Ladies, this one’s for you

Alright, I understand this isn’t a dating app, but I need to know a womans opinion.

First of all, to describe me, I’m in my 30’s, tall and been told I’m handsome. Why this matters? So you can judge me I suppose. I don’t get out much and my circle of friends has become pretty small.

I haven’t dated in nearly 2 years and just not in a hurry.

Here’s where you come in.

Under the “people you may know” section my of FB, there is a girl that keeps appearing.

We have 2 mutual friends. She looks roughly my age and has a little girl.

Yes, I browsed her profile.

I have children of my own as well.

I am finding myself to be attracted to this person. I think she’s beautiful. Her smile, her pictures with her little girl are so sweet and I’m catching myself wanting to message her.

Is this weird?

Would it make someone feel uncomfortable to recieve a message from a stranger ?

Should I just ignore her?

Am I simply interested in women again? Or is this even possible?

CS – your smile melts me. I hope to meet you someday. A candle dinner would be pretty sweet 🙂

Don’t be shy to like this



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  1. Manon Duclos says:

    Ive had it happen to me a few times and it can go either way. If she’s interested then it’s cute but if not it’s a little creepy…Dobler/Dahmer effect :). Either way I’ve always felt flattered. I don’t think there’s much to lose here by just adding her as a friend and approaching it as a friendship

  2. Ian Martin says:

    Be mindful of her name. For example if it has a hyphenated last name then she might be married and her husband just may not like this 🙂

  3. Yes, message her

  4. Do it! What do you really have to lose?! I’m sure regardless she will be flattered. Better to have tried than live a lifetime of what ifs. 🙂

  5. Start by friending her with nothing more. Things might naturally happen

  6. Go through the mutual friends! Maybe they can introduce you too her!

  7. Lisa Moroz says:

    Ask your mutual friends about her. Have them set you up if she is single. Go out for drinks and karaoke.
    From there, dinner and a walk on the board walk.

  8. Kayla Bisson says:

    msg one of your mutual friends and ask them if they would set up a good old fashioned blind date, maybe a double date to break the ice so she doesn’t think you’re stalking her

  9. Someone is gonna end up on /r niceguys tonight

  10. Dude . Just be an asshole and a little bit nice. Nobody likes a man with soft hands. Women have expectations that will never be met . Thats why most of them will die alone yet blame everyone else like victims .

  11. Terra Weiler says:

    Go for it worse she can say is no

  12. I think it’s very attractive when a man makes the first move, maybe she does too. Do it, go for it, take a chance; the worst that will happen is she doesn’t respond.

  13. I would probably start with a friend request. That will at least show she has an interest in getting to know u. Then small talk from there. Usually a hey how’s it going. We should grab coffee sometime.

  14. Like someone said before, she’s likely not on FB to be hit on…talk to the friend you two have in common..if she thinks it’s a good idea, she’ll be able to help open the lines of communication.

  15. Shoot a msg n see what happens

  16. Ashley Cayer says:

    Like Melissa said, I would go through the mutual friend.
    My Facebook has pretty tight privacy restrictions and getting messages from guys looking for dates or worse is incredibly unpleasant.

  17. So what’s the worst that can happen? She’s not interested, life goes on

  18. If you have two friends in common, why not talk to them, see about hanging out as a group or as a set up?

  19. Ally Rebekah says:

    Add her.
    She’s seen u in her people she may know. Shell add u.

  20. If she’s popping up in suggestions then it’s likely that you have a mutual friend. Ask them for a introduction

  21. Lianne Gee says:

    I don’t see any harm in it

  22. Quinn Wesley says:

    Pretty sure she’s not on FB for dating… Doubt she’d appreciate receiving your messages

  23. Ginger May says:

    Never know until you try, right? I wouldn’t start with everything you just said.. more or less that you saw her in the suggestions and thought you’d say hi. If she’s right for you you guys will hit it off and if not, move on. I’m not in a hurry to date again either, but if I got a message with someone just wanting to talk (rather than a friend request), I’d be happy to oblige. A conversation is the right way to approach things slowly. Good luck!

  24. A Candle dinner? The wax is going to stick to her teeth.

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