Lady at downtown Tim Hortons

To the lady standing outside the Downtown cedar street Tim Hortons smoking darts Sunday night approx 7pm. We crossed paths and I felt a heavy connection- we made eye contact you asked me for a smoke – although I felt you were flirting .

You were wearing grey track pants and missing most of your teeth.

Pls comment below if you see this 🙂 I would love to go out with you .



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  1. RichARd Touché says:

    Well done.

    Legit experienced a solid LOL and received comic relief! Agree to some extent with other comments regarding “poor taste” if it’s true, but I’d still say great job with the storytelling; great for stand up.

    Written tone was well delivered and noticeably humorous. Bonus points for keepin’ it Canadian with the casual drop of the cigarette synonym. I love that every Canadian gets that. I told a friend from the midwestern USA I was “goin’ ta hack a dart” and she was bewildered. Anyways – great post. Thanks for the laugh… unless it’s legit true… then I’d say maybe consider enrolling in some sensitivity training courses?

  2. Like I’m the first to admit that I’m a complete asshole. With that being said, I find the post in poor taste. Why do we have to rag on the people that are less fortunate than we are?! We could be in that situation some day. Some of those people live with addiction. It’s a life ruiner. I just think that maybe we should be a little more kind to one another, what if your kid turned out that way? Would you want someone making fun of them and the life they live? Maybe I’m just getting old, but things like this post bother me now.

  3. Was it the grey track pants that attracted u or the no teeth ?

  4. Linda says:

    Ignorant and arrogant. Congratulations. You`re nothing special.

  5. Who needs to buy hummer when you get a hummer for free in the downtown area lol

  6. James Nash James Nash says:

    Omg lol. Just post looking for Gumbo have you seen her? Love the troll post.

  7. Jacob Miller Jacob Miller says:

    Whatever floats your goat

  8. Alex Lische Alex Lische says:

    Its 2019….teeth are optional.

  9. Cody Zlotnik Cody Zlotnik says:

    Way to narrow down the search there bud

  10. Mat Decata Mat Decata says:

    Dude that’s like 90% of the population your describing

  11. Shawn Timony Shawn Timony says:

    I miss the days when jokes were funny.

  12. Geoff Sauder Geoff Sauder says:

    Is this a troll post? I sure hope it is lol

  13. XtraMacSauce says:

    Ahh. So that’s where two tooth Sally has been hanging out.

  14. She has teeth…. just her sister needed them that night

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