Looking for cat siblings

So, it’s a bit of a long shot but I’ve already tried other resources that turned up with nothing. My girl Luna, as seen in the photo, unfortunately passed away a little over a year ago now. She was approximately 7 or so years of age, and I had only had her for two years after adopting her from the SPCA in March of 2018. She was rescued about a year prior with a wide range of health issues and injuries and was very feral. She was in and out of foster homes and had a hard time finding someone who’d give her a chance prior to my finding her.

The point of my post is to see if I can somehow track down either her siblings or kittens. She apparently had two brothers and some kittens who looked just like her in colour ranges. Her type of colour is very rare and is called “cream”, so it kind of helps my chances a bit for finding them. I’m not entirely sure why I want to find them – I think it’s just a weird type of grief thing going on as I developed an unexplainable attachment to her. I could not hold her, could not cuddle her and couldn’t even pet her unless she was contained in a carrier. She cost me a lot of money in vet bills and was honestly a pain in the ass to care for, but I loved her unconditionally and deeply. I frequently had people question why I’d even bother with a cat I couldn’t even show my affection to, but it didn’t matter to me.

If you believe you know her brothers or kittens, I would absolutely love to connect – maybe share pictures and videos etc. I miss her a lot. I know this is supposed to be an anonymous page, but if you’d prefer to DM me rather than comment, my name is Ashley Gour.

Thanks 😊



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