Mask Percentage Proctection

I see SO many young adults/teenagers wearing bandanas for “protection” for COVID-19. You look like an absolute dumbass it’s not cool looking by the way, 0% the exact same percentage as wearing nothing on your face.

I’m no way near saying don’t wear anything to protect yourself each to their own! But if you are going to wear a mask make sure it at least provides some percentage of safety so you don’t look like an undereducated fool.

Come on grow up kiddo, when schools open please go and educate yourself



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  1. Anonymous says:

    without eye protection any mask is a joke

  2. Lupus/COPD guy says:

    I’m with Trudi Trahan-upchan on this issue. Thanks for information and be well.

  3. Anon. says:

    Before you judge too harshly, or shame those kids any more for at least wearing some form of covering over their face, get some facts. Some of the group homes in town were unable to secure proper masks for all the kids in the home so they did what they could and bought all the kids and staff bandanas and buffs so they would have at least something covering their faces in case they were sick and didn’t know it. So, if you saw a group of kids with bandanas on their faces together, they just might be from the same household and actually following the guidance and direction they have been given. Instead of shaming them here maybe you could do something productive and look into a donation of proper medical masks for the ones who need them

  4. Anonymous says:

    I bet the same people following blindly through all this crap are the same people who think electric vehicles save the world! Watch planet of the humans and fall cabal

  5. Anonymous says:

    This mask picture doesn’t tell the whole story. Cloth masks can offer some protection from the Corona virus, it all depends on the material it is made from & whether there is a filter inserted. If it is a simple home made mask with just a layer of cotton, for example, then no protection from contaminated particles getting thru to you, but will stop your sneeze or cough from reaching someone else. It is all about the materials used vs the size of the virus particles

  6. Anonymous says:

    Why don`t you take your opinions and remind yourself tonight that it`s actually none of your business!! 😀

  7. Trudi Trahan-upchan says:

    Okay they are not getting the right information frankly as someone who is immune deficient been living in a GAS MASK 34 years…. often forced to isolate for several months not weeks & I can tell you that no one is getting accurate information on the material we should use. As someone who has sewed her own protection over her gas mask to keep the filters from being destroyed by rain (you cannot buy what I make). Masks should be able to breathe without making you choke but the only safe material is the material I buy from STAGE & STREET Larch st. that is used for skating tights, I make my own ski tights, it is semi water resistant, if you spit on it NOTHING GETS THRU BUT YOU CAN STIL BREATHE. I have to make it over my gas mask and inside the mask I use highest grade MERV 11 FOR DUST, MOLD SPORES, BACTERIA nothing can get thru it and I buy them for furnaces, take it apart and cut to size put that inside my mask that I make 2 layers with an opening at the bottom to insert the mask. I sewed for my partner a smaller version to fit tightly above his nose, elastic at the top, and beside and double with slit below to insert the filter. NOTHING GETS THRU THAT YET YOU CAN BREATHE. Every time we go out we remove with our rubber gloves and stick in a bowl waiting for us close to the door of our apt. take the filter and let it breathe as it is 100% clean & dunk the mask in the soap and water 30 min. Nothing will live thru that. We wash our plastic gloves with spraying peroxide 3% on them and every where we go we use baby wipes to touch a door handle nob and clean my master card after using before putting back in my purse. We wipe everything we buy down before touching with our hands. Every time we leave the apt even to get mail. we wash our hands 3 times. Having said all that I will probably die from Covid19 78 a simple cold virus turns to lung infection in just 3 hours and I am sick fighting to breath every day with over 50 garlic pills a day.. so yes, I will probably die I I ain’t going down with a frigging big fight! God bless, and may you stay healthy, happy & wise.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Common misconceptions, but wearing a cloth mask/bandana, etc is for protecting others in case you have the virus as it stops your possibly infected droplets from spraying. So this graphic is a little misleading. No- bandanas will not protect you from the virus as the droplets are small enough to get through the material, but they do in fact offer some level of protection to others

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