Lest we forget

I sure don’t have an answer to our homeless and I take it I’m not alone and the City seems to be in a bind of what to do about tent city in memorial park, that saddens me….

I guess we have to forget the idea of Remembrance Day, now who would ever think that would happen…

Let us hear you vent..what do you say?



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Country under libs is going to shit lock em up and bring in 3 strike system time the city’s police did there job

  2. Anonymous says:

    City needs to eun em outta town and just make it hard for them to do drugs and freeload soon enough they will get the message

  3. Anonymous says:

    Pan handlers at every intersection they run it like a business…I see the same people..I
    Watch two of them at the lorne st.. Grocery store.working in tandem one sat behind Shrubbery while the other pan handled then traded places…..if you can stand there for hours, then perhaps there is a job out there for you…am I being to critical.?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Do as the city of Sault St. Marie…..they have already moved their homeless into motels for the winter…here in Sudbury last year t hey used the Cardinal Inn ….its. a problem that will
    Never go away, we will see more and more every year…there is no good answer..

  5. Anonymous says:

    There are no definitive statistics when it comes to the number of homeless veterans, but estimates have placed the figure between 3,000 and 5,000. A point-in-time survey of emergency shelters in 61 communities in 2018 found 4.4 per cent of users were veterans.
    Richter could not speak to what happened to Van Eck, but he and others underscored the need for better treatment when it comes to addiction and psychological trauma in addition to affordable housing.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Please…..planning Rembrance Day in the park was a farce….someone clearly had ulterior motives.

    Someone at the legion figured the city would clean up the park for them and evict everyone. Why else would they suddenly decide to go there for the first times since the 90’s..
    Why would they expect elderly veterans and legion members to stand in the cold??

    Their plan to have the parked “cleared out” for them backfired so now they are having ceremonies at the legions and excluding the public.

    Nice try though

  7. Brock says:

    The homeless in Memorial Park are breaking the law and should be punished for breaking that law. Make no mistake, the people that choose to squat in Memorial park made a choice to do so. The Sudbury Police should move them out of the park as soon as possible. There is garbage all over the place, urine, and fecal matter all over the park.
    Several people also have overdosed in the park. By “allowing” these people to “live” in the park, the city is enabling them.
    The cost to maintain the park has gone through the roof. As a city taxpayer, I demand that any park within the city should NOT be allowed to turn into a makeshift campground because our city officials do not have the guts to deal with the situation.
    The fact that remembrance day ceremonies have to be moved from the park is a disgrace.

    • Anonymous says:

      As a City tax payer myself, I think you’re a fucking idiot.

      “Lock them up”

      Oh do they do that for fucking free? So you have the cost of sending the police out, likely with tac gear $$$- the cost of locking them up $$$- the cost of court-$$$
      And then since there is no treatment, you let them back out and rinse wash repeat.

      And how many are out theretherd? how long are they being locked up for? I mean this is going to get expensive fast.

      It’s not a problem that’s just going to be solved by locking them up. Since you know it seems to be “spreading” for everyone that overdoses 3 more take their place.

      In the oldie times they had leper colonies, I think we find an old mine or something and let them have it.

      • Brock says:

        “I think we find an old mine or something”

        My profane uneducated friend, you really thought long and hard about your rebuttal it seems. The facts are that these people are taking away a park from families and from veterans. I do not see you offering up anything but “empty” thoughts. Do you have a backyard my “tax” paying friend? Maybe you can house a few tents and provide some facilities for these people.
        I am sure you would love to have drug addicts injecting in your backyard.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yes we should remember our vets!
    Thank you vets for liberating the Afghani poppy fields and allowing the production of heroin and opium to flourish under your watch in an occupied country.
    Thank you to the military for using war time propaganda on your own citizens during covid.

    You have made the world a much safer place