Just a little FYI

This is just a little FYI for all those people who insist that their rights are being taken away and are complaining about having to be socially responsible.

Maybe do a bit of research!!! Google the Quarantine Act and Emergencies Act!



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  1. Lets Go Brandon! says:

    Why would parents want to inject their kids ?

    Facts: Since Covid began ~17 kids under 19 have died with Covid in Canada. Over the same period ~102 have drowned.

    If you feel you must vax your child, then you should definitely have them wear a life jacket 24/7.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fucken sheep. I’m an Engineer and deal with numbers all day and people can’t even see the fear mongering the media does daily. Sheep like you buy into it daily!

    • Anonymous says:

      Global riots, very fortunate for governments of the world that the pandemic occured at a time when tumultuous events were occuring across the globe from Paris and La Paz to Prague and Port-au-Prince, Beirut to Bogota and Berlin, Catalonia to Cairo, and in Hong Kong, Harare, Santiago, Sydney, Seoul, Quito, Jakarta, Tehran, Algiers, Baghdad, Budapest, London, New Delhi, Manila, USA and even Moscow.

      Fortunately that’s all over now and we can go back to mindless consumerism, over taxation and generally wrecking the planet for the sake of progress.

      Phew, you saved us from revolution covid, thank you

      • Let’s Go Brandon! says:

        We are literally on this planet to consume. Life consists of from the womb to the tomb! There is no other purpose and during the time you have which is different for everyone, when its your time its your time no matter what you do so you are supposed to enjoy it buy consuming as much as you can with the peanuts you slaved for because you can’t be buried with said peanuts anyways.

      • Anonymous says:

        greenhouse gas is really good for the planet dumbass. Its just not good for living people.

      • Lets Go Brandon says:

        Fuck greenhouse gas, “climate change” just like “covid” will run its course no matter what stupid fuckin liberals throw at it. If it wasn’t for that bullshit libtards would be irrelevant.

      • Anonymous says:

        Did i fucking mention one fucking word about greenhouse gas?
        nope! not a fucking word. simply mentioned mindless consumerism and wrecking the planet.
        but hey must be all that propaganda plugged into you 24/7 with all that radon floating in the air from Elliot lake or maybe all the toxic metals getting into the fish or all that nuclear waste dumped into the sea to go with all the plastics and no wonder there is such an influx of effeminates and low IQ individuals to go with autism everywhere with all the plastics and chemicals, but hey i say wrecking shit and the mind pollution you’ve been propagated with suddenly blinks “greenhouse gas” because you…it turns out are just as brainwashed as the rest of the general populace

      • This one time at climate camp says:

        Derp derp derp! And did I fucking mention derp derp derpy derp! While I have your attention I would also like to add derpy derpy derp derp! The end!

      • Anonymous says:

        Queer bait no one mentioned climate you hill Billy sperm swallowing douche fag

      • Anonymous says:

        No wonder the conservative base keeps losing to a bunch of homos , they’re retarded

  3. Anonymous says:

    Fucking brainwashed lemmings. The fact people actually ask for and defend what is going on is pure lunacy.

  4. Anonymous says:

    That act was meant to be used during times of war and other emerging threats. We now know covid is a non threat to 99% of people, time to give up the emergency powers.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are so right. All this nonsense for a flu. False PCR tests inflated cases and death numbers. People actually think the sky is falling.

      • Aunt May says:

        I’m 68 I did the shots after much research, consultation and going back in forth in my head , got incredibly sick, soon after was bitten by a wasp….. I’m now an anaphylactic, wtf is in that jab???