Keto diet pills

Has anyone tried the keto pills? if so, what brand?

I am on my weight loss journey and have lost 25lbs so far.

Looking to see if those pills are any good and if they actually help Burning fat.



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  1. Leslie Chow Leslie Chow says:

    Stop eating. There are no magic pills.

  2. Keto is a diet & nutrition change. Pill wont do anything if youre not following keto.

  3. The pill is useless. Try doing the diet itself. I have lost over 100 lbs in one year

  4. You can’t be keto if you take a keto pill a pill isn’t going to do anything! You need to eat the right food!
    I’ve been on this keto lifestyle journey for a year and a half. Lost 97lbs and my doctor is on board with it. You need to change your whole eating habits and the way you look at food!

  5. Drew Allana Drew Allana says:

    Also remember a calorie is a calorie is a calorie in terms of weight loss.

    50 calories of cake counts the same as 50 calories of celery with weight loss.

    Health is a completely different story.

  6. Drew Allana Drew Allana says:

    Weight loss strictly comes down to calories in and calories out.

    Since you’ve lost weight you may just need to adjust your daily calorie intake to fit your new weight. You may need less calories daily now than you did previously because you’re no longer the same size.

    Be wary of any pills… They don’t come without concerns…

  7. If skinny came in a bottle, the whole world would be thin.
    Most of those pills are just caffeine or laxatives. Ultimately your choice, but please research whatever you do use. A multi vitamin might be a better idea. 🙂

  8. Maks Bee Maks Bee says:

    If you’re concerned about your weight and eating habits or about these type of products I highly recommend talking to your family doctor or a doctor at the clinic and see of they can refer you to a dietitian. They will educate you on what you need to know regarding keto, help with healthy meal plans and will encourage a healthy relationship with food.

    A healthier lifestyle journey can be a long process but worth it for longevity of you physical and mental health 🙂

  9. There is no magic pill for weight loss. It’s simple math. Calories in < calories out. Best way to ensure this is to track every bite you eat, and eat less than you expend in a day. Exercise will help expedite this equation. I lost 50 lbs in 6 months eating 1200 calories a day and walking 10-15 miles a week. Weight loss is about dedication and will power. Nothing more.

  10. Adam Read Adam Read says:

    Lol “weight loss pills don’t work” when I use to workout every day I was testing different supplements and this one made my heart rate increase and made me sweat a lot while working out, now sweating won’t really help you lose weight cause when you drink water it’ll come right back, but the higher heart rate allowed me to workout for longer meaning I could burn more fat than usual, note of caution I once mixed two separate supplements and when I started going hard I felt like I was having a heart attack so be very careful if you’re going to take multiple supplements, supplements alone won’t work you also need a steady workout schedule, 4 days a week even if you’re just doing situps/pushups at home 2 days a week and 2 days of cardio (jogging) it’s good for your heart even if you don’t lose much weight, your heart will be able to maintain a longer workout thus burning more fat, in my experience anyways.

  11. Dean Farinha Dean Farinha says:

    I was just wondering who the idiots are that respond to facebook ads.

  12. Message me I have products that can help with losing weight

  13. Put your money towards eating properly

  14. Over the last 13 years I’ve tried green tea pills, raspberry ketones, Garcinia Cambogia, green coffee bean extract, CLA, 5-htp, hoodia, acai berry, thermogenic this, hydroxycut that, apple cider vinegar, foot patches from China, fat absorbers, slim wraps, slim patches, and more I can’t think of. Recently I watched Marketplace, and discovered many who used the green tea pills wound up with such damaged livers they needed transplants or died. I Have had 14 weight loss is in my past and I’m currently on another weight-loss journey. I’ve lost anywhere from 30- 112 pounds each time. I always start a weight loss under my own steam, and when weight loss slows down I think of trying something new to increase fat burning and weight loss. 100% of the time I have wasted my money. Not one of those things I listed helped increase weight loss. Every pound I’ve ever lost over the last 22 years has been from watching what I eat and/or exercising.

  15. Don’t take pills. Just eat right. Stop eating junk food and red meat.
    Chicken and fish are great for you.
    Stop eating carbs like potatoes, bread and pasta

    It works.

  16. If u want help/motivation u can contact me…. there is no magic pill. If you wanna get healthy it takes dedication.

  17. Keto is a way of eating not a magic pill. It takes dedication. I have been on the keto diet for 6 months and have lost 15 pounds. There’s plenty of groups in Sudbury to find information and recipes to guide you.

  18. Ginger Niemi Ginger Niemi says:

    Any type of weight loss pills do not work. Diet and exercise are the key to weight loss. I know, I have lost 35 lbs by exercising and eating healthy wholefoods. Basically, healthy protein, fruits, and vegetables.

  19. Kirsten Maki Kirsten Maki says:

    Which ones there are many different ones

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