Looking for kittens to give away!

Looking for two female kittens to give way for my step-daughter! 🙂



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  1. Jeff g says:

    You have to read this backwards to understand what OP is trying to say:

    Away, give to kittens for looking!

  2. Is this a troll? Or poor english?

  3. Let me guess.. Don’t plan on fixing them either right? Why not let them out to get pregnant too, and support more irresponsible cat owners..
    Unless someone ends up with a drop off that is pregnant, NO one should have kittens popping out right left and center. And unless you plan to FIX these free cats, you are contributing to the problem.
    FYI, anyone who takes in a stray cat and is willing to pay MORE to have them fixed, vs adopting for less, are heros in my opinion. But if this is not you, then do not get one.

  4. Gabby Davis , they shouldn’t be duscrminating cause you live in housing. I know I had a bunch of questions to answer on papper.

  5. Gabby Davis Gabby Davis says:

    Why are people so mad at others asking for a free animal, when it’s literally free to concieve and birth a fucking human being…. but oh we cant have free animals… we must pay for them smh…

  6. Gabby Davis Gabby Davis says:

    Diane Roy Soucy they didnt allow me to adopt, even though I had literally everything a cat could want and more! Their reasoning? Oh you live in Housing… but yet housing allows animals..

  7. and here come the bullies. Yes adopting is the better choice but can we not belittle op over a simple request?

  8. Our species is doomed…..

  9. Is this English? Lain St Onge

  10. I got my beautiful girl for 100$ at the SPCA during a sale. No excuse not to adopt especially since they are fixed and microchipped as well as have all their needles.

  11. I hate how “animal lovers” tell everyone to adopt because they’re against people getting cats for free. free kittens need a home too. So stop reacting angry to an innocent post.

    • Nicole LeBel Nicole LeBel says:

      April Barbara-Ann that’s not the issue
      80% of free kittens don’t get the proper care and end up at the rescues.
      Ppl want free as they do not want to add alot of money into an animal.
      I say this as I see what comes through the rescues doors and where they came from.

    • Erin Baker Erin Baker says:

      Well I’d rather that over finding them in plastic bags around my parents farm or having multiple cats just dropped off.

    • Nicole LeBel Omer We got a “free “ kitten almost 20 yrs ago. She lived a long healthy life ( spayed too ) till she was 19 yrs. absolutely nothing wrong with a free kitten. It’s not always about adoptions.

    • Shirley Cardinal I second that. I got a free kitten, still alive today, Fat, healthy and happy. She’s also fixed and has her shots. I was looking for a free kitten because I knew I was providing the best vet, food and supplies. Even a collar today is 40$.. it’s actually ridiculous some costs to own a animal these days so asking for it free to provide the necessary things is more common than assuming its for something else. People gotta lighten up

    • Umm. That isn’t true at all. I was 18 pregnant and still with the father. We were walking, saw this cute kitten by a house and saw kittens for free. We took her in and her brother, that was the only way we could have her. They got fixed, dewormed and all their shots. I was finishing high school and he was in university. We took care of our cats. Had all their updated needles. And even saved the male cats life over 3 times due to him eating pencil eraser or baby bottle nipples. They lived a very happy long life. So not everyone looking for a free pet is not going to give them the best care. There are good responsible people out there. Yes , some aren’t but you have to give them the benefit of a doubt.

    • Jenn Patterson-Beausoleil agree. Ppl need to lighten up on this condescending attitude towards someone wanting a free kitten – as if it’s a crime.

    • Pelleey Maggie I agree. All of our kittens for all my life ( since I was a child ) have been free & they were well taken care. So ppl need to back down !

    • Shirley Cardinal same here! I had a cat growing up and she lived for 15 years. And (gasp) we got her for free!!

  12. Nicole Gaudette check this out

  13. Not the first person looking for free kittens today. What’s the deal? There’s plenty who need to be adopted out there.

  14. Sue Topps Sue Topps says:

    Someone earlier was looking for a female kitten…

  15. I think she is looking for people who will give free kittens so that she can get her step daughter female Kitty’s

  16. Lucy Simcoe Lucy Simcoe says:

    You’re looking to give away free kitten? Or you’re looking to have free kittens? Or you you want free kitten to give way for your step daughter?

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