Looking for a Builder

I found a house plan I absolutely adore from a company out west.

They’ve agreed to sell me the plans/specs but I would need to fund my own local builder for this work. Help!!!
(Building just outside of Sudbury, on an old family property, if that matters)


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  1. DIMAR Construction Inc. exceeds all expectations!

  2. The ontario building code might require you to make changes. Gotta watch plans from elsewhere.

  3. SLV Homes, Louie Zagordo and Alba Zagordo are great to work with. The finished home will be beautiful

  4. I second Jamie Erven. Great builder and truly very professional.

  5. I work for SLV and would be happy to speak to you.

  6. JC Watson JC Watson says:

    This is a big undertaking and can run way over budget if you are not very careful. I recommend meeting with at least 3 to 5 contractors. Personally the ones that tell you what you want for close to the price you want it are usually blowing smoke. Ask if they have references for other houses they have built that the proud new build home owner wouldn’t mind answering a few questions.

    I use to own a contracting company in BC. It wasn’t construction though… it was Land/Environmental. I saw many people unaware pick a contractor to fix issues that they needed to have fixed again.

    The contractor that’s willing to explain to you step by step and give you choices is not hiding poor craftmanship inside walls because they let you choose along the way based on your price points.

  7. What u need is a contractor to sit down with you and discuss cost of everything with a realistic timeline of completion. That contractor will do everything else to finding the hvac/plumbers/drywall/electricians and get the job done right

  8. D&G Contracting!! Send me a message!

  9. Call Dale from Bonnis builders at 7055619264

  10. I’m assuming Roger Blake can build it Jon Cyr LMAO

  11. Travis King Travis King says:

    Mike Delarosbil at Home time carpentry

  12. My X is pretty good at building houses. Can also get you references.. PM ME if you want

  13. Roger Blake Roger Blake says:

    Like anyone on this site has the brains to answer your question.

  14. Timo Vuorela Timo Vuorela says:

    Mike Delarosbil is the best and fastest framer in town. Hometime Carpentry.

  15. Steven Sauve Steven Sauve says:

    Jamie Erven he can build your dream house

  16. Check tarion website builder must have tarion by law

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