Low life losers

If this title applies to you then you need to get a life, LOL.

It’s true the stupid really don’t know they’re stupid. Funny to watch though.



4 Responses

  1. anonymous says:

    You pitiul fucking incel.

  2. Anonymous says:

    funny to watch the whores and little kids at bell park fuck each other though isnt it while the 40 year olds drive up and down the shore looking for 18 or am i really just 65

  3. Anonymous says:

    whats funnier to watch is murder rape live in a sudbury forest

    whats even funnier is that stupid sudbury bitch that “killed herself” with some help in the form of her husbands brothers dick down her throat whenever the fuck she wanted for 10+ years until she literally murder fucked her husbands brother over his dead body

    she nor any women in this town will be forgiven for the bullshit they have cause just by being born a fem fail. it doesnt surprise me that there are these goofy porn shops with goofy idiot girls like you posting about men need to go out eggin to find something blah blah blah stare at a fucking somputer screen type thinking

    youre fucked and are fucking garbage , one walk wihtout a camera cell through bell park would tell any human this exact thing

    i should go have a walk or what am i not cool enough to own a gun like all the good olboys inblue

  4. Anonymous says:

    get a life, lockdown, news, articles about rape murder and entire cities only hours from here shutdown not due to invisible virus but guns

    yeah okay tell me again op about how i NEED to go out and get this amazing life by the what? let me guess when it comes to finding out who you are as aneighbour your e a cmoplete fucking idiot ghost?

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