Looking for “Casper” from Rumbal Terrace

I’m looking for a woman who used to go by the nickname Casper – who lived in the townhouses at Rumbal Terrace in the early 2000s.

She had a son born maybe sometime in 2003. He may have been apprehended by Child Protective Services, I’m not sure.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.



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  1. I know who that is, what do you want?

  2. People have rough lives and for the most of this is because of there so called parents

  3. U people need to get ur facts right

  4. I’d like to know what this kid did that was deserving of him being “apprehended”.

  5. Sara Bloom says:

    Casper Mooncreast

  6. …”apprehended”…by an organization that isn’t even in this province?……pfftttt…

  7. Matt Moxam says:

    Shhhh it’s me casper

  8. Mark O'Gill says:

    Steph Beckett ? The nickname only.

  9. Was she a friendly ghost

  10. Marc Comtois says:

    Does she do anal ?

  11. I believe u may be looking for me but y

  12. Jenn Peters says:

    I lived there from 2000-2006 and I don’t remember anyone with that name

  13. Dave Sanders says:

    yo message me about Casper,

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    • Nicole LeBel says:

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    • He’s “rock n roll” for sure

    • Tony Martin says:

      That guy is a vet, has PTSD from his time serving in our military, and loves music. His dancing is his way of burning off steam and managing his anxieties. I’ve known him for 25 years. He’s an amazing guy, and having served in our military, is deserving of our respect.

    • stfu Tony Martin. Nobody deserves respect for killing innocent people for corperate greed.

    • Wow. Sudbury has some real assholes.
      Thanks for his back story Tony Martin. He absolutely deserved respect.

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    • Amy Herard says:

      Melanie Czaja

    • Dont believe me do a little research. The military industrial complex is not something Ill ever support . Also, what are these freedoms we have thanks to these soldiers ? Nothing . Were a controlled , scared little population.

    • Tony Martin says:

      Timothy Griggins ….I will not debate your beliefs about war and its causes, but I will say this much, if someone volunteers to serve their country, their motivation is not corporate greed. Their motivation is the desire to serve, and if it comes to it, to lay down their lives to protect the rest of us, even those who would spit on their contribution the way you do.
      As for the freedoms that you seem to feel do not exist, there are still many countries where you’d be killed for expressing the views you just spouted. Our veterans fought and died to preserve the freedoms you enjoy, and you’re not even capable of seeing the irony in the fact that their sacrifice is one of the reasons that you’re able to bad-mouth them without being executed the way you would be in many countries.
      If you feel you’re being controlled, that’s your prerogative.
      Likewise if you feel scared, but I feel neither, nor do most people, so you speak only for yourself when you say we’re a “controlled, scared population”.
      Please feel free to fire back with some more vitriol that you’re FREE to voice WITHOUT FEAR of government reprisal….all thanks to the sacrifices made by men and women who were far braver than you’ll ever grow up to be.

  15. How about the boogie man in Ryan heights?

  16. Chris Adams says:

    Stripper name?

  17. Misty Smith says:

    Do you mean ghost?

  18. Anna Stanley says:

    Get the popcorn

  19. Dean Farinha says:

    This has to be a troll post. CPS is American.