Looking for Clothing for a Husky Boy

My son is almost 9 years old and he’s a husky boy. I have a very difficult time finding jeans that fit him. He no longer fits into the boys sizes at stores like Walmart or Old Navy, and men’s pants are just far too big in the legs and pelvic area.

Can anyone recommend a store, even something online, where I can purchase jeans for my little man? Thanks Sudbury!


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  1. Old navy online has a husky line I believe

  2. You can always get your pants hemmed by seamstress. Extremely cheap.

  3. JD Tait JD Tait says:

    Lol I was a chubby kid too at times and my solution was… To not wear jeans. There are plenty of other pant options to choose from that aren’t so rigid.

  4. I got a new word to call my son now! Husky! Hes 6 and 97 lbs eats super good like lots fruits and veggies and i still got told hes morbidly obese and hes going to die young if I don’t put him on a diet 🙁
    Horrible mom moment hetr

  5. Delmo Gotti Delmo Gotti says:

    What size Jeans does he need

  6. I used to buy husky jeans at Osh Kosh, but I can’t remember what size they go up to.

  7. Emilie Mae Emilie Mae says:

    Maybe stop feeding your kid garbage 😉

    • Maybe it’s a thyroid condition or a growth spurt!

    • Ignorance at it’s best!! Smfh!

    • Summer Ross Summer Ross says:

      Emilie Mae you’re a special kind of stupid. You clearly need to educate yourself because you don’t know shit about the human body (obviously) and you’re picking on a 9 year old boy. Shame on your parents for raising such an ignorant uneducated person. I’m sure they would be super proud to see your opinion, idiot.

    • Summer Ross Summer Ross says:

      I’m sure your parents would be so proud to see your opinion, picking on a 9 year old and his Mother.
      Go educate yourself, idiot.

    • Summer Ross Summer Ross says:

      ^must have some really proud parents. Uneducated clearly.

    • Emilie Mae Emilie Mae says:

      I’ve literally never seen healthy in shape parents who know and understand how to care for their bodies with fat kids… sorry but these are just cheap excuses. No ones naturally fat and hypothyroidism is EXREMLY rare, especially in kids. Most common cause for being overweight is insulin resistance which is directly caused by a poor carb based diet and lack of exercise. 80% of people are completely unaware they’re insulin resistant.

  8. Michael Doyon says:

    Hart has a brand of jeans that I love. Silo brand may just have the fit he needs and at $29 a pair, it’s affordable

  9. Oh man I dropped off a pile of lands end huskey boys pants at jarret center a few weeks ago. If you shop online check out lands end, a lot of options for husky

  10. Lori Parks Lori Parks says:

    My little guy is husky and 9 west 49 has jeans in men’s sizes that fit but the store is closing but that’s where I get his jeans

  11. Mandy Roy Mandy Roy says:

    My son has always been husky. He has been wearing track pants only for about 4 years. Have not found anything anywhere that fits him

  12. Is Huskey a word for fat?

  13. I used to do mens skinny jeans a fold the legs up or hem them

  14. Try online at children’s place and old navy

  15. The children’s place will have husky sizing online.

  16. Children’s place has jeans for husky kids

  17. Come to warehouse one beside the bulk barn…. we start some men’s sizes at a 26 waist with some shorter inseams. We do have jeans on sale until closing tonight for 25 bucks and are regular jeans are almost always bogo 50%…. so 2 pair is less than 100 bucks

  18. Osh gosh and children’s place have a variety of lenght and waist size.

  19. At 9 years old you may have to look in the men’s section depending on just how Husky he is..

  20. Old navy has a husky line online

  21. Children’s place online has elastic waist cargo pants that you can order in “husky”. But online only.

  22. Connor Green Connor Green says:

    Keep your eyes open at the jean warehouse beside the bull barn on Lasalle. Just had jeans on for $25. I picked up 2 for $50.

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