How come every time a high profile goof gets called put , charged and prosecuted for his own woman hating abuse , my ex then loses his shit and goes off on a paranoia rampage, constantly coming out of the wood work eith all these ways he’s gonna get me, lol. And how I’m the worst coparent. As soon as the hype coops down from said celebrity cast away , he cools off. It’s whack. Every . Single . Time. It never fails.

Obvs the most recent was the verdict for R. KELLY. he completely turned wacko and began gaslighrimg me, defending himself for things i lett go a decade ago, going aonfar as to be paranoia convinced i was gonna take him to court or call police so he’d send me passive aggressive threats, sometimes not even to me, but about me through different means.

Man, some dudes need their own anonymous therapy since they’ll never admit to wrong doing, it wil crush their entire lofe if thwy don’t come to terms with who they are what they did and let it Go !!! Holay ! It’s so freeing. Let that shot go, homes haha 😄



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  1. Anonymous says:

    U sound like trailer trash

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nobody cares. You’re both useless excuses of parents like everybody else eho lives in this city. The stereotype for a good parent is usually the female partner goes around stretching their legs open for anybody and everybody as the male partner gets falsely accused of being abusive/controlling/manipulating. Everybody has the same God dam story and it’s all for attention and clout.

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