Lottery fraud

We went to the kwikway in copper cliff today around 330 to check our lottery tickets. Once at the cash, we signed the ticket and handed it to the clerk. He gave us back the ticket and stated his machine was not working and we would have to go back or go to another store.

We proceeded to another store just to be told that the ticket was already redeemed. By then, we where far from copper cliff so decided to call. We could not understand what he was saying, nor did he understand us. His English was terrible. He then passed us to someone else who was equally difficult to understand but we managed to catch some of his jibberish.

Bottom line, he said he did not cash the ticket and we would have to call OLG. So, we called the fraud line. Before we get the backlash from many regarding the app and checking our own, we know this and we did this. We know it’s a winning ticket. I would keep clear from that store. OLG can deal with them and their shady crap!



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  1. jibberish? such ignorance, i hope you don’t get your money lmfaooo

  2. Monique Cote Monique Cote says:

    I’m going to go there right now and scan my tickets.

  3. Plot twist OLG was the fraud.

  4. First off the guy at kwick way speaks pretty good english and he has protocol to follow.. if the system was down and he scanned the ticket and you left the store… you have to deal with OLG.. it has happend to me before..lottery fraud highly doubtful.. wake up.

  5. Just like at the casino. All bets and wins are void in event of malfunction. It’s called gambling for a reason. Get a job.

  6. Lots of issues coming from that store…. they should be reported

  7. Paul Normand Paul Normand says:

    I use the app on my phone it’s awesome and so easy and I don’t have to stand in line to check them…like some people that hold up lines for a shit load of tickets…so annoying …..put the app on your phone problem solved

  8. they didn’t speak or understand English? Shocker. Seems to be the way it is in all kinds of stores here in Sudbury lately. Go ahead, haters hate…but it’s the truth and it sucks shitballs!!!!!

  9. Curiosity killed the Cat.
    Satisfaction brought it back.

    I am utterly surprised that nobody suggested to use a cellular phone to scan those Barcodes on the back of any and all tickets…

    No Disrespect Intended, but it is what it is…

    Best wishes moving forward

  10. I am trained to sell OLG at work. It has happened to me where I scanned a ticket for a customer, not noticing the little icon saying the system was down. I gave the customer back their ticket and said the machine was down, then when the system came back online, the ticket I scanned for the customer printed out the winnings. I doubt it was fraud, just a technical issue. The clerk would have to contact OLG to let them know.

  11. Maybe the system crashed after your ticket was in the machine so automatically it redeems as cashed out so once the system comes back on it spits out your ticket as a winning ticket so that’s why when you tried to cash it at a different store it was as a pay out go back to the original store the guy has your ticket showing it came back to him he had only 30 minutes to cxl it if he doesn’t have it you need to contact OLG until then the ticket cannot be cashed anywhere else this is not a fraud this is a legitimate corner store so the issue would have to be with OLG and not the fraud line it happens several times at different location s!

  12. I had this happen to me years ago. I had to go back to the store and demand my money from them… $260

  13. A few times I thought I had won a free ticket or small amount and the machine says…not a winner…..these are the do it your your self scanners. Has happened at various places in Ontario. At one time I was sure I won a free ticket but forgot (Am ADD) until a day later. Paper tickets are checked online…so if I won something small and clerks never know the criteria for what combination is needed etc….would really like to know if machines at the cash and the self scanners can be rigged

  14. Allen Lawson Allen Lawson says:

    I sense some fraud in this post

  15. I had the same problem but in a different town machine at store didn’t work went to another store said it was redeemed went back to original place and he had my money waiting for me the machine doesn’t always work

  16. I’ve heard nothing but awful shut about that store. Used to go there as I live around the corner but after seeing posts from people saying that they were selling food that was years past the expiration date (with photos) and their absurd prices, I’ve just stayed clear of them and now this… doesn’t surprise me

  17. I’ve actually have scanned a winning ticket before and the machine for whatever reason didn’t work. I informed the customer to go redeem it somewhere else and same issue, they said it had already been redeemed. And at that point, yes you have to take it up with OLG. Inconvenient for sure but I’m highly doubting fraud

  18. Anne Bruneau Anne Bruneau says:

    Is it possible he tried to redeem it for you but the machine actually appeared not to be working, so he didn’t realize it actually got redeemed? Especially since they need the ticket to give to OLG or his cash will be short?

  19. One time i handed a wining ticket to a guy and he handed me back the ticket with a receipt XD so im like uhh wheres my cash…he looked all stressed and gathered the cash. I aint stupid bro…riverside corner store

  20. Same-thing happens at Pioneer on Falconbridge.

  21. Maggie Bite Maggie Bite says:

    OLG can see where it was cashed.

  22. Maggie Bite Maggie Bite says:

    Check it on your app on phone or OLG winning numbers on internet.

  23. I’m so sorry this happened to you! I know I’d be furious!

  24. Momo Ors Momo Ors says:

    Dont u need the tickets to redeem anything .. they dont have the tickets ?? .. or are they just trying to scam OLG ..

  25. Peggy Irwin Peggy Irwin says:

    I have had issues as well. I bought some pop for the staff at work. It came to 18.69, when I asked for a receipt for petty cash he had to punch it in again and it came to 15.69. It’s only 3 bucks but if they are doing this to everyone. I won’t go back there

  26. If he had redeemed it wouldn’t you have heard the machine do it’s little “song “ for winning ticket?

  27. NormaWayne you might want to rethink checking your tickets Fridays

  28. This is odd because before hand it used to be two older ladies running the store..

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