Looking for Dress for 13-14 Year Old Girl

Where does one find the kind of dresses that are appropriate for a grade 8 graduation? Not online…in Sudbury.

And, if someone doesn’t mind, could you post a picture of the sort of dress that is appropriate for this age girl/event?

Thank you!


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  1. Mandy Evans Mandy Evans says:

    Depends on size we have a nice elegant dress pm if interested

  2. This was mine and it’s also for sale:)

  3. Vicky Wilson Vicky Wilson says:

    Pet save retail shop had some really nice dresses

  4. Jump on the Kingsway has dresses but not sure if they have older sizes tho

  5. Lechateau has nice dresses

  6. Ashley James Ashley James says:

    Size 12 if you choose the used route

  7. What is her size? I have a couple she could pick from

  8. Starlotte satines vintage shop downtown!!!!

  9. Sara Mac Sara Mac says:

    Botegamia is great for this! That’s where I got my grade 8 grad dress

  10. Grade 8 grad dress should not cost more than 100 bucks tops !!! What the heck will they have to look forward to in grade 12 …. our kids grow fast enough

  11. Elora Conrad Elora Conrad says:

    Jump! The Skate, Dance & Gymnastics store (Sudbury ON) has beautiful dresses with many different styles, colours and sizes!! Here’s a small part of our selection

  12. Apparently they have some reasonable priced ones at Laura’s on the hill near Maurice’s… my friend just bought one for her daughters grad 8 grad

  13. Shannon Anne Shannon Anne says:

    Heard a commercial recently that Jump! The Skate, Dance & Gymnastics store (Sudbury ON) has formal wear up to size 16

  14. I have this one for sale!

  15. I have a few dresses! Pm me and I can send pictures!


    Jump! The Skate, Dance & Gymnastics store

    They had some really cute age appropriate dresses!

  17. Got my daughter’s from Ardenes

  18. Go to bogettamia. They’re in the downtown mall and at the Southend mall. They have age appropriate dresses.

  19. The do sell dresses at jump store on the kingsway

  20. I have this one that I wore for my grade 8 grad

  21. Lisa Condo Lisa Condo says:

    Sudbury Women’s Centre has over 300 dresses right now to choose from and they are all free of charge.
    Many are new with tags and the others are in like new condition. Check out their Facebook page, pictures of dresses are posted almost daily

  22. Brooke Anne Brooke Anne says:

    I’d go to the formal store in the downtown mall or the children’s place is she is a size they carry .. I think they go to a girls 14

  23. Carrie Anne Carrie Anne says:

    Sudbury Women’s Centre, at the corner of Elm and Beatty, has free graduation/ prom dresses for those in need.

  24. Linda Lou Linda Lou says:

    The women’s center on elm st has a dress program free for formal events like that

  25. .This was used for a grade 8 grad. For sale as well

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