Dear bus drive, BE PATIENT!

I am in my 3rd trimester, there is snow on the ground!
PLEASE wait till I’m SEATED , before you start DRIVING off!!!!



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  1. Lady I’m missing a leg. They don’t wait for me

  2. Maybe say it at the moment it happens? Instead of after the fact? That may help your situation 100%. Dont be a knob for fuck sake. What a whiney generation that dont speak up. Wait until backs are turned i guess…

  3. Tell the driver to wait until you are seated…if he or she refuses to wait or support a seat for you..use your phone and call GoVa…it is not a disability unless you claim it to be…some physical issues are not visible so let the driver know

  4. Pretty pathetic if the driver cant wait for a pregnant woman or the elderly to have a seat.. wtf?

  5. They really don’t when it comes to pregnant women I have had a couple really good drivers who have the kindness know I was heavily pregnant and waited for me to be seated before starting their journey again. But however there are some real nasty employees that think they own the same bus system and will straight up tell you don’t like it get off the bus like honestly I was pregnant and again heavily as this girl I feel you girl if possible try to sit right behind the driver

  6. Lucy Simcoe Lucy Simcoe says:

    Good thing you typed this here, I’m sure he will wait for you to sit from now on!

    • Linda says:

      Absolutely he will. You`d be surprised. Shine a light on anything, many will see. That works wonders. Pretty simple request. Pregnant woman about to bust? Pay attention that she made it to a seat without causing her to fall over. Pretty basic. And there is a category for venting, which is what she did. Lets ridicule the pregnant woman. Good thing you typed your response here.

  7. Rob Dobson Rob Dobson says:

    Most drivers do wait. It’s when you’ve walked past empty seats that they take off

    • Linda says:

      Lets hope you don`t drive the city bus with that kind of logic in regards to 3rd trimester pregnant women. Sit down, chum.

  8. Omg
    Poor you…. I’m in third trimester too… what an idiot

  9. I took the bus up until about 35 weeks pregnant and i was lucky to even GET a seat, let alone expect the driver to wait for me to be seated before driving off!! You’re pregnant. Not disabled. They have a schedule to keep.

  10. They have no respect the one driver knew I was getting off and started loading people in made me go out the back door with a little one walking and a stroller.

    • Linda says:

      Sounds like training is in order. A little review on fundamentals 😉 Lets assume there is a reason for designated seating areas. Lest the bus drivers have forgotten. Cough cough… don`t care. Mmm. I`m not impressed! So this is Sudbury.

  11. Dean Farinha Dean Farinha says:

    A car is cheaper than a baby.

  12. Al Manion Al Manion says:

    We aren’t supposed to ask if a woman is pregnant… But it’s ok to assume she is?

  13. Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

    Sorry but drivers can’t just wait for every person to sit down…
    Imagine if at every stop there was a pregnant woman and the driver waited until she was seated before they left…do you know how late they would be???

    • Linda says:

      So, step on the gas after the 90 year old pays her fare. And when the 3rd trimester lady about to pop does as well. Y`all a bunch of doorknobs if I ever saw any. Begins with sorry and ends with tough shit for you.

  14. If a woman is visibly pregnant… a driver shouldn’t just zip off if she isn’t seated… just common sense but apparently you should “tell them to wait”

  15. Kirsten Maki Kirsten Maki says:

    Hard for them to do if you dont say anything to them. Next time simply ask the driver to wait till your seated

  16. Steve Rowley Steve Rowley says:

    Tell them that next time

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