My son is 14 he is bugging me so much for a job. I dont have an issue with him working but he has pretty severe ADHD a with other issues also with memory. He needs something outdoors with a good paste someone who will understand and be patient as he does have memory issues.

His interest are dirt bike he does ride maybe working in shop learning mechanics or farm. He has cut wood and piled with us. He is a very hard worker does try his best.

Pls be kind as a parent this Is hard. U never really understand mental health unless u lived it 😥. Just a mom wanted the best for her son. This could also help him decide what he wants in the future



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  1. Go to Beaulieu’s farm, he can pick berries. My brother is autistic and he works there. Ask for Emile.

  2. Maybe Helene Forestell could use some farm hands

  3. Ruby berry farm is looking for help

  4. Hello…we could maybe have something for your young man. PM me and I will call you to discuss. We are a farm and have several programs.

  5. Try car dealerships big or small they always need car washers or Science North they are awesome and educational at same time..they sometimes need outside maintenance workers

  6. Mandy Evans Mandy Evans says:

    My son is almost 15 and has lupus and although it brings him a lil pain he always tries. Good job mom.

  7. Go through the YMCA employment center for student jobs. It’s what I did with my son and he goes in Friday on a full day training where they teach them how employment works, teach them their rights and help find them jobs they are suited for!

  8. Jesus Christ! Are you sure you don’t have a learning disability? Go back to school!

  9. Dean Farinha Dean Farinha says:

    What about glue? Does it have to be paste?

  10. Speak with someone at March of Dimes!

  11. Renee Flynn Renee Flynn says:

    Brenda Verdiel could there be anything we can do for this fella?

  12. Farms out in the valley maybe ?

  13. Community living has an employment program that set clients up with companies with the complete understanding of the individual. I would try something like that . Or get him to cut grass somewhere, go with him and teach him what he needs to know .

  14. Ernie Cook Ernie Cook says:

    Golf course maintenance person? Outdoors, lots of fresh air, I had a nephew worked at Onaping Golf Course, he took care of cutting grass on the greens and other similar type jobs…

  15. A Maze N Fun Inc. Is looking for workers to supervise kids in bouncy castles, set up, take down etc. My son is 10 and loves doing it.

  16. Amy Dee Amy Dee says:

    He’s only 14. Maybe he could get a lawn mower and offer services cutting grass for the summer?

  17. Throw him to the wolves. Set him up for life it’s better he fail at 14 then fail for the rest of his life. He will learn to manage his add symptoms the best he can and will only get better at it as he matures into an adult. But he will never learn if he doesn’t have to.

  18. Top glove boxing on lorne is looking for help to do construction clean up and painting ..its on a volunteer basis Gordon Apolloni

  19. As someone with ADHD meds do help. But it is what ever you and him decide is best. Try and look for somewhere that constantly has different sounds or music in the background or has multiple different tasks. That has helped me when I’m not taking the ADHD medication

  20. I have 3 yards that sure could use someone to cut them and rake the grass maybe every second week ..he could work at his own pace …my grandson is add but now works full time in construction so hes too busy ..please message me

  21. What ever you do, don’t be like Marlin and say stuff like “you just can’t do it Nemo”. ❤️

  22. All the luck to the little dude and I hope other kids learn off of this young man

  23. What a lucky boy to have such a caring mom!
    Maybe you could get Spotted to add what area of town you’re in?

  24. Dog walking is something to consider. Best wishes.

  25. How about a paper route. He can ride his bike, and make some pocket money. My first job was dog walking. It might be perfect for him!

  26. I dont have anything to offer but I wanted to let you know Your truly an amazing mother ❤

  27. Surprised no one is attacking her….There is hope for humanity! Most places however won’t hire anyone under 15 … but the Farm ideas for berry picking maybe a good idea in the mean time to start him on the right path!

    Its hard to find good kids who actually want to work if his work ethic is as good as you write he will find and keep any job out there….Employers are tired of lazy people who are just there for the paycheque!!!

  28. P&m’s kouzzina is always hiring. They are amazing people to work for – family owned restaurant. He would love it there!

    • Why such a turn around in staff?

    • Marissa Chum Marissa Chum says:

      Isn’t that how restaurants are? Who is going to make a lifelong commitment at $15 an hour?

    • Richard Paquette that’s the restaurant business – there’s a turn over no matter where you go. But I’m sure you know this sitting on the outside looking in. I speak from personal experience and I know first hand that they hold their employees to the highest standard and are also extremely awesome – they treat their employees like family – they know everyone by name they help when they can and are all extremely knowledgable.

  29. Maybe he could cut grass for a lawn care company.

  30. YMCA employment services are amazing. They specialize in helping youth find employment.

  31. Have you considered reaching out to the March of dimes? They will help him find a job and even help with the extra training umong other things. It’s worth a shot!

  32. Erik Lance Erik Lance says:

    You’re a good Mom

  33. Shared. I’m sure a few of my friends would help out

  34. Your son is blessed to have such a great mother ❤️

  35. Hi, I know what hes going through as I have epilepsy which causes bad memory issues. Even as an adult it causes issues with employers. A good way I found to make some extra money is go through the neighbourhood and cut grass or light gardening, as well as what you said he has experience doing, cutting and stacking wood. I see farms around asking for hired hands yearly. With an aging population kids can capitolize on their need for light work. Good luck to your son.

  36. My son suffers from mental illness and he has been working for the independent now since he was about 15. The management at the south end location is very understanding. I wish you both luck. Mental health issues and the stigma that surrounds them are so difficult to live with.

  37. Chantal Alice Perrin I agree….I could almost hear her heart breaking

  38. Ruby farms was looking for people to weed and then I believe pick strawberries once the season starts…weeding is for now though. They have a fb page check it out.

  39. Isadora Sky Isadora Sky says:

    He can start with little side jobs… raking , lawn cutting… you can call car shops around to see if they would take on a student. might just be for washing cars to start ?

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