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Hypothetically: You do something unethical/illegal ie. Slander someone. Which date should the legal system be concerned with? Is it the date when you actually spoke the words? Or should it be the date the Subject slandered found out about it? Thoughts?



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  1. Get ready to be bent over by the long arm of the law and fisted ✊ by the justice system!!

  2. CJ Borne CJ Borne says:

    Great place for advice xD

  3. I would consider the important date to be considered in ‘slander’…….is when it occurred…….but I am not a lawyer.

  4. It’s when the issue was discovered

  5. Opinions don’t matter in this context

  6. The action would start the day you found out.

  7. Andie Cerson Andie Cerson says:

    If you go in front of a judge, and end up being a plaintiff that says “they said this and it offended me” ….. the judge will give you a big, fat oh well and dismiss the case.
    Slander is thendedamarion of character …. but you have to prove it was deliberate, with the intent of sabotage or ill will. Also, it has to have had an impact on employment, finances or residency.
    In other words, a guysbex saying you’re a slut doesnt count. A classmate telling your mom you’re a spoiled brat doesnt count. Someone saying “I heard ….” doesnt count.

  8. Don’t come here for an honest option

  9. Dani Chev Dani Chev says:

    You can’t fix stupid!

  10. What a stupid question. Even if you’re just a troll that’s a lame one.

  11. John Brown John Brown says:

    Buy some cream for your butt hurt

  12. Slander and libel are very difficult to prove. You have to show that this person has caused you financial harm.

  13. So you’re asking The Shoutout Readership’s crack legal team? Awesome.

  14. If they focus their life on yours, just shows they find you more interesting than they find themselves.

  15. Ax Lee Ax Lee says:

    Why are you looking for opinions? Opinions wont help you… facts will.

  16. Unless you have a loss of income. They won’t do anything. They dont care about hurt feelings.

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