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Lost my coat and wallet • Shoutout Sudbury


Lost my coat and wallet

Looking for my coat and wallet. Went to some girls place last night and left my coat which had my wallet in it!

If any one found it please message on here.



30 Responses

  1. Ray Byers Ray Byers says:

    She will probably contact you after 21 days one way or another

  2. Claude Pilon Claude Pilon says:

    You screwed a hoopaloopa and now your afraid you dont wanna meet the beast sober…sucks to be you…i hope she doesnt have twin..lmao…All on a Sudbury Saturday Night…weee.

  3. Dave Pilon Dave Pilon says:

    Maybe the coat is still covering her face?

  4. Ron Leclair Ron Leclair says:

    Maybe this person found it, just saw this on another post.

  5. Shawn Gascon Shawn Gascon says:

    The old nail and bail fail.

  6. Kyle Stone Kyle Stone says:

    Do prostitutes have a lost and found bin , sounds like she got some extra money and a free jacket lmao

  7. Al Manion Al Manion says:

    Fresh snow on the ground. You should be able to follow the tracks from your walk of shame.

  8. This shit is fucking funny. Please make a follow up post

  9. Don Guay Don Guay says:

    maybe start at the Frood Hotel. They might know who you left with.

  10. How much alcohol and drugs did you do last night ?

  11. Leslie Chow Leslie Chow says:

    Better get checked for Crabs. You won’t lose them that easy.

  12. Jack Smith Jack Smith says:

    maybe quit drinking forever. take this as a lession in life.

  13. Do you remember where she lives? Did you ditch after you dived?
    tsk, tsk..Was she that ugly after a drunkin’ one nighter, that you had to do the ditch? If so, quit drinking ASAP…Gets you no where!!!! Only a lost coat, wallet, shame of ugly donkin’ and a public post…Yup, Karma hit ya good.

  14. Sounds like you left everything on the ‘night stand’ LOL!

  15. Jim Bob Jim Bob says:

    I went somewhere with someone lost my shit can y’all help me find it….

  16. Roger Blake Roger Blake says:

    That was an expensive piece

  17. U don’t know where u were pretty sad

  18. Mario Gagnon Mario Gagnon says:

    So.Who would take someones coat at some girls place ?

  19. Now I’m not saying you’re stupid..
    But I am just sayin you have bad luck when it comes to thinking.

  20. Someone left there coat at a valley restaurent

  21. Shane Gary Shane Gary says:

    If your asking spotted, it’s probably a high traffic place?

  22. Try “some girls” place. Jackets tend to be where they were left … unless stolen.
    How does one leave a place w/o their jacket, its bloody cold out.

  23. Tina Fay Tina Fay says:

    Go back to the girls place

  24. Huh you dont know this chick ? Or her name? Savage.

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