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I have a predicament . in June 2012 I signed custody of my daughter to my deceased mom because I was afraid that cas would revoke my parental rights due to my abusive ex regarding drug addictions . fast forward after I signed over custody thru a lawyer I followed my ex to BC because I was trying to save our relationship . Needless to say despite me quitting cold turkey regarding weed and alcohol I came back to ontario to work on saving my family relationship since my mom and I did not get along . I met a new guy almost 6 years ago who has been in the family and children services system because he was badly abused in group homes and every time he defended himself he went to jail . needless to say my own family has always taken private emails and given them to cas to crown ward my almost 4 year old son . my spouse is currently in a class action lawsuit for crown wards abused by cas and my family despises him . my spouse emailed my brother in law and laid into him about how my sister was causing drama because she talks bad about my daughter and wants to call cas on me to get my daughter who is almost 16 . my spouse pissed off my sister and brother in law by borderline saying that he would be taking them to court because they don’t let me see my daughter . every time my spouse and sister get into heated conversations via facebook she sends them to cas and even lashes out saying she is calling the police because she doesn’t like when my spouse exploits peoples wrong doings because people tend to lie . we always keeps messages and we always record that way when others fabricate lies we just play recordings etc of the complainants and what they do . my sister is the kind of person where she will side with Cas Because they are God lol and They are so Perfect but yet flesh and blood when we stand up for parents rights and we get jailed for defending ourselves than we are the pieces of trash because we’re not allowed to defend ourselves . my sister doesn’t get how corrupt Cas really is because we have 5000 court documents of fabricated lies of my deceased mom and dad physically and sexually abusing my spouse in 1996 and fabricating my daughter being a victim of a domestic situation that occurred in a different city . my daughter has not lived with me since June 2012 . long story short she has been living in Sudbury for many years and my family cannot be trusted . anything I privately say and show proof of Cas lies on black and white , my sister sends screen posts to cas when she knows that they lie to make me look like an unfit mom . I’ve seen many parents who sell drugs to kids and beat chikdren and they don’t lose their kids but yet whenever my spouse and I lay our foot down and show proof of how evil cas is and every time my spouse gets angry and warns my sis and brother in law about him taking legal action than my sister threatens me and says she is calling police .



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  1. Cas is crooked.dont TRUST those fucken ppl.they RIP families apart.i hate them…call nicola munro

  2. It sounds like if your child is with anyone other than you, they are where they should be.

  3. Grow up and stop dating loser’s? I’d be a good start

  4. I feel like I know this poster…

  5. Who picks a relationship over their child…

    Not once but twice…

  6. Did anyone else not understand this very winded story? Good luck, stop blaming everyone around you for not having your kids and take what action you need to to get them back. If that means not speaking to them at all then so be it. They might be family but your children should come before them and any man.

  7. Point blank you are the problem… You boyfriend threatens your sister and brother-in-law and they are the problem? You bring a man in your home that is preventing you from having your children back and that is cas’ fault? You are getting into physical fights that are landing you in jail and your calling it self defense?? Time to take a long hard look at your life and make the change not to be an unfit parent and a lowlife human being.

  8. Ann Kraut Ann Kraut says:

    Sounds like you have a great sister who is making sure you don’t screw up your daughters life any further by your bad decisions.
    Quit blaming everyone else for your stupidity. Your daughter is 16 years old and soon will get to choose or choose not to have you in her life. Maybe start being the mother she would deserve and it will become that for you.

  9. Again…this sounds like a you problem

  10. I believe that all children are entitled to representation from the Ministry of the Attorney General- Office of the Children’s Lawyer. I’m not sure of the process you may require a court order. You can also go to the courthouse get in line to speak with Duty Council… arrive early. Tell only the truth and best of luck to your children.

  11. Kat Lyyli Kat Lyyli says:

    It sounds to me like you caused a lot of concern with CAS regarding your daughter. There are ways to get her back, such as completing the programs they set for you ect.
    You should feel grateful, not spiteful that your family took in your daughter. Foster care can be traumatic for youth…
    It sounds to me like you have a lot of work to do with taking accountability and make some more changes before you consider bringing the child back into your life.

  12. how about stop blaming others for your fuck ups? Do what CAS has asked you to do to get your daughter back if it’s not to late, stop sending texts and emails to your family members and stop putting men ahead of your kids ( moving to bc with the reason you gave up your kid) Gotta say if you were my daughter I would not be giving you your daughter back.

  13. Krista Breen Krista Breen says:

    Should hAve gotten your shit together 16 years ago when you had your first children instead you have another child and take off to BC to follow a guy lmao and sign your child over to your mother now you want your kids back lol what a joke maybe don’t have kids if you aren’t going to step up and take care of them I’m sorry but your a dead beat move on and leave your kids with the ppl who love and are actually taking care of them

  14. Tyler Leduc Tyler Leduc says:

    Honestly i didn’t even have to read this all to see this is a one sided track story. Too many unfilled gaps and not trying to be rude but very naive if you ask me

  15. Kim Parker Kim Parker says:

    How about instead of worrying about more men in your life, why not just take care of yourself and try to get your kid back. Never mind following the guy to BC and all that. I do know CAS is corrupt, but maybe if you just worry about yourself and stop blaming your family for things that they have done! Remember, YOU are the one that signed your daughter over to your mom. There is not a man or any human being that could make me ever do that, You said u did it because your man was on drugs… How about signing this druggy over to anyone to get him out of your life instead of signing your daughter over?? Women today worry more about the men in their life than their kids! YOUR KIDS ARE NUMBER 1. Please dont see this as me being awful… read it and take it to heart!

  16. Jason Fox Jason Fox says:

    You messed me up at “I signed custody of my daughter to my deceased mom” ??? You signed custody over to a dead person ?

  17. Anne Bruneau Anne Bruneau says:

    Your daughter is 16. She can move in with you if that’s what she wants and no one can say shit about it.

  18. I hate cas in this city. I’ve seen some really shit parents get to keep their children while some amazing people lose their kids because of vindictive friends or family making vexatious claims. Anyhow Mr. Florentis is an awesome awesome lawyer and a bull dog against cas.

  19. Ally Rebekah Ally Rebekah says:

    Oh boy.
    Good luck with all that.

  20. John Brown John Brown says:

    Why are some allowed to reproduce. The poor kids.

  21. Renee Benoit Renee Benoit says:

    Could have just said need a good family lawyer??

  22. Why air your problems online?
    I think you need a therapist. not a lawyer.

  23. Don’t you love C.A.S… they’re so fucken corrupt.
    I don’t know anything about your past involvment with cas but Just do what they ask you to try n get your daughter back. It’s sad cause some workers are bitches and they force you to do “voluntary” programs and if u don’t you get labeled as not co-operating.
    Keep all your documents as proof. Something not adding up tho. Why would u sign rights over to your mom bc of your Xs past. If he’s out of your life now can you not revoke your signature? Your daughter is living with your sister? And…. If you have to ditch your bf to get your daughter back maybe do so .. It’s sucks cuz cas probably is putting u in that predicament but do what u need to do to get her back. Good luck

  24. Do yourself a favour and scroll until you find the line, “long story short”

  25. Bob Jones Bob Jones says:

    English must be your third language…

  26. Matty Morris Matty Morris says:

    Sounds like typical sudbury

  27. Anna Perry Anna Perry says:

    Wow! Why?
    Considering the state of your life, isn’t there something most important you could have done, in the time it took you to explain all this to the general population who really doesn’t give a fuck.
    Oh wait you need recommendations for a lawyer.
    How about “looking for a lawyer to fight CAS?”

  28. Holy fuck! This would make a perfect movie of the week !lmao seriously sell your story to fox! Or net flix. .lol

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