Major Retailers not Putting any Effort into the Christmas Spirit.

Remember the days when you went downtown and it was decorated from one end to the other. When Towers had the display window. They would change the scenery to reflect the season. Canadian tires, Sears and many more stores used to have those giant Christmas Ornaments and Season Greetings Signs.

I know the Valley does decorate the light posts. That is a very nice touch to go home to on a long cold winters day ride home from work.

But when did it change that the big deal that the retailers do is deals…… Stock shelves and take peoples money.

What are your thoughts?



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  1. You pay the Hydro to run those lights then!!

  2. Getting ready for the Christmas shopping season is very labor intensive for retailers. Many people have decided that it is inappropriate to display Christmas decorations before Remembrance Day. I suspect time restraints may have something to do with the fact that some retailers don’t decorate the exterior of their businesses anymore.

  3. Jamie Forget says:

    Christmas? You mean “Happy Holidays”?

  4. It’s not PC bro lol

  5. Tony Martin says:

    A lot of those decorations were put up by the city….at considerable cost. There was more money to throw around back then. Now the city’s budget is a lot tighter, and I for one would not want to see much of our tax $$ going to city crews and crane rentals just to string lights across steets, only to have to repeat the expense in the spring to have them removed.
    I think the downtown looks okay. The decor is a bit more subdued than that in the pic, but it’s still pretty.

  6. Maybe if the city would stop gauging its people and local businesses then maybe Sudbury would innovate itself into something more like the rest of the country … City hall has your city by the balls with its constant corruption

  7. I noticed no decorations on some stores

  8. Al Manion says:

    It’s not the retailers who riot over thing’s such as cabbage patch dolls, furbees, and hatchimals. If Christmas shoppers were more festive perhaps retailers would put more effort into the spirit than the bottom line.

  9. Pat Dzilums says:

    Christmas is slowly being taken away from us as a Christian celebration and becoming nothing but making money for the business owners. It’s a shame that the children today do not see the magic that was.

  10. We live in a hard economy. Retailers aren’t rolling in profits anymore and many of them are at risk of closing their doors. Of course they’re going to cut out non essential things like Christmas decor. It’s sad but can you really blame them?

  11. Ryan Caron says:

    The reason why large stores, and retailers don’t do any of that anymore, is because since we’re so diverse in culture, it’s likely that people will get offended and begin to complain. It’s simply to protect the stores. Not that I agree with it, but that’s why they don’t do it anymore.

  12. SkankHunt42 says:

    Fuck all u ass hurt religions for running our holidays

  13. I can’t see why they don’t do this anymore, when they keep raising our taxes and raising some more..I just think they are scrooges trying to profit and make money..they are not willing to beautiful, they only want and think about corporate greed…No one is in it anymore for the people, the kids…it is all for one and one for all now.

  14. It’s not that they don’t want to put in the effort…they don’t want to deal with all the people that get offended and try to sue them

  15. Sasha Walker says:

    How sad. To think our small children will never experience true Christmas as we ourselves did when we were children.

  16. Need to roll up the sidewalks up at 6:00..

  17. David MacKay says:

    Next thing you’ll tell me is that Santa isn’t real…Merry Christmas everybody…

  18. Wait, OP is shocked to find out that retailers are out to… MAKE MONEY? Who told you the secret?

  19. Ken Ferguson says:

    money all about the money…..and these days religion too…

  20. Maybe it’s because no one can afford the hydro !!!!

  21. Jay Bertrand says:

    Kathleen Wynne’s hydro prices lol

  22. Paula Rennie says:

    All the other cities still decorate – even Espanola has really nice decorations and a huge beautiful Christmas tree – this city is boring

  23. Sam MD Tyson says:

    Ask the Wynne government. Noone can afford the hydro..

  24. Benni Norris says:

    We made this mess. First one store had a great sale, and we went there and bought things, then other stores decided to do the same, and it escalated. The deals became the biggest part of Christmas.

  25. To me, Christmas is mostly just about a good meal shared with others.

  26. It does not matter if they decorate or not. Ppl will spend money at their store. So why go to the expense without any greater reward. Screw Christmas anyways. Christians hijacking pagan holidays to suit their needs

  27. Because someone will get offended that someone said Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays or Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas and I’m pretty sure ” boycott so and so because ( insert some bs reason for being offended) ” and hundreds of Shoutout posts will start from people on every side of the fence

  28. Cause someone’s gonna cry all butt hurt that it isn’t in their religion and we are offending them

    • Agreed. Used to be merry Christmas. Like wtf lol

    • Dan Mallette says:

      I know, the kid at the gas station the other day wished me a Merry Christmas and I was surprised. Then I was shocked that I was actually surprised by that. I can’t believe I got so used to politically correct that something I grew up hearing actually surprised me when I heard it at present time. I Feel like I’ve been brain washed or something.

    • Ding Ding Ding, we have a winner folks

    • Dan Mallette have you tried to find a nativity scene in the stores? I can’t find one at all. That’s how far away from the real Christmas we have come. Its sad when kids know Ronald mc Donald more than Jesus yet celebrate his birthday every year.
      It doesn’t matter to me what someone’s religion is I will say Merry Christmas if they would like a different greeting then fine correct me and tell me what you do celebrate. If nothing fuck off and take the Merry Christmas. But we’re not supposed to put trees up till after November 11th now. When I was a kid we had ours up November 1st every year. Now we can’t cause it offends people and lord forbid you do cause you’ll hear about it from everyone else

    • If they don’t like it, they can go back to their own country. I’m so sick of hearing our beliefs in MY country offends them. Enough is enough!!!!

    • And it’s NOT Happy Hollidays. It’s MERRY CHRISTMAS.

    • Darryl Brian says:

      Merry Christmas Suzanne Clarisse Tessier 🙂

    • Lisa Seguin says:

      This is so

    • Tony Martin says:

      Oh boy…..let’s stir up some hate for the season. Let’s scream about how “they” are screwing up “our” holiday, and how “they” should go back where they came from.
      Newsflash: “They” could care less whether we say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or whatever we wish.
      This is on the retailers themselves. It’s THEIR decision which sentiment they express in their stores and in their ads.
      “They” are quite thankful to be in our country, and are not stirring up hateful shit the way a few people on this thread are.
      “Let’s keep Christ in Christmas, and if you don’t like it, get the hell out of MY country”
      Yeah, that’s very Christian of you…..lmfao!!!

    • Tony Martin lol I completely agree on that. I don’t know if people are aware of this but no one gets to say get out of Canada as if it belongs to them except the natives. In my mind we all immigrated here so we are all going to have different views and beliefs when it comes to practicing their religion and their holiday traditions. I love learning the different cultures ways. I don’t think there is a war o Christmas but I do think people have lost what the meaning is and have been on the receiving end of others criticism because my tree was up November second because how in the world am I going to respect the vets with a Christmas tree up. Also for letting my kid believe in Santa and tag his gifts from Santa instead of mom.

    • So tired of the hate that explodes this time of year..I say Merry Christmas, not because I believe in the story but because I believe in the sentiment…if you answer back Happy Hanukkah or Happy Kwanzaa or Blessed Solstice or whatever you celebrate I won’t be offended…let’s just spread some love no matter what your faith…

    • Tony Martin says:

      Stephanie Ann ….agreed, but my point was more in line with addressing bullshit. All those “They want to change our country” memes were and are right-wing propaganda designed to stir up hate. In Canada, there has been one, and only one, Muslim who wanted to bring in Sharia law. He was shut down quite quickly, and yet how many memes have you seen saying that “They” want to change our laws? How many memes about how “They” want pork removed from school cafeterias? How many about how “They” get more benefits than “Real” Canadians?
      All of these are complete bullshit, and if people would take just a few seconds to google search, they’d know that. But sadly most people don’t, and a few refuse to back down even when they’re shown that they’ve posted crap. I unfriended someone for that. Showed her numerous links proving the meme she posted was bullpooh, and her response was “Well, it reflects my feelings”. I figured that since her “feelings” were spreading hate, and to her were more important than the truth, I didn’t need her around.
      Sorry for the long rant, but people need to wise up, start searching for truth before sharing hate-propaganda, and learn that none of our refugees are trying to change Canada into Syria.
      /rant ends
      And on that note, have a very Merry Christmas 😀

    • Tony Martin Thank you 🙂 and Merry Christmas to you too. I haven’t seen a few in a while but I do remember them well. I deleted people who did that as well because I feel the same as you on the subject. I can’t deal with people who actually reuse to know the truth when it’s right there and continue to spread a lie or hate. It doesn’t take much time to make sure what you are reading and spreading is actually facts.

    • Tony Martin says:

      Stephanie Ann ….oh, they’re still circulating, although what I’m seeing a lot of now is stuff like “Share if you think we should take care of our homeless before bringing in more refugees”. Stuff like that. The implication being that one life is more important than another based on where that person currently resides. What totally escapes these people is that the vast majority of immigrants and refugees become good, hard workers who contribute to our economy and our society, and they usually do so pretty quickly. Most are also willing to start out in jobs that many of our own folks feel are beneath them.
      There I go….off on a rant again…sorry about that….LOL.

  29. Lise Martin says:

    Hydro is to expensive even the city can’t afford it!! Sad!!

  30. probably has something to do with the fact we are no longer are a booming city

  31. Christmas is all about commercialism now. Other than being able to appreciate seeing most of my family and celebrating for the kids, I’ve lost any interest in this racket and the whole idea moves me not an ounce. When Second Christmas comes on February 14 and Third Christmas comes Easter, it will be the same thing.

  32. I miss those days.Used to be so pretty with all the lights.Always put me in such a festive mood.Now it’s so blah it’s depressing.

  33. Jo Watson says:

    Beautiful I wish they did that still

  34. La Shwandah says:

    The Christmas spirit is offensive it hurts peoples feelings Spirits r bad mmkay.