Liquidators Depot at Notre Dame reselling stuff from Treasure Hunt

This seller at a Liquidators Depot on Notre Dame claimed he warranty his thing. I saw his post of “MORE GOODIES” and spotted the blue patio set I saw in Treasure Hunt/Walmart (I was gonna buy it but when I went back to get it, it was gone.)

I took a photo of a patio set from treasure hunt. Guess what, that exact patio set from Treasure Hunt is what this guy is reselling for $300.

Check the black pen marks! Someone even told him that Treasure Hunt is selling it for $250 and he replied, “I warranty my thing.”



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  1. For thos that would like to no were we are located 854 Notre dame behind spacecraft beside sudbury go karts open Thursday to Sundays 9 to 6

  2. Nicole LeBel Nicole LeBel says:

    Treasure hunt is a liquidator just like the store your bashing. Just like all of these other stores, these stores will all have same items because they get skids of liquidated items from the same stores.
    As for prices, treasure hunt is a bigger company and can afford to lower their prices, not all stores small and just starting out can as they need to start somewhere..
    Go online look at all the liquidation stores around just Ontario they all have the same items.
    Majority off liquidated items come from Walmart or stores that have closed like target.
    People need to do their research before bashing someone or a company but hey they got some free advertisement now people who didnt know about them will go check them out

  3. Cindy Rowe Cindy Rowe says:

    What a hot piece of news……a liquidator buys other businesses product and then sells it to make a profit. Quick someone call the police.

  4. Tracy Baker Tracy Baker says:

    Another self entitled snowflake. Go on spotted rant before you stop and actually use that muscle you have between your ears.

  5. Who cares. It’s a difference of 50 dollars. When that same set is still double that anywhere else. Maybe they’re out of patio sets at treasure hunt … well this guys still got one for sale !
    And honestly there really isn’t many people who even go to treasure hunt.

  6. Amber Grooms Amber Grooms says:

    “This guy buying low and selling higher in his store is totally ok, but people who buy cheap from Facebook and resell are scum of the Earth.” So, so many double standards.

  7. We do the best we can for the people my team and I been working at this for 3 years 90 percent of r stock comes from factory derect as most regular customers no they r a Toronto based company yes we buy transport loads from either bigg wholesale company arround the world yes arround the world and yes I do admit I at times buy from treasure hunt wen I see great deals and still managed to sale the idem at lower cost then box stores I am sorry you felt offended I dint want to give you the patio set for 250 dollars I do have over 10 people on staff and over head god bless

  8. Love it thanks for all the advertisements for free

  9. Anne Savard Anne Savard says:

    They don’t warranty their stuff or make sure it works just my two cents

  10. He can kinda price it how he wants.. Risks of shopping at places like this, you dont really know. The other day he had a 4$ clock from dollarama priced for 10$. You are the consumer, if you dont like it shop elsewhere.

  11. Ben Rinaldo Ben Rinaldo says:

    Something is worth whatever you want to pay for it. If it was worth $300 to YOU then, it’s worth $300.

  12. These are also sold at walmart for 300$ or more..

  13. Treasure Hunt = Liquidator.
    Notre Depot has Liquidator in their name…

    I am willing to bet you that they both buy stock from same suppliers and that the patio set you wanted to buy someone bought! If he did good for him and now he makes a bit of money….I bet that same set is still 500 at wal mart

  14. Nothing wrong with reselling, half the car parts you’ll buy in your life are likely 40% cheaper if you knew how to get them yourself.

  15. David Miron David Miron says:

    A few new liquidation shops have opened up in the city within the last few years… they pretty well all get the same sort of stock… they end up getting liquidation skids of stock from big retailers and they are passing the savings on to their customers. Take into consideration that they also need to turn a bit of profit to cover operation costs. That’s just business… don’t like it then shop around… there’s more than enough competition in this city.

  16. Allen Lawson Allen Lawson says:

    I can’t see any comments:(

  17. soooo…your point is?????

  18. Tanya Werden Tanya Werden says:

    Just another Saturday in the Suds.

  19. Check them out good deals, nice people❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  20. Who cares if they make a profit … your fault for not shopping around if you buy it.

  21. 30 degrees out and can still find a snowflake.

  22. Mike Gratton Mike Gratton says:

    He wouldn’t make money just reselling from treasure hunt. They are both buying liquidation by the truck load.

  23. James Brady James Brady says:

    This sounds like good advertising for them! Lol

  24. Jessy Landry Jessy Landry says:

    At least he’s working making a living while your being s keyboard warrior collecting a monthly check

  25. Reily Burns Reily Burns says:

    You people have no idea. Dan is a great guy trying to make a living doing what he loves! He has great deals all the time and giveaways. He goes down sound and buys pallets like treasure hunt and every other liquidator out their. Maybe do some research before you open your mouth!!

  26. Reily Burns Reily Burns says:

    Lol you have no idea.. I know who runs the place and it’s not resold stuff

  27. Places like liquidators depot,liquidators world buy transport trucks full of product from stores that have gone out of business.. so yes it may be from a treasure hunt, hart store. You should have asked where they get their products. And if the price was to high use your Flipp App to find it cheaper else where.

  28. Its still cheaper then walmart.. who ever complained about this should get their head checked. 350 for an outdoor patio set is too expense but 350 on a concert ticket is ok.. 1000 dollars on a cell phone is justified but 1000 dollars for education is too expense…

  29. Lucy Simcoe Lucy Simcoe says:

    This sounds serious…

  30. All I got from that was:
    Stick to Treasure Hunt because it’s cheaper!

  31. I don’t understand what the issue is here. If it’s cheaper somewhere else then buy it somewhere else. Most retailers survive on buying stock elsewhere and selling it for a higher price.

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