Just Starting Out

Been catching the bus to my jobs and my work is catching on that I dont own a vehicle.

I managed to save up $1000 is there a sales rep or dealership that will let me fiance a vehicle with money down and not even 3 months into the job with no credit?

I may have another $300 in the middle of September but no job if your serious and can help. Thank you.



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  1. Forget any of the neigsayers… you’ve got a grand to drop on a car, call up some of the dealerships or apply to those Canada drivers things on Facebook…

    I had relatively the same concerns a few months ago… I called queens auto in toronto, they hooked me up.. and I’m now the proud owner of a 2015 Ford escape and it has a trade in/refinance clause for January when they’re going to refinance my vehicle and try to get me into my truck…

    The payments are affordable… insurance is where it’ll get you… make some calls, ask some questions…

    If youd like, pm me.. I’ll give you the sales guys number at queen auto,

  2. Go to any dealership. Used or new doesn’t matter. You have a job. A few bucks to put down. Doesn’t hurt to go ask!!
    Also your employer can’t do shit about transportation. Unless you sign contract saying your have personal vehicle.
    Good luck

  3. As long as you are getting to work it’s none of their business how

  4. Employers can not discriminate against you for using bus, many people use public transit to get to work. . If the issue is you are late, that is another issue

  5. Does work require you to use your own vehicle? if not, its not a big deal

  6. Anna Stanley Anna Stanley says:

    What’s the issue as long as you are getting to ur “jobs” on time?
    I would be honest and explain
    But try talking to Moe at the car lot or John at need a car

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