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Hi there. I’m looking for the following recommendations please. Have googled but since I just moved to Sudbury last week I hope for some word of mouth type reviews if possible so that I don’t get scammed and murdered. I only work with one other person and I just don’t know enough locally of who to ask.

– laundry service. Is there some kind of pick up and drop off laundry buisness? Bonus is for returning stuff on hangers already so that my clean clothes won’t get left in a pile when I get them back. Don’t worry, I already lectured myself about this issue so I’m good and shamed and i know it’s something i should easily be doing for myself.

– small outside repairs. I don’t need a company, more like a handyman person who can make some smallish repairs quickly. I will need some bigger jobs done but I can wait for those since everyone licenced is busy I think. For inctance my deck needs to be powerwashed badly and stained and some parts of the railing needs to be replaced. Both sets of deck stairs have a loose step and there is a small part of the patio that needs to be finished with the leftover wood and then closed in. 99 percent of the deck is fine until next year but the last owner i think might be like me and have piles of clean clothes too and gave up right near the finish line. The railings are very ugly so I’d like all 4 replaced (there are two railings for both sets of deck stairs on each side) but it’s not the top priority i can wait if nobody has time right now.

– staining two other small stairways outside not including the deck

– weeding and very minor landscaping type things. Also if you can climb a ladder to maybe clean eavestroughs and screw in a downspout and grab my frisbee while you’re up there.

– dragging a bunch of stuff into a pile for the dump removers to pick up

– hanging up some solar spotlights properly-ish

– replacing two interior doors with ones i bought, some trim on the floor and ceiling painted and a couple cupboard doors are loose and this is mostly where the murdered part is a problem according to dateline.

– probably more things I can’t think of now. In the area by the Canadian Tire and Wal Mart. I don’t need to only have one person do everything but I’m not sure if these are jobs for many different people or not.

– we have an app called task rabbit in toronto which makes things like this really easy to find, so if anybody knows the head rabbit please put in a good word for Sudbury area because I can’t fix anything



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    No information for you but yes you need to be very cautious in who you hire for these tasks! Good luck

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