Just a Friendly Road Related Reminder

Second Avenue:

The speed limit is 50.

There are 2 very close schools.

A park.

MANY kids.

& not to mention the road sucks and you can hit a pothole the wrong way and lose control.

So in case anyone forgot, Second Avenue is NOT a drag strip.



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  1. James Schmidt says:

    That was like Madison, 40 zone for most of the street because of all the schools and crossings, yet people would do 80 at any given time. There were hundreds of kids outside on any given day either going to school, or parks or whatever. Nobody seemed to care. Pedestrians and cyclists were hit constantly. Tons of near misses. It was brutal.

    Sudbury is literally the only community I know of where people constantly drive double the posted limit in residential neighborhoods. It’s unheard of anywhere else. It’s not to say it doesn’t happen but it’s not everybody doing it.

  2. Ayla Lorlie Ruddy says:

    There is a school zone and a park there 40 Max is what it should be and that road is bad . full potholes
    I my self don’t go very fast down that road . people are always running across the roads without looking . with or without crossing guard. It’s not very safe that road

  3. Tara Ward says:

    Everyone seems to be in a rush except when going by the Lively lights. The limit turns to 90 and people still slug it at 40. Rofl.

  4. Pam Bureau says:

    Everyone seems to be in a rush. Poor driving habits. Just leave earlier and then follow the posted speed limit. And now that the nice weather has finally arrived everyone kids & parents will be outdoors. Need to keep an eye out when driving so everyone is safe.

  5. Lisa St-Georges says:

    I think we all have the same problems no matter where we live.Ppl need to slow down.

  6. Jen Stone says:

    There is only 1 school that is on a side street off 2nd Ave…the other is no longer a school…
    Yes there are many kids and a park on that street…there is also a crosswalk….
    I do agree with you that people drive too fast in that area…but it happens a lot in other areas as well…
    People drive way too fast in general…

  7. Justin A Landry says:

    I live on second ave and honestly… get over it… to many people crying about bad drivers… you realize it’s not the biggest issue facing this world right? Is this page just a rant page about bad drivers because every day there’s at least 2 posts about it…

  8. Anna Maria says:

    Isn’t school zone 40? So why are you so concerned yet giving he wrong info?

  9. Lisa Hassett Mongrain says:

    This is a city-wide problem. I lived across the street from a school in the Flour Mill, which put the speed limit at 40 kliks per hour. I swear the poor crossing guard there puts her life on the line each day when she goes to work.

  10. Johannes Von Hell says:

    Sorry ,had to poop.

  11. Andrew Ph Way says:

    So is Lasalle apparently. Most think its 70

  12. Richard Paquette says:

    Every road is sudbury wether potholes or school, is a drag strip to all drivers. All driver in sudbury are in a rush and want to be in the front of the traffic line. Nothing can or will be done. Its just evolutions. Its sad really

  13. Shawn Oliver says:

    Street outlaws

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