LED billboards on kingway going towards downtown are to bright!

Has anyone else noticed how blinding the LED billboards are at night? It’s really hard to see whats going on in traffic with those signs blasting light right into my car. This is a safety concern and i encourage anyone who gets into an accident because they were blinded by those signs to sue. Don’t give a shit how impressive your product or services are, they don’t need to be blasted full brightness at oncoming traffic. Turn those signs down, no wonder there’s always accidents there



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  1. The one on the corner of Lasalle and Notre Dame is even more bright than those. I live in a building beside Kent court and that sign lights up my house at night.

  2. Yep I agree! Huge distraction and hazard especially at night. We are not vegas or new york. Many laws are being broken and if ever I get into an accident near one I will use it as an excuse. Too bright/not aimed properly, too distracting, too hard on the eyes you almost need sunglasses driving by them.

  3. agreed. no need for it to be that bright.

  4. Amy Dee Amy Dee says:

    The one on Notre Dame at the mall will sometimes flash a bright blue which has me checking my mirrors for a cop. Definitely distracting.

  5. Matt Hoops Matt Hoops says:

    I think they need to install f.lux

  6. The one on Notre Dame is also too bright. But the very worst one is the one at Bell Park

  7. James Nash James Nash says:

    Sometimes the red and blue flash from the sign makes me think there is a police officer lighting me up, I always end up checking my rearview.

  8. Linda says:

    Agree. Way too bright. Put down your cell phones they say. It causes accidents. It`s distracting. Yes, we know. Had to see too many accidents to understand, but now we know. Here, let us put billboards lit up to the nines, to distract you WHILE you`re driving and blind you while we`re at it, at night. Terrific. Ignore citizens voicing their concern about being able to drive safely at night. And? No one cares. This is a city that couldn`t care less. Simple solutions? Nawww. No one cares. Dim the lights? No one cares. Let us have some accidents and then someone will eventually care. What a city.

  9. Tim Hayes Tim Hayes says:

    And the one on brady

  10. Sue Young Sue Young says:

    Stay home if you can’t handle the odd LED signs. Bunch of chronic complainers

    • Don’t care about the LED signs, but those darn vehicles with LED headlights are very hard on the eyes. Especially the trucks. Can’t see the road. Sean wants to put them on his truck and I think they can be a hazard.

  11. Lana Hynes Lana Hynes says:

    I agree 100%
    There is one in the south end as well!

  12. Or when u roll up to the one on Norte Dame and the lights red. Ive been behind ppl staring at it lights green and still reading it…

  13. I have been saying this since they were installed, same as the one at freskiws. Can’t believe they haven’t caused accidents

  14. Bob Daigle Bob Daigle says:

    Just call the city and file a complaint. There are limits to “obtrusive” signage. And there are “light pollution” bylaws in place.

  15. Shawn Irving Shawn Irving says:

    Would you like a medal there bud ?

  16. I agree 100% with this. The sign on the kingsway, brady and lasalle at leon are way to bright at night. This is absolutely a safety concern and I’m not sure why the brightness hasn’t been adjusted yet.

  17. Rob Everlast Rob Everlast says:

    Shawn Irving I didn’t major in English grammar… I’m actually a frenchmen who went to school, and paid attention.

  18. 100% agree!….. crazy how much they are distractingly bright. Get rid of them.

  19. Shawn Irving Shawn Irving says:

    Not everyone majors in English grammar you morons. They forgot a fucking letter. You guys have to know by now you come across looking a dick when correcting simple mistakes.

  20. Zack Tryon Zack Tryon says:

    Thats how you know disttacted driving is a money grab

  21. Dave Cormier Dave Cormier says:

    Are there actually more accidents there? Opinion or fact?

  22. Look at the road not the

  23. Dani Chev Dani Chev says:

    Put you sunglasses on. Quit your bitching! That’s all everyone does in this town!

  24. Try in a bigger city things are everywhere quit ya bitchin

  25. The one at LaSalle and Notre dame is crazy bright too, drove me nuts in the freezing rain last night

  26. Bunch of fucken whiners

  27. I agree they are distracting

  28. Shadoe Pren Shadoe Pren says:

    I agree 100% . Driving in from Wahnapitae at 6 am everything is dark, then you hit the Kingsway and your eyes don’t have time to adjust . I have a hard time seeing after I pass by, especially the one at the end of the Kingsway in I believe Mar Motors parking lot . That one is the worst for me.

  29. backwards ass hillbillies complaining about everything.. welcome to modern society rednecks…

    like every other city worth a shit in north america you have LED bilboards now.. WOW

  30. Emily Tang Emily Tang says:

    drive down south people and see how bright it is

  31. Dennis Lopez Dennis Lopez says:

    1000$ fine for the sign company for causing distractions anyone?

  32. Dennis Lopez Dennis Lopez says:

    Rob Everlast Certainly OP isn’t “to” bright either xD

  33. It’s a good thing you don’t live in Vegas or New York lol

  34. They definitely are. I find they reflect on my windshield and make it harder to see. That mixed with rain or poor weather is just a bad combo.

  35. CJ Borne CJ Borne says:

    Rob Everlast you must be bored.

  36. Same at corner of Lasalle and Notre dame

  37. Led lights are generally bright but yeah I find it a little much especially when it’s a white screened ad that’s playing

  38. Makes it worst because we can’t see the highway lines just trying to stay in your lane is hard enough now add a blinding light to that

  39. that’s the biggest issue !!

  40. Andie Cerson Andie Cerson says:

    I dont mind the billboards – they dont seem to effect me as much as others I’ve heard say the same. But I do find there are more and more of the led bright white headlights and those I have a serious temp blindness from. Not just oncoming, either. When someone pulls up behind me at an intersection and I have it in my rearview and side mirrors, I struggle. I’m short so my mirrors apparently line my line of sight up with a lot of headlights haha. I cant keep readjusting my mirrors in between intersections 🙁

  41. maybe it’s time to clean the inside of your windshield. At least, it totally helped me deal with seemingly super bright headlights.

  42. At night they can have a dimming feature there is no need for it to be that bright

  43. Complined and city response was its within normal range….I don’t care what they think its normal, when it switches from dark to bright white it blinds you and can’t wait until an accident happens and they Sue the city for not fixing the brightness. Sure the city doesn’t own it but they have bylaws to protect us from this kind of shit. Plus they approved the sign permit so they would be partially responsible seeing as complaints have been going into the office! Than and only than will they/might they do something about it

  44. My wife cries about it everytime we drive down there… Ashley lol

  45. Bob Jones Bob Jones says:

    Yup distractions everywhere but it’s illegal to now change your radio channel while driving… Gotcha

  46. Across from mcds on Notre dame also and corner of elm and Paris/Notre dame on mall I find them distracting

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