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Too many grown adults making too many statements they shouldn’t. If you ain’t been married don’t make judgments in how a married couple should act. If you don’t have a penis, don’t make comments and judgments on what a person should be doing with their penis. Same goes if you don’t have a vagina stop making judgments in what a person should be doing with their vagina. For example I saw this wanker literally post that women who don’t have sex are wasting away and causing health probes for their vagina. 🤣 oh my gyno would have a field day with this jerk off. This was a post created on an unknown site with zero credibility to boot. This was a man with a penis feeling he had the right to tell women what they should be doing with their vaginas. Yea ok on what planet is he from. Head so big though he simply can’t get over his ginormous ego.

Anyway yeah. If you’re not a parent don’t speak on what parents should be doing. If you’re not a doctor don’t give arrogant advice on others health. Etc etc. Get the point here ? My gosh. Until you actually live it for oh say 5 to 10, don’t just get to wake up one and become a pro on a topic you know literally squat about. Absolutely disgusting and misogynistic. Out of control ego and just a massive turn off. Effin gross. I love having convos with those who can speak politely on a topic while knowing a shit ton on it and still remains humble and won’t act like a know it all. So tacky. Jack of all trades….



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  1. Mike m says:

    We live in a free country and have a fundamental right to express opinions (as long as they are not extremist by nature). I am sorry that you are offended, but hey, no one gives a sh!t about tons of your family pictures on facebook either, it does not make you better, you have to earn respect from fellow human beings, its not a given.
    What the fuck is going on with people these days? You are not a precious snowflake, no one owes you anything, shut the fuck up and get a life.


    I have no idea who you are

  2. How about regardless of status, gender, etc people stop judging other people. You have no idea what is truly going on behind closed doors

  3. Absolutely no irony in this comment.

  4. I identify as …..a know it all ! So I’d appreciate your acceptance of my knowledge on all topics concerning people’s junk!thank you !

  5. “Too many grown adults making too many statements they shouldn’t”.


    Anonymous Person Making Such A Statement

  6. Moe Lalonde Moe Lalonde says:

    If I had a vagina I’d be rich! Lol

  7. those wankers! takes one to know one (kind of the point of your post) cheerio m8

  8. Tyler Short Tyler Short says:

    If you don’t not have the experiences I don’t have, don’t tell me what statements I can make about them.

    I’ll fight your gyno m8

  9. JD Tait JD Tait says:

    Not a whole lot of logic to this… I’m not a truck but I am qualified to tell mine when they need an oil change… The same way a male doctor is qualified to tell a woman what she do with her vagina. It has nothing to do with him being a man. It’s because he’s a doctor. I’m not a gun but you should probably trust me when I tell you that you shouldn’t point it at yourself.

  10. That post MUST be from the
    ” Master of the Obvious”!!

  11. I mean you dont have to be married to tell someone cheating on their spouse is wrong or that you should be working together, you dont need a vagina to read articles that say pussies need lovin too, you don’t have to have kids to tell anyone fuck what you heard fed is best..

  12. Dennis Lopez Dennis Lopez says:

    Because people don’t know how to mind their own damn business… that’s a common problem too.

  13. Kim Parker Kim Parker says:

    Lost me at ” If you ain’t been married”

  14. Allen Lawson Allen Lawson says:

    So if one gets married , has kids , then gets a sex change they are a master of all?

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