Looking for a good home for my Wiener-Dog

Looking to give my dog away to a good home . Will be traveling away from home a lot and can’t take dog with me . He’s great with children and loves to cuddle



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  1. Carol Spirak Carol Spirak says:

    Would love to adopt him. This is my lil one

  2. Reily Burns Reily Burns says:


  3. SUDBURY’S, WHO NOT TO GIVE ANIMALS TO. Is a good place to check before rehoming

  4. How do we go about getting info on this dog?

  5. Hello. Willing to adopt. Please feel free to pm me. I have a home with 1 rescue dog and 2 rescue cats.

  6. PM me, I’m know as “the Big Wiener” when it comes to rescuing Dachshunds.
    (and I am very used to hard & soft coated wirehairs)

  7. Amy Marie Amy Marie says:

    Jennica Brazeau does your grandma have room for one more lol

  8. Eric Joanisse thats not the exs dog is it ?

  9. PM me with more info. I have a mini dachshund now as well as my big goofball. My mini dachshund is 4

  10. If you want to reach out PM me. Check us out online Canadian Dachshund Rescue Ontario

  11. Please message or call me 249-878-7828. I’d love to offer him/her a home! 🙂

  12. I commented on Shoutout Sudbury and am very interested in meeting this little darling. I am looking for a little companion dog for my blind little 13 lb dog and he looks like he would be a great match for her. I am a very responsible pet owner. Please pm me with more details….age, neutered, shots, name etc. I just want to grab him out of the picture and hug him.

  13. Karen S says:

    Please, let me meet this little dog. I am looking for a small companion for my little blind 13 lb, 7 year old dog. I love dogs and would love to meet him as he could be the perfect match for her. He would be well looked after and very happy. I just want to pick him up and hug him right out of his picture.

  14. Please give him a rescue as they will make sure he finds a good home as they do home visits and vet references. Please do not give him to anyone for free.

    • Bonnie Fraser I got my dog for free when she was 6 months old. Shes now 8 years old and has yet needed a reason to visit the vet. Not everybody is a bad dog owner..

    • I got my cat for FREE. He is now 6years old and very healthy. Only went to the vet together fixed. So free is not bad as long as the owner is not trying to give a sick dog away. U gotta watch for that. My dad adopted a car from a person and it turned out to have cancer and 2 weeks later had to put it down.

  15. Karen says:

    I am very interested. How old is this little darling. I am looking for a companion for my little blind dog and he looks like he would be perfect. I love dogs and just want to hug this little darling. Please contact me as I would love to meet him.

  16. Tamara Drake Tamara Drake says:

    I suggest you call Canadian Dachshund Rescue. They will care for him until they find the perfect family. Many people take free dogs advertised like this and then use them for bait dogs. You have to be very careful with a loved pet you can no longer keep.

  17. Hello I’m with the Canadian Dachshund rescue

  18. I’m alone I would be able to give a home right away

  19. Please pm me about age of the dog and if its fixed

  20. I have a wiener dog my dog would love a companion

  21. Sue Landry Sue Landry says:

    How old is he? Neutered? Up to date on all his shots?

  22. Nancy Hache Nancy Hache says:

    can poster plz pm me about this dog

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