Karaoke at Little Montreals

To the lady that sang Lady Gaga – Shallow at Little Montreals last night. You killed it! Perfect, flawless. You have an amazing talent that I personally hope gets recognized outside of karaoke.

Truly feel blessed you shared your talent among all of us, have an amazing day everyone!


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36 Responses

  1. Where can we see the video?

  2. I agree.. recording never sounds as good as live. I’ve stopped singing songs after hearing myself, and was told I was being silly… But hearing others, compared to live.. It’s true.. live is always better.

  3. Jess Mary Jess Mary says:

    Shelby Mackenzie hahahahahah

  4. Wow ! I wasn’t at little Montreal but I was curious because I like the song … you have a powerful voice …. bring something new to Sudbury talented peeps!!

  5. Watched the vid on her facebook. You rocked that song Kayla Bazinet-Mann

  6. Stop criticizing yourself. You did amazing.

  7. JC Watson Thank you for saying that. Hopefully this was the case then! Haha

  8. Stefanie St Louis was this you?!?

  9. JC Watson JC Watson says:

    My daughter sings for fun, she’s quite good. Her live with the equipment sounds way better then me recording her live and listening again. My cell always makes her sound more tinny. So don’t believe the sound you hear in a recording it has nothing on the real performance.

  10. Shawn Gascon Shawn Gascon says:

    Kayla Bazinet-Mann you have some fans/possible groupies !!!

  11. Wasn’t me I wasn’t out last night

  12. Shadoe Pren Shadoe Pren says:

    Kayla Bazinet-Mann??

  13. Steve Mackie Steve Mackie says:

    Barb Raymond this was Kayla, right?

  14. Anne Cropper Anne Cropper says:

    Johnny Trudel Who was it? Pearl? Kira Gilisa?

  15. Anne Cropper Anne Cropper says:

    Johnny Trudel Who was it? Pearl? Kira Gilisa?

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