Lady who bought my tea

To the lady in the blue Ford Focus on Monday afternoon. I stopped in the Tim Hortons parking lot on the Kingsway to let you get ahead of me in the drive thru line. Although I’m not always successful, that’s how I try to live my life, with courtesy and kindness. When I got to the window myself, the worker said “Happy New Year, the lady in front just paid for your tea”. Funny thing, for most of December, every time I went through TH drive thru lines, I paid for the person behind me, just to know I might have made someone’s day a bit better. On this day, I was feeling distraught after making the decision to let my 12 year old ailing dog cross the Rainbow Bridge on Tuesday. Your gesture made me cry a lot more but they were tears of appreciation. You see, this dog of mine and I have been through hell and back together and this decision feels like it’s killing me now. On a day when the kindness of a stranger couldn’t have meant more, I thank you and I wish you much kindness in return. From a broken hearted dog mom, thank you, just thank you. Small things often have the biggest impact.


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6 Responses

  1. Lisa Dunbar Lisa Dunbar says:

    It’s touching to hear. Big hugs….

  2. Thank God for kind people!!!

  3. Nedine Lair Nedine Lair says:

    I am glad that someone made your day but I also wanted to let you know that sometmes the hardest decision is the most selfless. Your furbaby is now running pain free like a pup and will always be in your heart as you are in theirs.

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