Lunches for the Littles

Hey fellow parents!

My daughter will be starting JK this year. What are your go to lunches for your little kids?

I know they don’t get a ton of time to eat. Looking for nutritious and easy if possible.




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  1. Kimmy Ksg Kimmy Ksg says:

    Wow butter which is just like penut butter and jam… smells and tastes like peanut butter even has stickers to inform whoever’s watching the lunch that it is not real peanut butter

  2. Wesley Beers Wesley Beers says:

    Sad that parents are afraid to be parents these days… feed ur child what u think is right, a mothers instinct trumps all …… some kids need more some need less… there is no black and white answer

  3. Jeff Hearty Jeff Hearty says:

    Clamato and beer, or caesar’s.
    I’m not a parent

  4. Bart Jardine Bart Jardine says:

    smoothie….you blend it, they drink it. Quick, easy, nutritious! A lot of fruit and veggies go down as quick as a cup of juice.

  5. Michelle McHugh here are some great ideas!!

  6. Isnt that where your suppose to get rid of leftovers?

  7. Don Guay Don Guay says:

    Didn’t kids have peanut butter Alergies in the
    60’s . That’s what most kids ate at lunch and there was no problem.
    I could never understand that

  8. Erin Tre Erin Tre says:

    Get a little bento box that you can pack a lot of little snacks. And I just read from another teacher suggesting that parents practice with their children eating a school lunch while at home. This helps them get comfortable with the containers and how long they have to eat. It makes sense.

  9. A main: sandwich, soup cup, oatmeal
    A veggie side: carrot sticks or anything like finger food
    A fruit side: Apple, apple sauce, container of strawberries or cut up fruit
    Juice box
    Something special: granola bar, rice crispie square, fruit gummies

  10. I got a bento box on Amazon, but I’ve seen them available in the “as seen on tv” store.

  11. What Sarah said. My kids also love wowbutter and jam pinwheels, wraps, roll ups, pickles, meat, cheese, veggies and hummus dips (Costco even sells tiny ones) spaghetti or lasagna.

  12. Emily Rivard Emily Rivard says:

    Making snack items to put in a bento box as a lunch is a good idea. Like veggies, yogurt, hummus, crackers

  13. They have 2 lunches. So splitting things in 2 separate containers so they know morning break and afternoon break will help them a lot.

  14. I do a sandwich / bagel , 4 healthy snacks (fruits / veggies / salad) and one ‘junk’ snack (pudding, jello, banana bread etc) and one drink.

  15. Find out about allergies first many schools have long lists of banned foods making lunches impossibly hard -peanuts/nuts ,shellfish ,citrus ,strawberry’s ,tuna and peppers are all common

  16. Fruit and veggies would be my guess

  17. Buttered bread and a slice of cheese. Like the good ol days

  18. Seen this on a friend page she bought the container from Walmart has a ice pack under and the silicone cup cake sleeves from amazon cheaper but dollarama has them

  19. Adam Read Adam Read says:

    I always pack them more then they eat just in case they’re hungry, I usually put carrots cucumbers and broccoli or cauliflower, apples grapes oranges watermelon (strawberries were forbidden due to allergies so double check with the school) sandwiches two-three times a week and lunchables the other or pizza day sometimes I’ll bring them subs, just change it up so they don’t get bored and stop eating what you’re giving them, I usually pack 2 unhealthy snacks and if they eat most of their healthy stuff they can eat them, if they do otherwise the unhealthy snacks are just removed, hope it helps!

  20. My mom used to make me a “cheese” sandwich which was just a slice of the craft singles cheese in a sandwich lol. Granola bars, soup in a thermos, cheese crackers and little slices of meat

  21. Lacy Burton Lacy Burton says:

    Heads up depending on the school there are a lot of banned foods due to allergies. My daughters school doesnt allow peanut products or the peanut free peanut butter, apples strawberries and a few other things
    My daughter doesnt like sandwiches so I bought lil plastic skewers and do “kabobs” with meat cheese and a lil square of whole grain bread or cheesy bread. But shes 7.

  22. My kids love roasted chickpeas (seasoned and with a touch of oil and bake until it has a bit of a crunch), seaweed snacks (if your kiddo likes them) hummus and veggie sticks, yogurt with or without granola, thermos with chilli or soup or left overs! oatmeal mini muffins, mini crust less quiches, wraps are a hit for my kiddos too.

  23. Soups, quesadillas, mac n cheese “cupcakes”, meat and cheese “pinwheels”, mini pizzas, bagels and cream cheese…

  24. Peanut butter sandwiches,!!! Peanut butter cookies,steaks,chicken and stuff with lots of gluten lol

  25. Rob Dobson Rob Dobson says:

    Sandwich. 1 Healthy snack 1 unhealthy snack and a drink.

  26. Neas Angele Neas Angele says:

    Wraps and sandwhiches

  27. My youngest is turning 5. She doesn’t like sandwiches. She eats cut up fruits and veggies everyday

  28. Get a bento box style lunch bag. They’re worth it ! So useful for the little ones because you can cut up a little assortment of different things they like.. and everything always fits in the lunch bag lol i love them

  29. Tuna sandwiches are a nutritious snack. Veggies cut in friendly little hand size stick. Babybel cheese, (always fun to open), yogurt. Be mindful of nut allergies at the school.

  30. We do a lot of soups in the thermos hot containers
    Tacos, burritos, wraps, scrambled eggs in a tortilla with cheese and bacon
    I pre make all of it and freeze! Makes for quick, cheap and healthy lunches

  31. Liza Kokko Liza Kokko says:

    Cut up.cheese, crackers, lunch meats, my son preferred being able to put his own snacks together. Also granola bars, fruit, veggies (with dip) . My son still doesn’t like sandwiches and prefers finger food type snacks for lunch. Get your child involved in making the lunch as well. I found when mine helped me he was more likely to eat it as he packed his favorites out of the choices I had for him

  32. My girls like it when I make them little pinwheels! You just take a wrap, put any meat you want (I sometimes use lunch meat), cheese, sauces if your kids aren’t as picky as mine… Then roll it up and cut it! I usually put veggies or fruit and they love it!

  33. Peanut butter sandwiches, pixie sticks and Pepsi.

  34. Love my bento boxes from Jump The BABY Store

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