Leslie’s killed Silver Bullet

I’ve noticed less and less people at Silver Bullet this year. The numbers have been in decline since Leslie’s opened their bigger location. While I prefer the curd option in a poutine (as the Poutine Gods intended), I still very much enjoy the rest of the menu at Silver Bullet. It is very much comparable to what Leslie’s has to offer.

Given they’re both basically cash-only businesses (Leslie’s has debit but charges $0.50/transaction, which I find is a bit ridiculous considering how busy they are, they could easily absorb the cost, or even increase every menu item by 5 cents to offset Interac fees. To me, a busy establishment that chooses to charge extra for debit is clearly hiding money from the books).

So… other than cash vs debit, and that Silver Bullet is seasonal, why do people prefer Leslies?
How long do you think it’ll be before Leslie’s officially puts Silver Bullet out of business?

(and I am not employed nor have I ever been employed or professionally affiliated with either of these establishments. I’m just another Sudbury fatty who loves good fries, good chicken fingers or a good burger! lol)



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  1. Leslie’s has killed the Silver Bullet. I love it in the past I thought they were the same people moved to a better, cleaner facility with more choices. Time to movethe trailer to a trailer park and sell there.

  2. Dustin Oake says:

    Silver bullet sucks ass

  3. CJ Borne says:

    Leslie’s gravy is shit!!!!!

  4. CJ Borne says:

    I think the poutine is better at Silver Bullet and their burgers. That’s about it lol.

  5. Silver bullet is shit compared to leslies

  6. I have found that over the last 4 years silver bullets quality has gone downhill… I do however still prefer the silver bullet hamburgers and the bullet dog is the shit!! But for poutines or fries it’s Leslie’s all the way…

  7. I don’t care for either, I drive to Chelmsford!

  8. as a business owner, I understand the logic in charging a fee to use a service. The debit machine is does not belong to Leslie’s nor would she pay a fee at least this is how it worked at another establishment I worked at. The debit machine is provided free paper is free this way and the only requirement is to accept that this company will charge a nominal fee $0.50 to the customer in order to cover their cost.

    Option 2, which I also did was purchase the equipment which would make us solely responsible for damage and was then permitted by law to charge a fee to allow you to use the machine. Which I did as it was a convenience factor as I came to your door with the machine.

    I currently have 4 debit machines at my new business which I rent from a service provider, I take in all the fees…Monthly fees is well over $450 per month. Something I can’t recover as I have chosen to put my customer first. If the machine breaks I then have a cost of $200 per call that I have to pay for their technician to come in and fix. It would be easier to have the customer pay the $0.50 to lower my cost, but I have accepted that I need you more then you need me…so I take on that responsibility!

  9. Chris Tine says:

    I personally think silver bullet used to b amazing. But the taste and quality of their food has continued to go down hill for years now. I refuse to eat there. Leslie’s on the other hand I find their food amazing.

  10. I just find the long line ups and weather a huge factor. Not to mention a year around routine wld like include Leslie’s. I hate any business that charges for interact. The cost is minimal to the business.

  11. Thier poutine is shit….

  12. because Leslie’s is better all around and is open year round. They didn’t get a bigger location for nothing you know and it’s easier to retain customers if you arent seasonal.

    Also cooking the books with debit fees? please tell me you didnt think that one out before you wrote it

  13. Gord Kol says:

    & here I am & never had or know what a poutine is

  14. If I feel like good food and good fries i’ll go to leslies. If I feel like greasy hood fries that are soggy as can be I’ll stop at the bullet. Haven’t set foot in that thing in years.

  15. I prefer leslie’s because I have never gotten food poisoning from there ordered from silver bullet 2 times last year both times me and my husband and my kids ended up with food poisoning

  16. Dennis Lopez says:

    Why even talk about Silver bullet when GPs in Chelmsford is way superior. Literally the gods of poutine crafting by far!

  17. Wow Amanda you have been very opinionated lately

  18. Well personally I would rather eat at Leslie’s.. because I don’t like getting metal in my food from the silver bullet…

  19. I’ve seen staff at silver bullet handle money then food without washing their hands. The service and staff at Leslie’s is incredibly profesional and the kitchen is clean. I love supporting local growing businesses. Leslie is a constant smiling gem!

  20. Food you shouldn’t eat muscling out food you shouldn’t eat

  21. Where is Leslie’s? I have never heard of it!

  22. I don’t understand how people still eat at Leslie’s. The last 3 times I have ate there my husband and I have gotten sick. We will never go back. Silver bullet on the other hand has never done us wrong

  23. Meg Rose says:

    Not really a Leslie’s fan, Bullet kills them!!

  24. 50 cents really isnt that bad to be charged for using debit. LOL have you not seen what a bank charges you if your not their card holder? Or even when you want to withdrawl from an ATM. I do agree though.. silver bullet pricing has gone up. The poutines the only thing worth it for me bc of the amount you get. Still a pricey menu though… oh and so is the Jessnik chip stand. So good yet 15$ for a piece of fish and fries :/

  25. Y tho Sean Lynott Montana McCulloch

  26. Amber Church says:

    Last time I went to Silver Bullet there were people coming in and out of both doors, the whole trailer was full of flies, and the food was all soggy. I also don’t like eating places that I’m scared to ruin my clothes if I touch anything, which I think is pretty reasonable lol

  27. Leslie’s has best fried chicken ever

  28. Bullets pogos are better

  29. I ended up there in december of forever ago because I caught my gf cheating and obviously had to leave. Not being from levack I had to find accomodations so I went there looking for a room. I ended up talking to the owner about my woes and she offered me a couple nights free with dinners included if I go up on the roof and shovel all the snow off.
    I agreed.
    Next thing you know Im a full time live in employee. Lmao!!! Hung around levac a month after catching my gf cheating and leaving her. It was hilarious. I didn’t actually earn any money tho. I always owed. She would tally up my bills every payday and inform me im behind on what i owe her. Once i started to keep track of my bills I caught on to the rest of her scams.
    She would allow me beer and cigarettes and food and just make me a bill for each and put them away…to be counted up and deducted from my pay. She did it all and I just had to take her word for it. So two paydays in a row where I was still in the black was enough to start paying attn.

  30. When minimum wage hits $15/hour, everyone will be hiding money and hiring under the table at $12/hour

  31. Jo Watson says:

    I’ve always found charging the costumer for debit transactions to be tacky. They cost $0.06 each. If you need to charge for it you’re greedy!

  32. I tried silver bullet once 6 years ago… and will never go back, didn’t like the food.. and they don’t use curds. Tried Leslie’s once and love it and keep going back … spicy poutine is amazing… ceaser salad wrap is amazing. her catering is also amazing and not to mention she is very nice.

    • Alysha Simon says:

      they probably ran out of curds that one time you went there, because i get curds everytime i go there which is often, and ive been going there almost all my life. it sounds to me like you just like more flavourful foods, silver bullet is more of an original, stop, eat, n go type of place, nothin fancy. everyones different.

    • That’s false info right there Alysha Simon … I’ve gone to silver bullet also as a child and I am now in my 30’s and never once have I got curds it was always a soup poutine with shredding cheese!

    • Every time I’ve gone I’ve never had curds either.

    • Never once have i had curds from silver bullet

    • When there was the contest years ago for Sudburys best poutine Silverbullet was exempt because they technically serve cheese fries, not poutine.

  33. Lol ! Omg that sucks

  34. Amanda Luv says:

    Silver bullet charges more for less these days and there food isn’t consistent. I use to go there all the time but haven’t even went once this yr

  35. Would first like to state I have never been to Leslie’s. Have went to silver bullet a couple times a few years ago. Truthfully if I was to take my family to eat I’d go try the clean, new building..not the run down trailer. Mind you I haven’t been there in a few years to be fair but honestly a few years ago it was very very run down.

  36. I love the poutine at silver bullet….. I tried it at Leslie’s did not like it…the gravy was gross

  37. I don’t think you understand how business works. Most stores will change more than 50 cents a transaction on debit. Also silver bullet has been declining in popularity for years. Leslie’s just got their new location open in the past six months. Nothing you said rly adds up. Plus Leslie’s is better and piles on the curds and gravy like no other.

  38. Even when I ask for light gravy from silver bullet they never fail to pour so much gravy on it i get what looks like gravy and potatoe soup

  39. Last time i went to silver bullet the chicken burger was over done and the poutine was a soup. I paid a lot for the this and did not eat it in the end as it was not good enough to eat. I went to get food somewhere else and told myself that they will only take my money once for bad food. So i have never been back. It is all about quality if you can give it people stop going. It is that simple.

  40. I’m pretty sure they are both owned by the same people.. or same family .

  41. I find them both overpriced and won’t go get something that much when I can get the same thing for a lesser price at a different chip stand

  42. I just love Leslie’s food lol never tried silver bullet

  43. A lot of people don’t carry cash on them so that could make a difference but honestly last year was the first time I ever went to Leslies and it was super good. The silver bullet is also good and tbh now I want a poutine from each

  44. Cindy Lawson says:

    If you are using debit you are not hiding money from the books. Debit goes straight into the business account including the debit fee. Companies pay a monthly fee to use the machine so it is recovered. Why should everyone pay more to cover the customer that chooses debit. If you don’t like paying debit fees than bring cash. Pretty simple.

    • Shes saying charging people to use it therefore dramatically increasing cash sales could be indicative of the business not declaring all their earnings.
      While its not a sure thing like she says shes not totally wrong.

    • The banks are the real sobs in thus transaction though to be clear.

    • Gord Kol says:

      pay cash non my business what thet do with it as long as I get what I paid for.I pay tx what does Wynne & trudeau do with it? Then its my business because I am not getting my moneys worth

    • Erik Heikkila Except the extra amount she charges is deposited along wiht the cash sales… it is most likely to offsest the cost asssociated with debit / credit card processing. I don’t see how this could be an incation of not declaring sales…

  45. I like having fries with my gravy & cheese and also the option for curds also if I’m correct silver bullet is expensive. That’s just me though haha

  46. Give it a rest, dude. Who gives a shit where people want to eat? Silver Bullet has been around forever and it’s not going anywhere so don’t get your panties in a twist. Leslie’s has been around for a long time and it expanded and is doing well for itself. Fact is they’re both local businesses and it’s great that they both do so well. Leslie’s is a business all year round, it would be pretty stupid if she didn’t have debit available. Most places charge for a debit fee, it costs the business money to use it.

    Honestly, what even is this post about? Eat at Leslie’s or eat at Silver Bullet, who cares?

  47. Leslie’s gravie is to dark and salty, if you want a good Poutine go to Sturgeon Falls at Larry’s or the Riv!

  48. Bullet costs an arm n a leg…

  49. Ashley Cayer says:

    I have never had anything good from Leslie’s and I have tried multiple things on the menu. Everything is very lack lustre, I honestly don’t know how they are so busy.

  50. It costs something like ten grand a year to be able to use interac and debit functions at a buisness.

  51. Cory Caressa says:

    Leslie’s family founded the Silver Bullet, they owned it for several years back in the day when they owned Furniture Unlimited, it was in that parking lot at the time (where city surplus is now) which is why it is pretty similar. It was awesome back then and I don’t mind it today either.

  52. Mike Leclair says:

    SB was awesome when first open back in the day. Not sure what it’s like now, been away to long.

  53. NobLe Sam says:

    Cuz its gross

  54. Kirsten Maki says:

    I find the good quitity is always amazing at Leslie’s fast service friendly staff. I used to love silver bullet but I find there food has become poor tasting you receive less then before when ordering fries.

  55. After many years we went to the silver bullet, and it was a bit of a disappointment

  56. Did you just compare Leslie’s to a fucken chip stand??

    • But the Silver Bullet is not your average chip stand. The food is really good. Just as good as Leslie’s, but I prefer the curds in Leslie’s poutin. And Leslie’s has that awesome chicken. Mmmm……making myself hungry. Lol

  57. Silver bullet is garbage . Worst chip stand in town. Go to the Tarini bros one on westmount . In the rexal parking lot if you want good food.

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