Kids on hwy in whanapitea

These kids are crossing back and forth on highway.

The girl in the blue shirt was almost smoked by a huge transport. The boy in the orange shirt was playing chicken jumping in the road in front of transports.

Please share so their parents are aware. There’s going to be an accident.



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  1. as an adult taken video and pictures of them call the police or get off your ass the tell them to stop doing that shit

  2. L ferguson says:

    Who is to say the cops were not called. And the comment to go talk to them probably would end up the same as when my talked to the kids racing up and down our street without helmets on 4 wheelers. He was told to go f..k himself, mind his own business. Cops were called. He ended up with 2 slashed tires next day. And these kids were about 11 to 13 years of age. Posting this was the best idea. Certainty happy the parents are going to deal with these kids. Some kids are just plain rude when parents are not around

  3. Good for you to post this.. Already one parent came forward, thinking one is his kid, and I applaud him as well for commenting that he will be giving him a stern talking to. Reality is, even amazing parents can have kids influenced by the wrong people, and choose to do stupid things. Putting this out there may have very well given the parents the OPPORTUNITY to be aware, and be ABLE to actually do something about it.
    Kudos for caring enough to share it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    People also need to realize it’s a 70 zone and stop doing 100km

    • Steve says:

      No sidewalks either … with the town on one side and community centre/ ball diamond on the other – or home on one side and store on the other. Either way … they cross a busy highway

  5. Thanks for posting. The point of posting is that it creates awareness and reminds parents who have kids to have that discussion, which can evolve into a safety discussion about any number of things. We drive through parts of Canada every summer and I’ve seen kids do this all over. Kids have been seen, playing chicken, lying on highways, railway tracks etc. To the people who make such rude statements, I worry that you have children.

  6. One of the children in this pic is mine and I am beyond grateful to the person who originally posted it and brought it to our attention in our local page but I feel it completely unnecessary for this to be viral. I would greatly appreciate the admins removing this and the pic of my child that I have NOT given consent to have posted. Just an FYI the children or their parents have NOT given consent to have their pic posted and that is illegal. I also advise anyone who has shared this pic to remove it as I will take legal action if I see it come up again.

  7. Next time call 911. How is the driver going to feel if they hit one of those children. And it wasnt their fault. Because they were out there playing their game? I guess those kids need a summer job or summer school if they need to do dangerous stunts like that. Just saying.

  8. Greater Sudbury Police Service

  9. Ken Dickson says:

    I was the kid years ago when the school was in wahnipitae that was hit buy the hydro truck on the car bridge I almost died hopefully someone stops them before it happens to them

  10. “stop making sick comments about the kids getting killed”
    You mean the preteens who gambled a bunch of truckers lives who easily could’ve swerved into oncoming traffic and killed a whole family? No sorry I have no remorse if a kid trying to kill people is struck.

  11. Sounds like should’ve called the cops instead of being on here wtf.

  12. Stacy Hechler
    Recognize these kids?

  13. Kelm says:

    I live in Wahnapitae, people and kids are always crossing the highway, there’s no safe spot for them to cross. There’s the lake and the community centre in that area with a big residential section on either sides of the highway and no spot for people to cross.

    When you live out here you get used to it and you slow down for the 70 and 60 zones knowing the highway cuts straight through the residential area…

  14. A S says:

    The age of these youngsters know better then to be playing on the highway like this and we wonder why accidents happen

  15. Zack Tryon Zack Tryon says:

    Yeah I see them all the time . They dont care what you tell them . Mouthy fucks .

  16. This why I will never have idiot kids.

  17. Linda Hachez Linda Hachez says:

    Can you all just quit shaming the OP or making sick comments about the possibility of the kids being killed? You all know it is unlikely for the police to get there fast enough to catch the kids, and you should know that some parents wont believe it was their kid unless they see the picture! Kudos to the dad who spoke up!

  18. At the very least this should be a lesson to those kids about how quickly information spreads on the internet.

  19. James Newman James Newman says:

    When did you see this happening so I can confront his about this.

  20. Clearly the only three kids in the world doing this. I hope they got their cheap thrills.
    Some of those silly kid challenges doesn’t seem so bad now.

  21. James Newman James Newman says:

    Thanks for the post cause I am pretty sure this might be my boy and he is going to get a hard talk from me about highway safety.

  22. Katy Hart Katy Hart says:

    I would take it into my own hands and go and yell at them to cut it out and better not hear or see them doing it again or I will hogtie their asses to CAS they should know better!

  23. By the time the police are called their long did right by posting..hopefully the parents see this…

  24. I think the better solution to this would have been to be proactive and go talk to these kids, explain how dangerous it is. Perhaps be able to stop it before its too late. Posting this however could alert the parents that their kids are acting in a dangerous behavior if they happen to see it online but if they don’t then at least you tried.

  25. For the smart asses who aren’t concerned about those children, maybe think of the devastating, life-long effects on a driver hitting them. The driver’s fault or not – to kill a person, never mind a child, is a horror that would never leave. If you don’t know or don’t care, don’t comment.

  26. Wow who ever posted this should have called the police instead of posting it on here it could have been to late. And the comments are sickening I hope you guys dont have children of your own with the comments you have written. These are children they make poor choices it happens! For you to say that is awful. What is this world coming to really…

  27. Greater Sudbury Police Service

  28. Call police not spotted in sudbury

  29. Karl Puiras Karl Puiras says:

    LOL the kid that swallows the marbles doesn’t grow up to have kids that eat marbles. As a parent I’d be devastated but I’d be equally embarrassed

  30. Some of you need professional help along with these neglected children ..alert the authorities

  31. Jay Brunette Jay Brunette says:

    We did this as kids too. The loser gets splattered on the road Little Johnny didn’t come home for supper that fateful day. What a loser.

  32. Rara Paul Rara Paul says:

    You should call the police. Someone is possibly doing one of those stupid social media challenges. There was a girl and a boy who were killed doing the chicken challenge in the US just last month.

  33. Wtf kind of comments did I just read. Horrible.

  34. Just hit them fuck up kids

  35. The only people id feel bad for in this situation is the driver

  36. Just let natural selection take it’s course.

  37. Considering it takes some time before these are posted, maybe upon seeing this you should have called the police. I’m sure this post a day later would have helped the parents had one of these kids been killed..

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