Looking for Beauty/Skin Specialist

I’m an adult male with sensitive and dry acne prone skin.

Are there any beauty/skin specialists in Sudbury who could tell me which skin products I should be using and avoiding? Are dermatologists my only option?



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  1. Linda Renaud Linda Renaud says:

    Esthetics By Yvette is the best 🙂

    • Linda says:

      Not! Prescribe you an antibiotic and leave you on it for years. Does not have the solutions for acne or the time/ care to follow up. Write you a prescription and send you on your way with a few products $$. Online research is a great option. Dandelion root, dandelion leaves, red clover (for tea, for acne, purifying your blood/ liver), steaming your face over a pot of boiled water feels great (mini sauna for the face), using a natural product after (coconut oil, jojoba oil, specific essential oil added that you`ve researched for specific properties). Really fun once you start researching natural remedies, trying different things and seeing what works/ gain positive results. Everything is literally at the tip of our fingers. 🙂

  2. Dr. Dhatt and Dr.Gervais both amazing both covered under health card…unless its cosmetic

  3. Acne could be a lot of different things from diet to stress etc as for sensitive skin try an all natural soap if your skin is oily try charcoal bars if not just use a natural soap try Courtney BathBay check out that page the soap with dead sea mud in it is really good and the dead sea mud is supposed to help with so many skin conditions

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