Liquid dog shit disaster

I apologize for anyone having to collect their mail at the corner of Jeanine and Autumwood. My dog unleashed a river of toxic diarrhea and I left it there. I’m not proud of this but I would have needed a mop to remove it. There was no bagging this type of defication, this horrific monstrosity that defiled the landscape in such a foul, pungent manor. #savedoortodoor


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51 Responses

  1. At least your vernacular is on point. Kudos!

  2. Matt Noonan Matt Noonan says:

    #savedoortodoor ?? Nice Try Canada Post

  3. Raw carrots help diarrhea

  4. Erica Young Erica Young says:

    Hope your dog is feeling better

  5. Jena Lavigne Jena Lavigne says:

    Give the poor pup some white cooked rice….

  6. If you really need to scoop then go out when it is frozen on ground and scoop it up with a small steel shovel . shit happens

  7. Chicken and rice is best to feed your dog when they have bad diarrhea. Make sure your dog doesn’t have something like parvo or is sick from any new dog treats! If your dog doesn’t get better by tomorrow call emergency vet, it could be something serious.

  8. The troll quality has gone down significantly recently.

  9. Leave it till -20 then scoop it with a good steal shovel..

  10. Where is this dog and how do we go about finding it to slit it’s throat?

  11. Pumkin… It helps with resetting their bowels.. If constipation, it releases, if diarrhea, it helps harden.
    Cheapest, and safest thing to use.
    My mom once walked a dog that got into chicken.. Well, the dog shit and spun at th same time, she had to be quick to not get it on her. The owner of the property where the dog went on thr edge of was there. My mon with her bag, looked at the guy ans said “I can’t pick that up”.. Luckily he bursted out laughing, realizing it was impossible. Lol

  12. I gave mine Imodium when he was stealing the cats dinner

  13. You can actually give him Imodium..good luck lol

  14. Eve Nicole Eve Nicole says:

    You can give him some pepto! It will help his belly.

  15. Pumpkin … at least he didn’t eat his own shit then puke 15 times in the house like mine did.

  16. Nedine Lair Nedine Lair says:

    Fyi..dogs can get the flu..cost me 400. To find that out

  17. Nedine Lair Nedine Lair says:

    Pure pumpkin stops diarrhea in dogs..NOT pumpkin pie filling but pure pumpkin

  18. Jamie Lebel Jamie Lebel says:

    Give your dog some boiled chicken breast and if it doesn’t clear up within 24 hrs, he should probably see a vet

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