Lost cell phone/my daughter’s baby pictures

I lost my cell phone when I went to see my friends in Garson. It could have been when I walked with my friend to the Store by the Food land.

It could have fell out of my pocket when I came back to Sudbury to check on my dogs, my friends’ kids could have brought it to school. It was completely dead. It could be ANYWHERE. Here is the thing. It has all the picture of my one and only daughter on it for the last year since she was born.

I Really REALLY want them back. It has been very painful that they are gone. PLEASE, if anyone comes across my phone loaded with my daughters baby pictures… message here.

I will gladly pay a reward on Thursday for its return.



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  1. google photo will back up tons of stuff sorry you lost it but lesson learned I guess you need to back up your important pictures

  2. Hope you find your phone OP I understand how important pictures of your children are….especially the ones you can’t replace like baby pix…good luck OP!!

  3. And judging by your profile Timothy Griggins you are a paranoid schizophrenic that more than likely lives in his mother’s basement masterbating to my little pony….and yes Facebook is mainstream social is instagram, twitter, snapchat etc…HEY GUYS THIS CROCK POT DRANK THE KOOL-AID!!!!

  4. I know it’s perfect for this page. Don’t like it don’t follow.

  5. Sasha Walker says:

    And stunning language too. You are amazing.

  6. Thats why I own a pay as you go phone whilst making 6 figures a year. No need to worry about 800$ pieces of mainstream garbage.

  7. Sasha Walker says:

    Well aren’t you a genius?

  8. I hope you find it!!❤that being said, I post all the pictures of my son to Facebook so if I do lose my phone, I’ll always have them on Facebook at least☺really hope you find it!

  9. Shawn Irving says:

    Lesson of the day: Back your stuff up people, it takes mins and will save you a lot of disappointment when you lose your stuff.