has had to due to vomiting so much she was dehydrated and couldn’t keep anything down, and needed IV fluids and meds. Unfortunately some people, like Josee Khairallah have zero clue, compassion, or even ability to try and understand some people experience higher pain than others. People like her are the very reason faith in humanity is lacking.

    • Katie Palterman file a complaint with patient relations. 7055237100 Ext 3737. The doctors there treated me poorly. I was in agony. I was passing blood yet they wrote in my patient files that I was in pain because of my past trauma. They totally ignored my care. I had to travel to Ottawa to be taken seriously. Stories need to be heard. Serious issues at our hospital. Patient neglect. Diagnostic overshadowing. As long as I’m alive I will never return to HSN. I don’t care if I’m dying. Jerks.

    • Josee Khairallah kudos to you. Not many are ever willing to admit fault. Respect to you and Merry Christmas. 🙂

    • Kayla Mussar Kayla Mussar says:

      Josee Khairallah awesome! I can’t see your comment at all, but it’s nice to see people apologizing and admitting they were wrong. Kudos! ❤️

    • Reba Twain Reba Twain says:

      I have chronic lymes disease, all I ever feel is pain. We all deal at different levels

  20. I couldn’t imagine another sick/injured person having a short fuse and outbursts. I know most people who are in a condition to be in the ER are totally rational and of sound mind

  21. Chances are the staff didn’t say anything because they were just as irritated. Being sick is awful, it’s sad but they see this day in day out and like posted above, allot of times it’s likely exaggerated in hopes of getting in faster.
    Like crying wolf, you become so numb to it over time that it becomes hard to know which patients deserve your full compassion and which ones are about to be diagnosed with the common flu and in no need of an emergency visit.

    Also think, what if that man was on day three of an extreme migraine. His pain, likely lack of sleep was probably amplified 100x by her yelling. So maybe have compassion for him too?

    As for the miscarriage, sorry for your loss. Hopefully you never have to go through another but if it does occur, you can save yourself an emerg visit. Clinics are pretty good at dealing with them if they’re early pregnancy. They’ll order HGC bloodwork and schedule an ultrasound like the hospital would and you’ll likely have all results the following day.

  22. Junkies and medication seekers are normally the loudest and most dramatic people in emergency department. Any one who is disrupting everyone around them needs to be told. If was that bad there is a thing called an ambulance.

    • Margaret Douglas many times I have to go, I’m not into drugs, and also you have to pay 75.00 for ambulance. Many don’t have that. So he health issues are very painful but doctors don’t take women seriously then man when people know man are the biggest baby’s when there sick..

    • Christine Beauchamp my point is mainly that one person has not the right to disrupt everyone. People are there because they are ill, causing a scene excessive crying and screaming is not acceptable behavior unless your an infant.

    • Really? Ambulance doesn’t matter. When my daughter was less than 2 months old in respiratory failure due to RSV the Brampton ER made us wait 6 hours and we came in by ambulance. Stuck us in the ER waiting room too.

    • And that sucks, but how much worse would it have been if a grown person was screaming and crying while you are trying to comfort your infant? My point is one grown person does NOT have the right to disrupt an entire waiting room.

    • Margaret your not looking like a very nice or compationate person right now !you strike me as a self centered stuck up self entitled little bitch! Maby think before you speak but if it was your father in e.r screaming in pain!and someone came up and told him to shut up! How would you react? Exactly shhhhhhhh little girl .your looking like a goof right now .

    • Phil My point is one grown person does NOT have the right to disrupt an entire waiting room.

    • Maverine Chantelle wow can any of you actually read?

    • Maverine Chantelle If was that bad there is a thing called an ambulance.
      Exactly what I said

    • If someone is in so much pain they can’t help but moan, and cry (I’ve been there) how is that not acceptable behavior? Have you ever been in so much pain you couldn’t control yourself?? I feel bad when I see people like that because I know what it’s like.

    • Paige Dénommé I have endured pain and surgery. I maintain my opinion one person does NOT have the right to upset an entire waiting area.

    • Leslie Buffett how does one person have the right to disrupt an entire waiting area? And FYI screaming and moaning is torture to a migraine sufferer

    • Margaret Douglas then it should be realized by the hospital staff to defuse the situation by taking the person into get immediate care. Rather then allow someone to suffer.

    • Jennie Lalonde Clark I agree 100%. I am saying as grown ups we know crying and disruption does not help, only makes it worse for everyone.

    • Ambulance doesn’t mean you always skip the waiting room. And not everyone calls an ambulance for extreme pain. Best to leave them available for LIFE/DEATH reasons… Or when an immediate ride is not available, or you are concerned it may be a heart issue.

    • Margaret kindly go fuck yourself. I might not enjoy people wailing and puking in pain but im a big enough person to realize the least i can do to help is to not be an insufferable ass to the patient who clearly needs medical attention. Id argue its more immature to confront them tbh

    • Margaret Douglas My husband just shattered his heel almost 2 weeks ago.
      You bet your ass he was loud in the waiting room, and his tolerance for pain is extremely high.
      Been through pain like that??
      Did we call an ambulance??
      Uh NO.
      Quicker for me to get him there, and why waste resources when it wasnt life threatening??
      You know what the people in the waiting room did??
      Tried to help me when I was dropping shit trying to push him in the wheelchair etc.
      Not be an ignorant asshole like you thinking people should just shut up.

    • Anita NeeNee Anita NeeNee says:

      The way OP described this person was exactly how I existed in the waiting room when I got diagnosed with 11 holes in my stomach from the h pylori virus. (Also known as stomach ulcers) I was in such excruciating pain I was sure I was about to die from incompetence to see and treat me soon enough. I literally told my partner to tell my parents I loved them in between puking up blood. So no. It’s not always drug addicts and you should probably re-evaluate how you look at your fellow human beings.

    • Margaret Douglas really. I was in agony dry heaving so bad. I had nothing to eat or drink in 4 days. I was in agony. I was dry heaving so much I couldn’t breathe. I past out fell out of my wheelchair yet they wrote in my medical files that I purposely tossed myself into the ER floor. I had lost 90 pounds in 4 months. No one took me seriously. I had to take pictures of my vomit and poop to prove I was passing blood. I had to travel to Ottawa where I had the surgery that saved my life. Hsn has serious problems that need to be investigated.

    • Christine Beauchamp well said hysterical woman let’s send her for a psych evaluation. Jerks

    • Anita NeeNee I almost died because of their incompetence too.

    • You can take an ambulance and still be placed in the waiting room. Patients are triaged then seen on a level of urgency. If your dying you will be seen before the person with a cold. You have no idea what this person was suffering from. Some things are so excruciating you cant help but yell. Quit judging and saying she shouldnt have disturbed people. Your in the emerge. It’s not a hotel of peace and quit. Get over yourself. Also our hospital is so over burdened that they place people wherever there is room. So dont think because your sitting in the waiting room it must not be that bad.

    • Margaret Douglas as a “grown up” you should have some compassion. Since you don’t, I have zero problem saying that I wish excruciating pain upon you, so that you too might understand the plight and pain of others and maybe come to a better understanding of the human condition.

    • Margaret Douglas you’ve obviously never had a migraine. I would moan, cry and vomit. The pain was so bad I wanted to die. Here’s hoping you are never in that situation.

    • Margaret Douglas like waving an ignorance flag lol

    • Broke my wrist stepping of a curb at a gas station.
      I was alone & lying on pavement.
      Ambulance was called.
      Taken for exray, confirmed broken wrist.
      I was brought to the ER waiting room, in great pain.
      Would not even give me ice
      for pain & swelling.
      In ER waiting room from 7:00 pm till 4:00 am.
      I was crying & sobbing.
      Almost went home but had to have the broken wrist
      looked after.
      They casted my wrist, in a hospital hallway, which I was told was done wrong, when I went to Accute Care two days later, still in great pain.
      Dr. suggested surgery as the break was left for such a long time.
      I said no surgery.
      They recasted my wrist.
      Six months in a cast, with many recasting & physio.
      My wrist is crooked today but does not bother me.
      One of the most painful hospital experiences.
      I did not bother anybody & no one was yelling at me.
      What disturbed me more was the nursing staff & lack of compassion.

  23. Someone should of got up and punched him in the throat! asshole issue solved …and yes to any comments ..YES I WOULD OF SMOKED HIM IN THE THROAT! not tough talk ..reality !! People need to stop bitchen when they see shit like this and start taking action …humans have become to scared to stand up against the injustices of the world ..don’t wanna risk offending anyone .fuck him .punch his rude face in ! Justice served .you get what you give ..!

  24. Neil Daggett Neil Daggett says:

    Problem is, I’ve seen the same person in there carrying. I won’t get into a big deal about it. But some
    Put on quite a show to get what they want. It’s an emergency room, not a clinic. That emergency room is so abused by impatient people that don’t really need to be there. If you wined up
    Waiting in the er for a long period of time…it’s because you didn’t need to be there. EMERGENCY…not something you think is a big deal. They know what they’re doing. So do some of the people that abuse the system. We can all try to be PC, but that’s what is destroying us as a society. Compassion and such…absolutely, but some are abusing that generosity in this city and more. People are going to get fed up eventually.

    • Holly Smith Holly Smith says:

      Neil Daggett unless you have access to a patient’s chart and have an MD do not assume the person shouldn’t be there. A few weeks back i spent 8 hrs in the ER, 2 hrs at a doctors office and 1 hr in L&D. It wasn’t because I didnt belong there, it was because it took time for the professionals to figure out what to do. My situation could have been serious and given i was 39 weeks pregnant and vomitting blood they wanted to be thorough. To an other person they must have thought i was wasting resources too.

    • That’s what I was thinking. It was probably to try & get attention to be seen quicker, but it they were in that much pain they would have been seen sooner then later.

    • Women are not taken as seriously anymore. They seem to say we don’t know why feeling like that and not finding diagnose, men are being taken more then women. And most man are the biggest baby’s when there sick but when a women’s sick they assume we are taking it. With our pains.

    • Ty Lockton Ty Lockton says:

      Real or fake, we’re not doctors… It’s not our determination to make. Sure, you can think whatever you like, but if it’s not a real health issue then it’s a mental health issue and that patient is still in the correct place.

    • Neil Daggett Neil Daggett says:

      Holly Smith pay attention holly. I have better things to do with my time. You weren’t there either. And I was saying that one person was the shithead. I’m saying, you get enough people in there ABUSING the emergency room, eventually people get tired and assume it’s another case like I’m talking about. Again I’m giving an opinion of some people, not necessarily my own. Chill
      Out, have your morning coffee and be glad it ain’t a Monday. I didn’t ask for your judgment or drama holly, and I certainly didn’t mean to offend a single person in particular. Not everything is about you. I hope you are better, but we all know what I was referring about.

    • Neil Daggett Neil Daggett says:

      We don’t have healthcare, it’s drug approval. People are sick and not being treated, their symptoms are being treated. I hope all who are sick get what they need, and those abusing the system,smarten up and stop shitting on those that help provide for them

    • I received a notice from my family doctor that I can be basically dropped as a patient for accessing any clinic other than one specific clinic that my doctor works at, and if the clinic isn’t open I was advised to only use the hospital emergency room. The clinic is only open 1-8pm Monday to Friday. I’m assuming there are other people in the same boat. So people may think, oh she’s not sick enough to be at the hospital… But maybe that’s the only option?

    • Holly Smith Holly Smith says:

      Neil holy shit lol. Calm your tits. Im not mad im pointing out that regardless of patient behaviour you have no way of knowing where their medical needs hit on the priority list. Sure they could have been assholes, but they could have had a condition that did take priority. I guarantee you as someone who works in the hospital and has family on staff in the ER and they don’t care about theatrics. If your medical status is what matters, not how much you whine or make a scene. I assure you staff didn’t bring the couple back first because they bitched. There is a process to triaging patients, believe it or not.

    • Neil Daggett you are part of the problem. You have children and your outlook is horrible. Compassion goes a long way. Not everyone is who you think they are.

    • Neil Daggett Neil Daggett says:

      Well, thats your opinion Samantha…you know me as well as the fictitious people you say I have no compassion for. Again, pay attention to what is being said. I never said I felt that way, I said people are getting that way and probably because of those abusing. At no point did I say I felt that way. I feel for the fictitious people, and i feel for them because of the other fictitious people that are abusing the system…Can I make this any simpler?

    • BS. I know a man who was brought in by ambulance from a heart attack, and still ended up in the waiting room for 12HOURS. I was there with my grandma who had cellulitis, and had to get pushy as the time before when she had it, she ended up in ICU, doctors said an hr later and she would have been too septic and would have died. She never responded to anything but IV meds for it, and was not something we could just sit in a room and be ignored with.
      So NO, emergency room does not always do what’s needed, but I will agree that it’s because too many do abuse its purpose.

    • Also, the walking in in severe pain and walking out fine.. Gallbladder attack will do it too. I was rushed from work by ambulance, I thought I was possibly having a heart attack, even though I was only 32. It felt lile a knife going through my back, and out my chest, making it nearly impossible to breath. You can bet your last dollar I was crying in pain and fear. Fortunately I stayed in the back and was given morphine. My mom met me there, and by the time I left, it was because the stone passed, and I was feeling no pain from the morphine.
      Yes some do abuse the system, but you can assume all you want who, but you won’t necessarily be right.

    • When patients are put in a bathroom i think its safe to assume gravely ill people can wait more than 8 hours in a chair in the hallway

    • I was dying and they didn’t care. I was told by a certain doctor to drive myself to the Ottawa Er. I couldn’t even drive myself to our local hospital. Come on. The college of physicians and patient relations is involved.

    • Shawna Larose these cases need reporting to patient relations at 705 523 7100 ext 3737

    • Sammi Sprague you need to find another doctor!before you have a stroke!

    • Sheri Laumbach yes I do, even though we’ve done a million test, all come back “perfect” my bp is crazy high. My diet has always been very good, all home cooked meals with the exception of pizza on fridays. But he still refuses. I’m working on finding another doctor that will help.

    • Christine Brosseau this was at least 5yrs ago now. But thank you. Good to know for next time.

    • Sammi Sprague do you only have BP checked at the dr office? Maybe its high because you are there…never hurts to get a second opinion.

  25. Holly Smith Holly Smith says:

    A little advice if you see something like this happen at the hospital…do NOT confront anyone making a scene. Quietly alert security and have them take care of it. There is a security office right as you walk in the ER waiting room. All kinds of people show up at the ER, some of whom are violent and aggressive so please don’t personally confront anyone and leave it to the people who are trained in this.

  26. That’s awful. Karma to the asshole who had the nerve to do that. Clearly, people who don’t understand what a chronic sickness is like. And, the fact that no one stood up to her defenses is even worse, I’m sorry. I get you didn’t want to yell across the room but someone, whether staff member or otherwise should of had the courtesy to say something. Anything, even. Or if the staff were not aware, even to advise them or a security guard to deal with the matter. The lady who was ill should not have had to deal with this in such a state.

  27. Lynn Scott Lynn Scott says:

    Sorry for your lost OP. May the light shine bright on you in the near future.

  28. Austin White Austin White says:

    He was clearly in the Emergency Room for a reason, maybe he had a reason to tell her to stfu

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