Loud Blonde

To the loud blonde older woman at the store talking about how her husband has job security cause he is one of a few drivers that can haul fuel where he works.

Guess what? So can my husband he is applying where he works! And I’m a blonde with no wrinkles.



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  1. K just s thought I’m a brunette with no wrinkles even tho that irrealivent

  2. So i hope she doesn’t see ur post,he may not be working much longer. In stead u could of congratulated her ,simply misted your opportunity to learn.

  3. Josh Brohart says:

    Spotted drama at its finest

  4. Roger Blake says:

    Meanwhile, back in junior High…

  5. This blonde bitch with no wrinkles probably thinks she’s sexy as fuck and tans all the time too. So enjoy your shitty leather wrinkled skin at age 45 and possible cancer.

  6. I think someone is going on Santa Clauses naughty list.

  7. Oh look, the high school crew is back xD

  8. WTAF Blondie, nobody gives a shit, and just because your husband applies there, doesn’t mean he will be hired….and ya….you suck!!

  9. Amy Derkacz says:

    Who cares?! You didn’t have the balls to say anything to her in person, so you ran home and like a keyboard warrior, vented your frustration on social media? I hope you feel really vindicated! Lol

  10. Sometimes it blows my mind what some people post.. wow!!

  11. Since when is bring proud of your man a bad thing? And no its not about me lol

  12. Chad Allen says:

    Maybe shes just a cougar that needs to get laid…

  13. *dumb blonde with no wrinkles. except for the ones in her soul. lol

  14. Brit Beaudry says:

    This is why our gender is failing at life. Learn to support each other rather than compete. It’s so disturbing.

  15. Ummmmm ok cool….fuck sakes lol

  16. Sandy Blake says:

    WTF did I just read?!?!?!?!

  17. So while your comparing whos the better driver, the mechanics fixing their screw ups will be cursing them both just the same 😉

  18. Dean Farinha says:

    This post gave me dain bramage.

  19. Hahaha is this what the world has come to?!? Wow

  20. I hope your husband is nailing a redhead with a Rick hard ass

  21. Looks fade sweetheart…..your wrinkles will come. Your roots will grow out and give you the worst redneck ombré ever amd while your husband is out delivering pizza’s because he didnt get the fuel job you will be turning tricks on Kathleen. So let me tell you this, you came on here to say that the loud mouth blonde was talking up her husband….I guess you are no better.

    P.s. I am a brunette I have wrinkles and rolls and my husband and I both work. He finds me sexy and I think he’s crazy but he is mine and I am his. So how is that for a cock fight.

  22. And a stupendously large ego…. clearly.

  23. Mer Holland says:

    Wow petty much..

  24. How is this even relevant. It’s Christmas grinch. Get over yourself.

  25. Angel Rose says:

    So we know what your husband can do. What can you do? Nothing but bum from the sounds of it. You are a simple ugly hearted woman.

  26. that escalated quickly

  27. Al Manion says:

    Sounds like the fuel fumes have gone to your head. Blondes are more fun? If you’re the shining example of that I’d rather have anything but.

  28. Sasha Walker says:

    Wow, maybe once your husband has found a good job he should dump you on your butt and find a woman who isn’t so shallow and nasty.

  29. Benni Norris says:

    This is one of the stupider posts that I’ve seen here. What is with all of the drama from Day? It sounds like these employees are children.

  30. Jo Jo Labre says:

    Whhhaaaatttt!!!??? Who gives a shit. Wow, you feel better now? Why didn’t you just sing her that song? ” Anything you can do, I can do better. ” Seriously grow the f’ck up.

  31. Tara Major says:

    You sound ridiculously jealous of the fact that you and your man are bumming it this holiday season. What an ugly person you are lol! Even without wrinkles, you are still green eyed and ugly….just know anyone who knows or meets you can see it too and they don’t like you much either lol! I feel sorry for the family that surrounds you this holiday season, playing charades all night, resisting the urge to slap the green out of you!

  32. Pam M Burton says:

    This is why I don’t socialize with people….Thankyou for the reminder lol

    • Pam M Burton says:

      Well I should say some people cause I socialize with people like Kiersty your awesome ♡

    • Pam M Burton says:

      Well I should say some people cause I socialize with people like Kiersty your awesome ♡

    • Jen Stone says:

      I agree with you Pam…I’d rather be around animals…

    • Pam M Burton says:

      I was an arobics instructor and life guard i had the two perfwct jobs! You didn’t have to deal with the public very often.
      I was a daycare worker because I’d rather be around children lol but now I have 3 myself sooo I’m going back to school, something with a job that I don’t have to deal with public or children!!
      I’m such a buhhumbug person lol

  33. You must be one of them shit starters that lives for drama? Everyones favourite stay the hell away from that co-worker lol

  34. Kari Fisher says:

    I wouldn’t be posting this while your husband is trying to get a job there….

  35. Cause life’s a competition like that

  36. Omfg! Everyone needs to shut up! Who cares what yours or his can do! If you need to vent about something so stupid text or message or talk to someone who might care. (Key word might)

  37. JD Tait says:

    That’s your life? This is an event worth discussing to you?

  38. Your husband is banging the other blonde

  39. Don’t worry, your wrinkles will come in one day.

  40. Typical case of my horse is bigger than your horse lol..

  41. So you’re a wrinkle free blonde with an ugly interior. Atta girl.

    • JD Tait says:

      Well I can pretty much guarantee she’s not wrinkle free, but I can also guarantee she’s super insecure about wrinkles and definitely has to dye her hair… Otherwise why would she mention it at all?

  42. Tara Ward says:

    No wrinkles… but if you keep sticking your nose in other people’s businesses, it seems you have way more problems.

  43. Jo Watson says:

    Why would you even post this? The world still spins this just seems like pointless drama.

  44. Oh wow you sound like super pathetic