Job Interview Coach- Not Parking for Success!

Just a friendly reminder to people out there.

If you are going to a job interview, don’t take up two spots in a prime parking spot. Let’s call that “Job Interview Coaching tip #1” shall we?

Bonus Job Tip: Don’t park like a duchebag with company logo on your vehicle.



19 Responses

  1. Looks like the jeep started it lol just saying

  2. Oh man if people are going to start posting a picture everytime someone parks wrong Facebook will explode. Let’s just to keep it to people who don’t put shopping carts back in the corral

  3. Tyler Short Tyler Short says:

    OP is the Jeep driver upset somone parked close to them despite taking up 2 spaces

  4. Looks like the person beside isnt parked properly either so it makes it hard to park

  5. Lol maybe if the jeep wasn’t parked like a douche first this person wouldn’t have had to. Its winter. Put your storm cloud away til spring, give it a break or something, Jeesh.

  6. this is a beautiful park job 🙂

  7. Let’s call this Business for Successful people tip #1…. professional people/businesses don’t post negative crap on Shoutout Sudbury about employees, potential or otherwise…. bonus tip… perhaps instead of being a judgemental, pretentious snot bag, you could look at the Jeep and how they are parked, and maybe just maybe think, they didn’t have a choice? Regardless, even if they did, says more about you and your company than it does about a rogue Parker.

  8. Drew Guillet Drew Guillet says:

    We already know that some people just aren’t able to drive/park properly.. get over it!
    Do we need to see a whiney post everyday about. A lot bigger issues that should be dealt with..
    now pull up your big boy/girl panties and move along…

  9. Ron Dom Ron Dom says:

    Lol funny how the person who took the picture singles out the obvious kia but if you look at the grey jeep beside him, he started it lol he is way over the line… the person who took the pic probally owns the grey jeep lol

  10. who was there first? if its the jeep, theres your real culprit

  11. People in Sudbury have waaaay bigger concerns when it comes to motor vehicle operations. Parking is the least of it. At least nobody is in danger in this photo.

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