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Looking for reviews on licensed daycares in Hanmer (La Découverte, Foyer-Jeunesse or the CPTM daycares).

Anyone have any bad experiences?


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7 Responses

  1. CPTM!! And there’s a few sites in Hanmer that you can choose from!

  2. Would recomend foyer daycare 110%. Staff there is AWESOME!

  3. Lana Ranger Lana Ranger says:

    I would never recommend CPTM. The camera they have doesn’t record, two children were given to the wrong parent in the year my children were there, if your child misbehaves the janitor will threaten to lock them in the closet, diaper hanging to the floor when I picked up my daughter more than once, backpacks full of supplies missing on several occasions. I can go on…

    • Lana Ranger I’m sorry you had a bad experience but not everyday are is the same just cause they have the name.. I had my niece in the Garson site from cptm and they were AMAZING! Learnt about her whole day, clean and changed when I picked her up, always pictures and story about they activities, list goes on and on!

  4. Jay Bruneau Jay Bruneau says:

    La découverte où CPTM – both are fantastic.

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